Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 674: Settle The Issue The Way That She Wanted To Settle It

Chapter 674: Settle The Issue The Way That She Wanted To Settle It



While Mo Ting and Father Mo were arguing, Hua Wenfeng took the opportunity to slowly retreat and remove her shoes while no one noticed. She wanted to sneakily dispose of the shoes in the rubbish bin nearby, but Mo Ting would never give her that chance.

"What are you trying to do?" the bodyguards grabbed Hua Wenfeng and took the shoes from her hands.

"Slander! This is pure slander, Mo Ting! Your bodyguards obviously did it and they are trying to frame me...I didn't do anything. I'm innocent!"

Everyone was shocked by Hua Wenfeng's behavior. Just a moment ago, she appeared so sincere that they thought she had learned her lesson. But, contrary to everyone's expectations, she had other plans up her sleeves. Mo Ting had pointed out her shoes earlier because she had been too negligent. Now that her shoes had the fingerprints of others on it, it could no longer be used as evidence.

As for any fingerprints left around the home, she could easily say that they were left behind from the time that she stayed at the villa.

The bodyguards were stunned. They never expected that Hua Wenfeng would be so foul.

Mo Ting stared coldly at Hua Wenfeng as she put on an act. He grabbed her collar and said in a threatening tone, "You are disturbing Tangning. If you make another sound, I will make it so you can never say a word again."

Father Mo immediately stepped forward, tore the two apart and protected Hua Wenfeng. But compared to his previous enthusiasm, his approach this time was a lot calmer. He had personally witnessed how Hua Wenfeng went from admitting her faults to denying all involvement. This...was slightly different to the wife that he knew. She suddenly felt like a stranger - like a person he had never truly known.

"Hubby, Mo Ting wanted to frame me. He wanted to frame his own mother..."

"Shut your mouth. You are being too noisy," Bai Lihua could no longer endure Hua Wenfeng's acting as she stepped forward from where she had been standing for a while. "I never thought that people like you existed in this world. But, after today, I suddenly feel like I had been blind up until this point."

"This is a Mo Family issue, what has it got to do with you?" Father Mo turned and questioned Bai Lihua with an obvious trace of irritability.

"Mo Shaoyuan, you are a worthless piece of trash!"

Father Mo couldn't help but raise his hand at Bai Lihua. Seeing this, Bai Lihua couldn't hide her mockery even though she was wearing a mask, "Calling you worthless is not enough. You are completely blind!"

Father Mo did not make a move. However, Hua Wenfeng directly stepped forward and tore off Bai Lihua's mask. Seeing the scars on her face, Hua Wenfeng laughed, "You're nothing but an ugly monster!"

Mo Ting did not get involved with the argument. Instead, he headed into Tangning's room because she had finally woken up.

However, he left behind the bodyguards to protect Bai Lihua and prevent her from suffering a loss.

Bai Lihua covered her exposed face and glared at Hua Wenfeng hatefully, "This is all thanks to you!"

Hearing this, Hua Wenfeng froze in place, "What are you talking about?"

"I'm referring to the explosion at the research facility 19 years ago! You stole my identity, you fraud!"

Hua Wenfeng was shocked. She never expected that Bai Lihua was still alive and that she'd actually show up and identify her.

Hua Wenfeng quickly hid behind Father Mo, "Old Mo, this woman must be crazy. I don't understand a word that she's saying."

"Ugly woman, are you crazy? How dare you slander my wife? Do you think that I wouldn't be able to recognize my own wife?" Father Mo scoffed. "Or perhaps, did the performer pay you to put on an act?"

Bai Lihua couldn't help but sneer at the way that Father Mo continued to protect Hua Wenfeng, "The summer after we first met, we arranged to go for a holiday in France. However, just as we boarded the plane, you were called back by a phone call. At that time, I told you that we weren't fated to be together."

After hearing this, Father Mo's heart felt like it had been struck by a heavy blow.

"On the night of our wedding, I told you I was in no rush to have a child and you told me it was OK. At that time, I had already decided on a name. If we had a son, he'd be called Mo Ting, and if we had a daughter, she'd be called Mo Xin," Bai Lihua recalled one memory after another. "Can the b*tch tell you all this? All she can say is that the fire was too fierce, so she lost her memory."

Father Mo looked at Bai Lihua in detail. No wonder he felt a strange sense of familiarity.


"That's impossible. Even if you know all this, you can't pretend to be my wife. I know her face."

Bai Lihua did not argue nor hold any expectations for Father Mo. Her heart had already given up on this man, "You will pay a heavy price for what you have said to me today. As for the b*tch behind you, she will definitely come to a horrible end."

"You can't scare us! With your face, did you think that you could pretend to be me? Why don't you check your reflection in the toilet bowl?"


Tangning had been awake for a while and her mind had already cleared a lot. As soon as she heard the arguing outside, she asked, "Why is it so noisy outside?"

Mo Ting hugged her and recalled everything briefly. After hearing what had happened, Tangning didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "This Hua Wenfeng is indeed tricky."

"I left her for you to deal with."

To put it simply, he was telling her to settle the issue the way that she wanted to settle it.

"Let's put my matter aside for the moment. We need to help your mother reclaim her identity," Tangning said softly. Perhaps, because of all that she had suffered, her body was weak and her mouth was dry.

What Tangning was trying to say was, she was going to first expose Hua Wenfeng's identity and tear off her mask before she sought revenge for what she had done. And what she meant by 'putting her matter aside', simply meant that she was going to rearrange the sequence of events.

This time, Tangning was almost forced to have an abortion and her child was almost hurt in the process. The nature of this incident was worse than the incident with Tang Xuan.

Since Bai Lihua had crossed Tangning's bottom line, she would need to pay for it.

Tangning was going to take away everything that Hua Wenfeng had!

"Are you feeling better?" Seeing Tangning in such a weak state made Mo Ting feel guilty. "If something happened to you and our child, I wouldn't know what to do."

"I'm fine," Tangning reassured. "I'm honestly fine and so is our child."

Mo Ting remained silent. He simply hugged Tangning tightly as his heart filled with mixed emotions. After quite some time, he finally said, "If I knew having a child would cause you to suffer so much, I'd rather not have it."

"What nonsense are you speaking? This is a stage in life that every woman has to go through. I'm already much luckier than other women because I have you by side. Sometimes, I feel like you have it harder than I do." After speaking, Tangning patted the empty spot beside her, gesturing for Mo Ting to lie down. "With an amazing man like you, I am already content."

"Let's deal with the issue outside tomorrow. For now, let's get some rest together. You must be tired."

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