Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 675: She Has No Brains And No Principles!

Chapter 675: She Has No Brains And No Principles!

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In the meantime, Hua Wenfeng decided to reveal the story to the public herself, even though Bai Lihua did not do anything. She called it the 'biggest joke in the world' and expressed her surprise towards a person trying to claim someone else's identity in the 21st-century.

Hua Wenfeng contacted a reporter and started crying. First, she admitted that she had been wrong and that she shouldn't have targeted Tangning in the past. Afterwards, she conveyed the real message that she wanted to get across: someone had called her a fraud, said that she wasn't Mo Ting's mother and claimed that the identity belonged to someone else.

"I can't believe someone would try to claim something that can be easily proven by a DNA test. I am shocked."

"I have no choice but to expose someone like this." As a result, Hua Wenfeng began spreading photos of Bai Lihua to the public.

Onlookers originally thought that the Mo Family had nothing else to gossip about. After all, Tangning was a master of handling problems. But suddenly, the question of whether Mo Ting's mother was real or fake made the netizens anticipate another good show. So, they simply sat back and waited to witness the argument.

In the current modern society, it was practically impossible for someone to claim someone else's identity. With the development of medical science, there were many things that could be easily clarified by a simple examination.

So, why did Bai Lihua make such a claim?

The issue escalated. But, Hua Wenfeng relied confidently on her perfectly unscathed face and the fact that no one would be able to find any flaws in her DNA.

She wanted to seize ownership over another woman's home; she wanted to stake claim on Bai Lihua's husband and enjoy everything that originally belonged to her.

So, to prove her innocence, Hua Wenfeng even held a press conference to clarify the truth and set the record straight.

She was so eloquent that Father Mo once again fell into her trap. If she hadn't been wronged, why would she try to clarify herself in front of so many people? Therefore, his original doubts were dismissed by Hua Wenfeng's simple scheme. Again, he chose to believe Hua Wenfeng.

Faced with Hua Wenfeng's provocation, Bai Lihua was not afraid.

Hua Wenfeng was already so sinister as to use her hands to hurt Tangning. Was she going to remain quiet and do nothing?

Even if Mo Ting was to blame her in the future, she didn't care. If worse came to worst, after the entire incident was over, she could always find a secluded location to spend the rest of her life on her own and no longer add to Mo Ting and Tangning's troubles.

Hua Wenfeng chose to hold a press conference again. Why was it that every time there was a big incident, Hua Wenfeng would choose to use the media? She obviously couldn't beat the people in the entertainment industry - not even someone of small significance.

"Auntie Bai, come in," Tangning already knew that Bai Lihua had the intention to reveal everything. So, naturally, she no longer had to hide her identity.

Bai Lihua already anticipated what Tangning wanted to say. In fact, she already prepared herself to be rejected. But... she walked into the hospital room, Tangning smiled at her comfortingly, "Ting and I will help you. We will help you retrieve what originally belonged to you and help you get your revenge."

Bai Lihua was stunned as she glanced at Mo Ting who was standing to the side. Her tears suddenly started flowing as she pounced onto his shoulder and cried painfully, "It's mom's fault for being useless. I couldn't even protect my own identity and you guys suffered as a result of that."

Mo Ting did not say anything nor did he know what words of comfort he could provide. After all, they had already been separated for many years, so his feelings for her couldn't possibly be very deep.

However, he still wrapped his arms around Bai Lihua as a sign of comfort.

"You...Don't you mind the look of my face?"

"To be honest, we already knew about this long ago. That's why we were helping Xingyan all this time," Tangning explained as she gently patted Bai Lihua on the back of her hand.

Bai Lihua paused for a few moments. In the end, she could only laugh and cry as she nodded her head, "You are both intelligent people. I shouldn't have assumed that I'd be able to fool you. But, my face..."

"Mom...Ting and I aren't vain people," Tangning replied gently. "Don't worry, OK?"

"Don't you guys worry either. I will definitely take back everything that belongs to me..."

However, Hua Wenfeng wasn't easy to deal with...


Meanwhile, Chen Xingyan was in the middle of filming in the forest. When she saw the news, she jumped out of her chair in surprise. No wonder people had been looking at her weirdly the whole day; a bully was picking on her family.

She didn't know what the truth was, but she wasn't going to let her mother get bullied.

So, she asked for leave from the director, "Director, you saw what happened..."

"But, you are the female lead. It's bad enough that you often make mistakes, if you insist on taking time off, I can't continue to stretch the rules for you. Moreover, even if you return, there's nothing you can do anyway," the director said helplessly.

At this moment, Lin Sheng wasn't standing too far away. So, Chen Xingyan immediately looked to him for help. Lin Sheng shook his head and waved her over, "The crew can't sit around waiting for you. Since you've decided to join the cast, you should follow the rules."

"But, my mom..."

"Approve her leave," a voice suddenly echoed from behind, surprising everyone. "I guarantee that she only needs two days. She won't cause any delays."

The director and Lin Sheng both looked at An Zihao. Lin Sheng did not make another sound as the director was put in a difficult position, "Zihao, you should know..."

"I'll take responsibility if any problems occur," An Zihao reassured the director, "We only need two days. After she returns, she will work harder than before."

"Can your current financial situation handle such a huge risk?"

"Director, if Chen Xingyan actually turns out to be Mo Ting's sister, I think you should leave yourself a bit of leeway for this possibility."

An Zihao didn't want Chen Xingyan to know about his financial situation, so he had no choice but to threaten the director with Hai Rui.

The director contemplated for a few seconds and nodded his head, "You said it. If anything goes wrong, you will take responsibility for it."

"Mark my word. Everyone present can be witnesses." After speaking, An Zihao gestured for Chen Xingyan to get up, "Why aren't you getting changed?"

Chen Xingyan looked at him thankfully before she hurried into the changeroom. At this time, Lin Sheng approached An Zihao and said, "You are spoiling her too much by doing this."

"I'll leave the rules for a strict mentor like you to handle. I simply want to do things that make her happy."

After hearing An Zihao's response, Lin Sheng revealed a meaningful smile, "Even if she is Mo Ting's sister, she is still not my type. You don't need to worry."

"I trust you, but I don't trust her," An Zihao replied coldly. "After all, she has no brains and no principles!"

Lin Sheng chuckled quietly without saying another word. He knew that Chen Xingyan had a lot of flaws, but for some reason, he couldn't get himself to dislike her. In fact, he couldn't resist treating her like a younger sister.

This was perhaps fate.

As for An Zihao, Lin Sheng was more than happy to accept him as a brother-in-law. Unfortunately, the little brat still seemed quite clueless...

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