Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 681: I Think I Should Give You A Tooth For A Tooth!

Chapter 681: I Think I Should Give You A Tooth For A Tooth!

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The bodyguards even took Hua Wenfeng to Hai Rui to identify the woman. However, Hua Wenfeng studied everyone carefully, but couldn't find the person that had provoked her.

After the interrogation was over, Hua Wenfeng expected the bodyguards to let her go. It wasn't like Tangning would actually want her life.

But, Hua Wenfeng was wrong...

Did she really think, after torturing Bai Lihua for so many years and causing Tangning and her child to almost die, she would be let off so easily?

The bodyguards took Hua Wenfeng back to the small dark house where they had her detained before. Inside the house, there was nothing except a slightly opened window...

"Let me go. What you're doing is illegal!" Hua Wenfeng yelled as she looked around. But, no matter how much she yelled, no one responded. Worst of all, as night hit, Hua Wenfeng knelt on the floor and could suddenly smell something burning. A moment later, sparks of fire appeared in front of her, rendering her body weak in fear. She immediately stood up and began screaming for help, "Anyone there? Fire...something's on fire!"

No one paid attention to her, but the fire continued to grow. Hua Wenfeng felt the scorching heat as her body became covered in a layer of sweat. However, inside the enclosed space, all she could do was huddle up in the corner and cry.

"! I was wrong. Let me out, please," Hua Wenfeng pleaded. But, she didn't know who could help her at a moment like that...

As the fire got bigger and bigger, she wondered if she was going to die here today?

However, just as the fire reached Hua Wenfeng's feet, the lock on the door suddenly opened and the two bodyguards dragged her out. They then threw her on the floor.

"Thank you..." Hua Wenfeng lay weakly on the floor as she nodded her head thankfully. However, a cold voice suddenly echoed from above her.

"No need to be polite."

Hua Wenfeng shivered as a sense of fear suddenly flowed down her back to the rest of her body. She had just been pulled out of the fire and her body was hot, but...for some reason, when she heard this voice, she actually felt cold.

Because, the person standing before her, was none other than her 'good son', Mo Ting!

"The lesson you have just been taught was payback for the explosion you caused 19 years ago. Even though, what you have experienced, is not even one-thousandth of what my mother went through..."

"Of course, let's not dwell on old matters. However...Tangning's poisoning incident..."

Hearing the mention of poison, Hua Wenfeng immediately retreated. She could roughly guess what Mo Ting wanted to do.

"I think I should give you a tooth for a tooth!"

Hua Wenfeng shook her head in fear, "No, no! Please don't."

However, Hua Wenfeng was simply met with a cold "Pfft!".

The two bodyguards then approached Hua Wenfeng. One grabbed her body and the other grabbed her legs. Afterwards, all that could be heard were sounds of splashing water as the top half of Hua Wenfeng's body was soaked in water.

"Mo Ting...Mo Ting! If you kill me, you will need to go to prison," Hua Wenfeng cried in a hoarse voice as she lay on the floor.

"Kill you? You wish!" Mo Ting knelt down and glared at Hua Wenfeng with his piercing eyes. "How long have I tolerated you? Yet, you didn't know how to behave! You could have hurt anyone, yet you decided to hurt Tangning..."

After speaking, Mo Ting stood up and brushed off the dust on his body, "Don't worry, I run an entertainment agency, not an underworld gang. I won't do anything to you. But, before you turn yourself in to the police, we will play plenty more 'jokes' like the one we played today."

"I would like to see if you prefer to be tortured by me or if you prefer to go to prison!"

After speaking, Mo Ting turned around and instructed the bodyguards, "Let her go, we will play another fun game tomorrow."

The bodyguards hadn't actually followed Mo Ting for a long time. But, it was rare to see him angered to this extent. However, they understood that Hua Wenfeng had hurt Mo Ting's most important person. So, they did not dare to disobey his orders.

Hua Wenfeng felt like her life was a living hell. Especially when she thought about how she was almost burned and the way she had medicine poured all over her. At this moment, she wished she could just ram her head into a wall and end her suffering.

"Ms. Hua, we suggest you turn yourself in. That way you can avoid being tortured."

"Mo Ting, you are ruthless."

In reality, no one had ever seen such a ruthless side to Mo Ting, even though he had always told people that he wasn't a kind person.

But, of course, it depended on how far Hua Wenfeng pushed him...


That night, Tangning did not notice that Mo Ting had temporarily left her side in the middle of the night. All she knew was, the next day when she woke up, she received news that Hua Wenfeng had turned herself in to the police.

She surrendered!

Was this something that Hua Wenfeng would do? How did she suddenly get enlightened?

Even though Hua Wenfeng couldn't find the person that had provoked her...she at least paid for what she had done.

Tangning felt like Mo Ting was somehow involved, but she could not figure out how he did it.

As for the person lurking in the shadows...

...Tangning kept her guard up, but she knew the truth would eventually be revealed!

Hua Wenfeng's surrender was unforeseen by everyone, so the media naturally flocked to the police station. But, it was after all a government organization. Even though the media were in a hurry, they couldn't get a single glance of Hua Wenfeng. Especially since she would be spending the next few years behind prison walls.

However, her surrender triggered Song Xin's assistant to quickly change her appearance.

The police investigated Hai Rui, but Song Xin's assistant was tricky and remained calm the entire time. So, she easily cleared all suspicion and followed Song Xin to her next job.

"This Hua Wenfeng can't do anything right, she is a complete failure!" Song Xin complained, "She even left behind a mess for me to handle."

"It's fine. They will only investigate once. They won't suspect us anymore," the assistant comforted. "Let's go. Your interview is about to start. We shouldn't waste our time being angered by a person like this."

Of course, Mo Ting and Tangning had no way of confirming if the person they were looking for was indeed from Hai Rui. But, with Mo Ting's strict nature, as long as there was a trace of suspicion, he wouldn't let it slip. He simply had to wait and see how long the culprit could hide...


Meanwhile, Chen Xingyan's identity as 'Princess of Hai Rui' was revealed.

She cluelessly became the sister of the Big Boss of Entertainment, so everyone around her looked at her differently.

However, she did not feel happy at all. In fact, she felt slightly restricted by it.

Her ultimate goal was to become a stunt double.

But, judging by the current situation, it didn't seem very possible.

Lin Sheng noticed Chen Xingyan's discomfort from a distance and smiled as he approached her, "What? Aren't you happy that you're Mo Ting's sister?"

"Why should I be happy? From now on, when people mention my name, they will point to me and ask if I'm Mo Ting's sister," Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes. "I like keeping a low profile."

"It seems, An Zihao has put all his heart into helping you for nothing..." Lin Sheng sighed.

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