Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 672: He Doted On His Own Woman

Chapter 672: He Doted On His Own Woman

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"Family members shouldn't worry. She only consumed a very small amount of Quinidine; it has little effect on the patient and her child. She is very fortunate," the doctor said as he removed his gloves. He then looked at the two with a curious expression, "Logically speaking, a drug like Quinidine cannot be bought outside of the hospital. It isn't something that is used by ordinary patients. How did it appear in the chicken soup?"

Mo Ting looked at Bai Lihua and Bai Lihua shook her head confusedly, "I honestly don't know."

Bai Lihua had no idea when her chicken soup had been spiked.

"Mr. Mo, please trust me. I would never hurt Tangning and her child."

Mo Ting's handsome face tensed up a little; his expression was icy cold. But, he still maintained a basic trust towards Bai Lihua, so he simply nodded his head.

"The patient is now stable, so family members can go in and see her."

After listening to the doctor, Mo Ting was about to enter the room. However, just as he took a step forward, the nurse inside suddenly rushed out and stopped the doctor from leaving, "Doctor, there's something not quite right about the patient..."

Hearing this, Mo Ting immediately tried to rush in. However, the nurse stood in his way, "Sir, you can't enter right now. Otherwise, you may delay the treatment of the patient."

"Get out of my way!" Mo Ting immediately pushed the woman aside and rushed into the hospital room. As soon as he saw Tangning's pale face, he quickly held onto her hand, "Don't be afraid, I am right here by your side. If anything happens to you and our child, I will kill everyone involved before I come and join you."

They obviously weren't on a film set and these words were obviously only suited to novels and ancient times. But, upon hearing Mo Ting's words, the medical staff did not think that he was telling a lie.

"Nothing will happen to me..." Tangning said as she clasped tightly to Mo Ting's hand. Possibly because of the pain, Tangning's palms were covered in a cold sweat, "Nothing will happen to me. Ting, don't worry."

"Doctor, the patient is having contractions, we need to operate immediately," the nurse notified the doctor as she monitored Tangning's condition.

"It seems, I have underestimated the impact of Quinidine on the patient. Quick!"

Bai Lihua froze in fear as she waited anxiously outside the room, unsure what she could do. Meanwhile, Mo Ting was pushed out of the room as he watched Tangning being taken into the delivery room.

"Mo Ting..."

"You may not be the one who drugged the soup, but what happened to your responsibility to take care of her?"

Bai Lihua was stunned as she lowered her head in self-blame, "It was all my fault."

"Think carefully, where did things go wrong?" Mo Ting did not continue to release his anger on someone that was on the same side. When it came to taking care of Tangning, his responsibility was obviously bigger.

A moment later, the doctor came out of the delivery room followed by Tangning's bed.

"False alarm; it was just a false contraction," the doctor let out a sigh of relief after providing his explanation. "I suggest that the patient remain in the hospital for a couple of days so I can continue to observe her condition. If the same situation happens or if the patient requires premature labor, we can treat her promptly."

After listening to the doctor's words, Mo Ting looked at Tangning. His heart ached so much that it felt numb.

If the pregnancy could still be terminated, he would rather not have this child so Tangning wouldn't have to suffer.

After Bai Lihua heard that it was a false contraction, she collapsed in tears.

"Family members do not need to worry. The patient is stable now and a situation like this should not happen again..."

Actually, the reason why the doctor said this, was simply to appease Mo Ting because he could feel his cold and dangerous temper.

Afterwards, Tangning was delivered to her hospital room. Mo Ting stripped off his jacket and threw it to one side as he sat down on the edge of Tangning's bed and held her hand.

"That woman looks like Tangning..."

" you have a death wish? Haven't you noticed the scary look in President Mo's eyes?" two young nurses whispered outside the hospital room door.

Mo Ting recovered from his worries and pulled out his phone to call Lu Che, "Investigate every single person that entered Hyatt Regency between yesterday and today. Do not let a single person escape. I want you to find every single person, even if it's a ghost."

Lu Che did not know what had happened, "President, I don't quite understand."

Mo Ting took a minute to regain his composure. Meanwhile, Lu Che did not dare to hang up.

"Come to the hospital first."

As soon as he heard the word 'hospital', Lu Che roughly figured out the reason why Mo Ting had abandoned his meeting at work. Only Tangning had the ability to make him forget about everything around him.

It didn't take long before Lu Che arrived at the hospital and located Tangning's hospital room. After Auntie Bai recalled the incident that had happened, Lu Che was shocked. He couldn't believe that someone was so brave as to walk straight into the villa and commit a crime.

"Help me fetch two sets of clothing and bring a particular person here."

"Who is this person?"

This person was none other than Hua Wenfeng.

Apart from Hua Wenfeng, Mo Ting couldn't think of another person who could sneak into their home without anyone knowing and was familiar with a drug like Quinidine. Who else could it be?

He usually turned a blind eye because Tangning insisted on dealing with matters on her own. He doted on his own woman, but he wasn't going to remain quiet and allow others to act immorally.

Hua Wenfeng had made preparations for so long, but she meant absolutely nothing in Mo Ting's eyes.


As night hit, Lu Che arrived at Hyatt Regency and waited patiently outside Hua Wenfeng and Father Mo's home.

As soon as Hua Wenfeng saw Lu Che, she pretended to be calm, "Assistant Lu Che, you must be at the wrong place. Mo Ting's home is elsewhere!"

"Whether I have gone to the wrong place, we will know after you follow me," Lu Che said impolitely, "The President is waiting for you."

"When has Mo Ting been this rude when meeting with his mother?" Father Mo asked furiously, "Did that woman teach him to be like this?"

Lu Che was aware that these two people were utterly shameless, so he immediately gestured for his bodyguards to make a move.

Hua Wenfeng's expression changed as she looked at Father Mo for help. But, Lu Che stopped Father Mo and said, "In order not to hurt the innocent, it's best if Professor Mo waits here."


"Lu Che, bring her back!"

Lu Che turned his head and boarded his car before he drove off with Hua Wenfeng. Father Mo was worried that his wife would suffer, so he immediately boarded his own car and followed behind.

The corridors of the hospital were long and cold and stunk with the strong smell of disinfectant. However, the peaceful corridor was quickly filled with the sounds of Hua Wenfeng's struggles.

In order not to disturb Tangning, Mo Ting walked out of the hospital room when Hua Wenfeng was still a fair distance away. He sat down on a chair and looked at Hua Wenfeng with deep meaning...

Seeing this, Hua Wenfeng couldn't help but feel scared...

"How did you drug the soup?"

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