Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 678: She Is A Fraud

Chapter 678: She Is A Fraud



"Did you ask for evidence?" a familiar voice resounded from the entrance, followed by the surprised gasps of the media.

"It's Tangning!"

"It's actually Tangning. Tangning's here!"

"But, why is Tangning in a wheelchair...?"

No one expected that Tangning would be a part of the show, even less expected was the fact that she would appear in a wheelchair.

Seeing Tangning appear, Hua Wenfeng subconsciously furrowed her brows. She knew what her appearance meant. Whenever Tangning appeared, she never lost a battle. In other words, Bai Lihua was not going to lose this battle.

That couldn't happen...

Hua Wenfeng clenched her fists in secret.

It was impossible for Bai Lihua to present any evidence, but Hua Wenfeng knew that she simply had to grit her teeth and endure for a while and everything would be solved for her.

So, she decided to strike first by pointing to Tangning, "This was all because of you, you evil b*tch. Did you think, by designing all these schemes, you'd be able to beat me?"

Tangning was unlike Bai Lihua; she remained as calm as ever. In fact, she looked at Hua Wenfeng like she was enjoying a performance.

"Ms. Hua, you've overestimated yourself. Please don't keep adding to your act," Tangning said calmly, "I really don't have the spare time to frame you..."

"Then why did you find someone to try and steal my identity?"

"Hua Wenfeng, I've said it before, this world is based on karma; it is fair and just. If someone has done something bad, they will definitely leave flaws." After speaking, Tangning looked at Long Jie behind her and signaled for her to present the evidence they had, "You asked for evidence, didn't you?"

"I'll give you evidence right now."

Hua Wenfeng saw the item in Tangning's hands and smiled disdainfully, "What kind of evidence is that? I also have one of my own!"

"This DNA report was performed by the most authoritative organization. You must think that it's impossible to identify the real mother between twins, but you are wrong. One simply has to spend more time...or perhaps money..."

"After a total of one month and long hours spent by the staff at the research facility, they finally discovered tiny differences in your DNA. They also found over 20 matching DNA sequences in Bai Lihua and Mo Ting's DNA that wasn't present in yours."

"You said I'm turning a blind eye to the truth, but what about you?" Tangning asked as she turned to look at Long Jie, "Hai Rui will release a comparison chart to the public in a moment. If anyone has any doubts, they can contact the DNA testing center in Beijing."

"This is a nationally accredited report, it's definitely correct."

"I studied medicine before and I know how to read this chart. Looking at the variety of DNA sequences, we can see that President Mo and Ms. Bai have a lot of matches that Hua Wenfeng does not have. When this occurs multiple times, it becomes obvious who the birth mother is."

"This is solid evidence!"

Solid evidence!

Hearing these two words made Hua Wenfeng's expression change. She immediately grabbed the report from Tangning's hands. After seeing the clear comparison in DNA, Hua Wenfeng glared at Tangning. Even though she believed that the report was real and her lips were already quivering in fear, she still yelled loudly at Tangning, "This is impossible! Tangning, don't you dare manipulate the public with your fake evidence."

"I think the media can tell whether I am manipulating them or not," Tangning skillfully deflected.

"Exactly, do you think we are stupid? This is the most authoritative institution," the reporters began to cut in.

"Unbelievable! I originally thought that something like this was impossible. I didn't expect the plot to be reversed. It turns out, Bai Lihua is the true Madam Mo."

"But, what exactly happened? Tangning, can you please explain it to us in detail?"

Hua Wenfeng noticed that the media had been swayed, so she immediately tried to stop Tangning from talking, "Tangning, how did I offend you? Why are you framing me like this?"

Tangning did not pay attention to Hua Wenfeng's commotion as she placed her cool gaze on Bai Lihua and said to the media, "I think, in regards to this matter, I have no right to say anything. Only Ms Bai Lihua can provide you with the answers."

"You are liars, you are all liars!" Hua Wenfeng tried to stop Bai Lihua from walking onto the stage, but Chen Xingya easily pushed her away.

Afterwards, Bai Lihua walked onto the stage and looked at the sea of reporters in front of her with her time-worn eyes.

"One particular afternoon, 19 years ago, I was having lunch inside the research lab when an explosion suddenly occurred and I was sent flying out of the room. By the time I woke up again, I was already on the way to the hospital. The person that had saved me told me that I was covered in blood when he found me lying randomly in a remote mountain area in the US."

"I remained in the hospital for 8 months and accepted 8 months of treatment. However, when I finally left the hospital, the research facility had already moved to an unknown location and my identity had been stolen by someone that looked exactly the same as me."

"I didn't know who she was, nor did I know her motive. Her and my husband were in love, she used my name and she took possession of everything that I once owned. But, due to my disfigured face, I couldn't appear in front of people and couldn't retrieve my identity."

"A while later, I started a relationship with the kind man that saved me and gave birth to an adorable daughter. I originally thought that this was what God had planned for me. But...I never imagined that Hua Wenfeng would use my identity to harm my son and daughter-in-law."

"I couldn't accept it. What gave her the right to do that?"

"She's a fraud, how could she have any right?"

"That's why I'm standing here today. Even though my face has been destroyed, I still want to take back my identity and everything that belongs to me."

"I am the daughter of the Bei Family and the mother of Mo Ting. What is she? She is nothing but a fraud!"

"You're a liar!" Bai Lihua immediately rebutted, "You're the fraud. You want to steal my husband and everything I own."

"I have no interest in your husband. I just want my son and daughter-in-law to be safe," Bai Lihua replied fiercely. "Since I'm standing here today, I know I can't make baseless claims with no evidence. So, just a moment ago, weren't you all curious why Tangning appeared in a wheelchair?"

"Let me tell you the answer: someone drugged Tangning's chicken soup with Quinidine, causing her and her child to almost lose their lives!"

"Bai Lihua, don't forget, you're the one in charge of Tangning's meals," Hua Wenfeng sneered. "Are you trying to frame me? No way!"

Knowing that Hua Wenfeng would definitely deny all involvement, Tangning immediately grabbed onto Bai Lihua, "Mom, I will explain my own matters to the media."

"So Tangning is sitting in a wheelchair because of something so evil."

"What is Quinidine?"

"What kind of drug could kill an unborn child and cause an abortion?"

The reporters below the stage erupted in discussions.

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