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Chapter 680: Don't Underestimate The Media's Ability To Trample A Person

Chapter 680: Don't Underestimate The Media's Ability To Trample A Person

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But, who would expect, a woman that had accompanied them for 19 years would turn out to be a fraud, while their real wife practically crawled back from the grave and experienced the worst torture after being robbed of everything!

Thinking of this, Father Mo's heart ached painfully; he knew he had lost his right to ever face Bai Lihua again.

Hua Wenfeng was completely surrounded by reporters and couldn't break loose. But, Tangning and her party easily left Hilton Hotel under the protection of Chen Xingyan and the other bodyguards.

The Tangning at that moment had not yet wondered why Hua Wenfeng suddenly struck after such a long break. By the time she realized, the situation in Beijing was already very different...


Song Xin's popularity continued to rise because Hai Rui continued to fill up her schedule with projects. Although she had increased in fame, she still did not compare to Tangning.

After Hua Wenfeng's press conference, Song Xin saw a recording of it from her assistant. She leaned her head back and scoffed, "I never thought that Hua Wenfeng would be defeated so easily. I thought she would be able to persist for a little while."

"How pathetic."

"What should we do now? This incident did not damage Tangning at all." The assistant put away the recording and glanced at Song Xin cautiously, "Do you still want to compete with her?"

"Tangning is pregnant and can't possibly partake in any projects at the moment. Since my career is on the rise, I need to grasp onto these next few months. By the time she announces her comeback, the era that belonged to her will be overturned," Song Xin smiled confidently before she closed her eyes for a rest. "Keep her under observation. We are lurking in the shadows and she is out in the light, we will definitely find an opportunity to strike. By the way, to prevent Hua Wenfeng from recognizing you, it's best you keep a distance from me. Or perhaps, make some changes to your appearance."

The assistant nodded her head and set the tablet aside.

However, even if Song Xin didn't make a move, would that mean Tangning wouldn't notice her involvement?

Not necessarily...

After the press conference, Tangning and the others returned to Hyatt Regency. But Bai Lihua was curious as to how Tangning managed to pull out evidence at the right timing, "What's with the DNA comparison? Xiao Ning, when did you guys go to get the test done?"

Tangning sat down on the sofa with Chen Xingyan's help; the smile on her face was full of confidence, "I fooled her...the report I showed was created from a combination of online sources."

Bai Lihua froze. She suddenly didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "What if the media actually call up the DNA testing center in Beijing to check?"

"I simply said it came from the DNA testing center in Beijing, I didn't say which one. The media assumed the rest, I didn't say anything else."

After hearing Tangning's words, Bai Lihua was defeated by her response.

"The media don't need the truth, they simply believe what they see. And everything they saw today was enough for them to write an entire story..."

This was Tangning's wisdom. She understood Hua Wenfeng's mind and she was also capable of controlling the media.

"Are we just going to let the wench off like that?" Chen Xingyan asked as she stood beside Tangning. "She hurt my mom and she also hurt you!"

"Don't underestimate the media's ability to trample a person," Tangning replied. "The black sea of cameras is enough to force Hua Wenfeng to her destruction."

Of course, Tangning wasn't going to tell Chen Xingyan that she still had a follow-up plan. After all, this was a matter between her and Mo Ting.

"Xiao Ning, I really need to thank you regarding this matter." After speaking, Bai Lihua tugged on Chen Xingyan's sleeve, "Greet your sister-in-law..."

Chen Xingyan's face flushed red...

Chen Xingyan was used to living her life freely. She never expected that she had other relatives. Chen Xingyan scratched her head; she couldn't get herself to say the words 'sister-in-law'. Even if Mo Ting stood before her, she wouldn't be able to call him 'brother' either.

"Wild little monkey, return to your film set. Stop causing trouble for An Zihao to fix," Tangning chuckled.

"When have I asked for him to fix anything?" Chen Xingyan had no idea that An Zihao had been secretly doing more and more things for her.

However, Chen Xingyan did not delay her return. Although she wanted to find Hua Wenfeng and give her a good beating, she remembered what An Zihao had promised the director. So, she glanced at An Zihao, "Let's go."

"Are you sure? I thought that after you became an heiress, you would become snobby and precious."

"What's with your nonsense?" Chen Xingyan approached An Zihao and dragged him out by his shirt.

After boarding their car, she couldn't help but ask, "If I want to beat someone up, is that possible?"

"What do you think?" An Zihao asked as he fastened his seatbelt.

" hands are really itchy!"

"I'm afraid you won't get the chance to make a move." After speaking, An Zihao started the car and sped back to the film set. After all, any losses suffered by the production crew were his responsibility.

Chen Xingyan didn't understand what An Zihao meant, but An Zihao understood Tangning. Tangning always gave people an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Later, lurking amongst the icy cold night air, Hua Wenfeng tried her best to find a place to hide. After much effort, she finally managed to escape the media. Seeing that there was no one around, she finally crawled out from a pile of rubbish.

At that moment, she was cold and hungry and her appearance was extremely helpless. She had nowhere to turn to...

A moment later, two big and strong bodyguards appeared, dragged her into a car and drove her to an unknown location...

"Who are you guys? What do you want to do to me?"

"Explain the entire process of how you poisoned Tangning. Otherwise...I will make it so you live the rest of your life in darkness."

Hua Wenfeng looked at the two bodyguards and assumed they were Tangning's men. So her whole body began to tremble in fear, "Don't hurt me."

"As long as you are honest."

Hua Wenfeng could not escape and she was afraid that the bodyguards would be rough on her, so she explained how she hurt Tangning in detail. From her explanation, Tangning was able to locate the original bottle that held the Quinidine.

It turned out, Hua Wenfeng had hidden it amongst the condiment bottles in the kitchen. If she didn't personally reveal it, who would have thought it was there?

"What a sneaky woman."

Of course, under the interrogation of the bodyguards, Hua Wenfeng also said a few things that she shouldn't of.

Including the reason why she decided to poison Tangning.

"A short-haired woman claimed that she had heard from Hai Rui that Tangning wanted to use my organs to save her child. I had no choice but to make a move."

Tangning told the bodyguards to ask for a name and picture. But, even when they searched all the staff in Hai Rui, they did not find this person.

Hua Wenfeng managed to describe the woman, but Hai Rui did not have such a member of staff.

However, one thing was certain...

...Hua Wenfeng attacked her because someone provoked it!

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