Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 679: You Are Scum!

Chapter 679: You Are Scum!



"Everyone can see how patient I've been with Ms. Hua," Tangning said to the media as she sat in her wheelchair. "It has been a while since the moment we first laid eyes on each other and I'm sure the media have seen all the things she has done to me during this time. She tried to frame me for cutting her, she claimed my unborn child was unwell, she appeared at my home multiple times to insult me, she created rumors that An Zihao and I were cheating, and yesterday, she drugged my soup. Every single incident has sent chills down my spine."

"Throughout my pregnancy, I've lived by the principle of setting a good example in front of my child, so I've decided not to handle matters out in the open. But, in exchange, Hua Wenfeng has taken it as an opportunity to further test her limits."

"However, tolerance has its limits, especially when someone is trying to hurt mine and Mo Ting's child."

"Today, not only will I get justice for my mother-in-law, Ms. Bai, I also want Hua Wenfeng to give me an explanation. Will you admit that you placed Quinidine in my chicken soup?"

"Now that you have the upper hand, you can say whatever you want," Hua Wenfeng said in a defeated tone. In reality, she was pretending to be a victim that was being harassed.

She was sure that Tangning had no evidence.

It was impossible for Tangning to prove that she was guilty.

"You're even capable of overthrowing your own confession. I never expected that you'd actually confess," Tangning glared coldly at Hua Wenfeng with extreme mockery. "Quinidine is not an average prescription drug. It's not something that's easy to get your hands on, and as a biological researcher, applying for Quinidine is required to be on file. I have been to your lab and retrieved the form you used to apply for Quinidine. Can you tell me where you used the drug?"

"Of course I used it in an experiment."

"An experiment?" Tangning laughed mockingly. "But, from what I see, you took a few days of leave from the lab. So, where could you have done your experiment? You didn't take any experimental equipment with you, you only took the Quinidine. What a coincidence!"

"Are you claiming that I'm the culprit simply based on the fact that I applied for Quinidine? I'm afraid that can't be used as evidence," Hua Wenfeng tried her best to defend herself.

"But, you can't clear your name by telling us where you used the Quinidine either," Tangning raised an eyebrow. "You can try to ask any doctor if they'd possibly lose track of where a drug like this would go. If you can't tell us where you've used it, apart from using it illegally, where else could it have gone?"


"Furthermore, midday on the day of the incident, there was a fire in my back garden. Surveillance cameras did not capture the cause of the fire. But, don't tell me, with the current climate, the garden's vegetation would spontaneously ignite. So, this proved one thing, the arsonist must be very familiar with the surveillance system in Hyatt Regency, that's how they perfectly avoided it."

"Everything you've said, Bai Lihua is also capable of," Hua Wenfeng immediately dragged Bai Lihua into the conversation. "How would I know if the two of you teamed up to frame me?"

"Do you think, with your history of crimes, people would believe you or me?" Tangning looked at the media expectantly.

To promote justice, the media naturally stood on the side of the victim.

Whether it was Bai Lihua or Tangning.

"If this was before I was pregnant, according to my temper, you would have been torn apart multiple times already. I would never allow you to stand up here and create your own facts."

"How could a fake person that would put another person's life at risk for the sake of fame and fortune have the right to speak?"

In the end, Hua Wenfeng could not beat Tangning in an argument, nor could she withstand the ridiculing looks from the media.

So, she placed her helpless gaze on Father Mo and ran over to grab him, "Old Mo, we've been a married couple for many years. Tell them who I am!"

Father Mo had been watching the entire time. So the woman in front of him now sent chills down his spine.

"Actually, I don't know you very well," Father Mo replied.

"Old Mo, it's not what you think. Tangning and 'that woman' are framing me..."

"The DNA report has already been done. How could you still deny it?" Father Mo forcefully brushed Hua Wenfeng onto the floor.

"I wondered what you were doing with the Quinidine. I never knew you were using it on Tangning! Did you know that this is attempted murder?"

After being brushed aside, Hua Wenfeng quickly crawled back to Father Mo's side and grabbed onto his legs, "Old Mo, that's not how it is. It isn't..."

"The truth is clearly in front of us. You have been pretending to be my wife all along. You are a sl*t!"

"I can't believe I protected you and helped you to go against Tangning. Now that I think about, it's completely ironic."

"Old Mo, you need to believe me. We've been a married couple for so many years."

"That's enough, you're making me feel disgusted," Father Mo trembled in anger. "All along, I thought that Tanging ignored general interest and targeted you unreasonably. But, it turns out, you were so evil that you tried to hurt an 8-month old child in her stomach."

"Tangning, report this to the police. I can be a witness. Hua Wenfeng did indeed take some Quinidine and she even took it home."

Hearing this, Hua Wenfeng completely broke down as she lay on the floor and cried, "Old Mo, you can't do this to me. I did all this because I was afraid of losing you."

"Unfortunately, I have already reported this to the police," Tangning looked at Hua Wenfeng in her helpless state, but she was already prepared to send her to her demise. "Hua Wenfeng, since you like to complain so much, you can complain to the police."

"No, no..." Hua Wenfeng was terrified as she quickly jumped up from the floor, ready to escape. But, there was no way that the current situation would allow her to leave as she pleased. "I don't want to go to the police station, I don't!"

At this time, Tangning watched as Hua Wenfeng and the reporters twisted into a mess. She did not stop them, nor did she immediately call the police. Her revenge wasn't going to end on simply exposing Hua Wenfeng.

Meanwhile, Father Mo looked at Bai Lihua. Just as he stretched out his arms to pull her towards him, Bai Lihua quickly avoided him, "You're not worthy."

Father Mo looked upset. It was obvious that he felt guilty.

But, Bai Lihua did not give him a chance to repent.

"Since you've been Hua Wenfeng's husband for so many years and have tried to protect her with your life. You should follow her."

"I may be disfigured, but I am still the daughter of the Bei Family and Mo Ting's mother."

"Mo Shaoyuan, you are scum!" After speaking, Bai Lihua stepped off the stage and walked over to Tangning's side.

Father Mo looked at them with mournful eyes, especially as he thought about the way he had previously treated Bai Lihua...

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