Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 677: If You Have Evidence, Then Show It!

Chapter 677: If You Have Evidence, Then Show It!

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The scandal this time was a big socialite scandal involving true and false identities. So, not only did it appear on entertainment news, it also appeared on local newspapers for everyone to gossip about.

"How could an identity be so easy to fake? This 'nobody' is playing with fire?"

"This woman is quite mysterious. Do you perhaps remember, back when Hua Wenfeng claimed that Tangning cut her, an 'old acquaintance' appeared online and said that she'd take back everything that belonged to her?"

"I actually think that Hua Wenfeng is the one that has something to hide. A normal person's reaction would be to laugh it off, no one would make such a big fuss and try to clarify themselves. What is there to clarify? Doesn't she appear more suspicious with her conspicuous response?"

"But, with current's not possible to assume another person's identity, right?"

Everyone online was involved in discussions about this topic; it was more exciting than any celebrity cheating scandal. In fact, it was like an addictive TV drama that people couldn't draw themselves away from.

"If Hua Wenfeng is stepping out to prove her innocence, Ms. Bai will definitely strike back. Let's sit back and watch a good show."

"Yes, let's watch the show."

Since they were celebrities, Mo Ting and Tangning had always been prepared to have every aspect of their lives revealed to the public at some point. To enjoy being treated as celebrities, they also had to accept that they were constantly under public scrutiny; it was unavoidable.

Soon, the day of Hua Wenfeng's press conference arrived.

Inside the fifth-floor conference hall at Hilton Hotel, Hua Wenfeng had invited members of the media and appeared ready to swallow Bai Lihua whole.

Father Mo accompanied next to her as her most solid source of support, but apart from him, she had no family members by her side...nor any friends.

"Please excuse the ridiculousness created by the rocky relationship between Tangning and I," Hua Wenfeng suddenly sounded polite and dignified; she even bowed to the reporters.

"Family matters should not be exposed to the public and cause a disturbance to society. But, I really couldn't stand it anymore."

With a choked up voice, Hua Wenfeng pulled out her DNA report, "Previously, in private, Tangning had once said to me that I wasn't Mo Ting's mother. At that time, I was so annoyed that I went to get a DNA test done. The result, as you can see, is that there is no doubt that I am Mo Ting's mother."

"However, when I took the results to show Tangning, she claimed that the DNA sample did not come from Mo Ting, but from her maid. She even claimed that I had bribed the doctors! I felt extremely wronged by this."

"It's not the first time that Tangning has turned a blind eye to something. But, in the face of scientific evidence, how could she still ignore what's right and wrong. I've had enough of it!"

"She's indeed amazing, I must bow down to her!"

"So, today, I am showing everyone this evidence to rebuke all claims of me stealing someone else's identity and being a fraud. This is not a TV drama, if I am not real, then how could the people beside me not know?"

"It's ridiculous!"

Hua Wenfeng got angrier as she spoke. In the end, she threw the report in her hands onto the ground.

"Absolutely ridiculous!"


"You are the one that's ridiculous," a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from the entrance of the hall. Due to injuries to her throat from the fire years ago, when Bai Lihua raised her voice, the damage was apparent.

The reporters quickly looked towards the doorway to see a woman wearing a face mask. The rumored woman had appeared right in front of their cameras and Chen Xingyan was following from behind protecting her every move.

"You're here right on time. I would like to know if you planned this ridiculous story or if Tangning did it?" Hua Wenfeng stormed over to Bai Lihua from the stage. "In what way are we alike?"

"No one planned it. You are just too sinister," Bai Lihua glared at Hua Wenfeng with hatred and anger as her eyes turned red; tears almost rolling out of her eyes. "Have you forgotten about the explosion at the research facility, over a decade ago?"

"What has that got to do with you?"

Bai Lihua sneered as she removed her face mask, revealing her festering wounds to the public, "This was a result of that explosion."

"What a joke! What evidence do you have? I could show up with any injury and claim it as being caused by an explosion."

Bai Lihua knew that she would deny it, so she pulled out another piece of evidence, "I know that it was a long time ago and most of the evidence has already been destroyed. But, look what I have here."

"What's this? How are you trying to manipulate the public this time?" Hua Wenfeng shrugged her shoulders at the media as she laughed.

"This is a DNA test between you and I," Bai Lihua announced. She then opened the report and showed it to the media, "As we are identical twins, we look practically the same. Because of this, you were given the opportunity to assume my identity."

"The only reason why you are so confident as to stand up here and tell everyone that you are Mo Ting's mother is because you know that twins will both show up with the same DNA results. As for the only thing that can differentiate us - my fingerprints - those were destroyed in the fire."

"In other words, you are saying that you have no other evidence to prove that I have stolen your identity. If we look at things from a different perspective, it appears that you are the one that is trying to be me?" Hua Wenfeng laughed. "Fine, since you are calling me a fraud, no one here has the right to say anything. The only person that qualifies to speak is my husband, Mo Shaoyuan."

Bai Lihua looked at Mo Shaoyuan. She knew that the chances of him helping her were practically impossible.

"I'll give you one minute. Since you claim that you are Mo Shaoyuan's wife...prove it."

Bai Lihua bit her lip nervously. Just as she was about to speak, Mo Shaoyuan suddenly cut in, "You don't need to say anything. You aren't my wife. My wife has always been Hua Wenfeng. I don't know what motive you have, but I only have one word for you: shoo! Ugly people sure like causing trouble..."

"I dare you to say that again," Chen Xingyan warned as she pointed to Mo Shaoyuan. "Assh*le, you couldn't recognize your own wife and you were taken for a ride all these years without knowing it. You're just a jerk. If you speak again, I'm going to break your spine!"

Father Mo: "..."

"Look at how Mo Ting is and look at you. I'm suspecting that even you are a fraud!"


"You little wench! Don't go around confusing everyone. Did you think that you can help your mother by doing this?" Hua Wenfeng drew the conversation back. "The Bei Family never had any twins and I never had a twin sister. Stop trying to fool everyone."

"It seems, you don't know how to turn back before it's too late..." Bai Lihua glared at Hua Wenfeng.

"If you have evidence, then show it!" Hua Wenfeng challenged arrogantly.

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