Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 670: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Chapter 670: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

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With the evidence in his hands, Fang Yu went to look for the owner of the pit bull terrier. The owner did not understand what had happened either. The pit bull had previously bitten someone when it was younger, but, at that time, it was just a small bite.

As for the bone in Xiao Yue's pocket, Fang Yu questioned Xiao Yue about it, but she was too young to give a proper answer. So, Fang Yu went to speak to her kindergarten teacher. According to the teacher, the menu on the day of the incident included pork ribs. As for why Xiao Yue had a bone in her pocket, the teacher explained that it wasn't uncommon for children to keep random items to play with later. Anything was possible.

After listening to the teacher's explanation, his persistence to seek the truth disappeared.

Perhaps, Tangning was simply being paranoid.

More importantly, with the condition that Huo Jingjing was in, he simply wanted to stay by her side.

He couldn't blame anyone. He could only blame himself for not protecting her properly...

Afterwards, Fang Yu passed the result of his investigation onto Tangning. After listening to Fang Yu, Tangning fell silent for a while. Although she didn't want to give up, Fang Yu had already investigated the matter in detail. If she continued to persist, what was the point?

However, deep down, she still felt the incident had something to do with a particular person...


A few days passed since Huo Jingjing's incident. During these few days, the media sucked dry the last bit of Huo Jingjing's fame before they're attention was quickly drawn away by another hot news story. From that moment on, there was no longer any news about Huo Jingjing.

Within the industry, it was hard to stand out. But, being forgotten was much too easy.

Seeing Huo Jingjing's runway shows and endorsements being given away to other people, Tangning's heart felt like it had been set on fire as it burned into ash inch by inch. Yet, there was nothing she could do.

To keep as many options open for Huo Jingjing as possible, Tangning made phone calls to multiple companies: TQs Lin Weisen, the famous French designer Fearles, and many others. However, even though they agreed verbally without hesitation, Fearles told her, "No one is born to be another person's savior. No matter how much you worry about her, she needs to stand back up on her own. No one can do anything about it."

Tangning had always understood this reasoning, so she simply gave a bitter smile, "I'm just being stubborn."

Perhaps it was the pressures that she felt from Song Xin that made it hard for her not to worry about Huo Jingjing and herself.

Meanwhile, after Song Xin received her screenwriter award, she also received an award for songwriting. As a result, her popularity skyrocketed.

Hearing this, Tangning clenched her script-holding hands. Once a woman reached her age, did they really lose their sense of security?


A few days had passed since Song Xin suggested her plan to her assistant. However, she had not put it into action yet. Instead, she spent most of her time trying to understand Hua Wenfeng's daily routine.

She understood that success required the right timing. Because of this, Song Xin's assistant simply stayed quietly by Hua Wenfeng's side and waited for the right time.

Ever since Hua Wenfeng had been slapped in the face, it had been a long time since she caused trouble for Tangning. Although she didn't want to accept defeat, the entire nation scolded her and Elder Tang threatened her, so she had no choice but to retreat and temporarily focus on her research.

On that particular day, Hua Wenfeng was having afternoon tea inside a cafe with a few research colleagues. The colleagues nosily started gossiping about Tangning just so they could see Hua Wenfeng's reaction.

Hua Wenfeng's expression was cold the entire time. She did not want to take part in the discussion. So, after enduring for quite some time, she used the bathroom as an excuse to temporarily avoid the gossip.

However, as she grabbed her handbag and left the bathroom, she ran into a young woman who was walking in the opposite direction. The woman had a simple short haircut and her figure was relatively tall and skinny.

"Sorry," after apologizing, Hua Wenfeng continued to walk away. However, the woman seemed to have recognized her as she pointed to her and said, "Aren't you Tangning's mother-in-law?"

Hua Wenfeng's expression turned sour; she expected the woman to ridicule her. So, she quickly sped up her steps to leave. However, not only did the woman not laugh at her, she was exceptionally friendly, "Auntie, hello."

"Hi, I have something I need to do, I'll get going first," Hua Wenfeng said as she continued to leave. The woman did not force her to stay as she nodded her head and smiled as she watched her walk away.

However...before Hua Wenfeng had gotten very far, the woman chased after her and grabbed onto her sleeve. She then said uncomfortably, "Actually auntie...I heard a few rumors in the agency and I'm not sure if they are true."

"What rumor?" Hua Wenfeng asked.

"I'm not sure if I should tell you," the woman deliberately went in circles.

"Speak. I won't blame you," Hua Wenfeng was already prepared to hear about Tangning's nonsense. After contemplating for a few seconds, the woman leaned over and whispered in Hua Wenfeng's ear the rumor that she had heard. After she was done, she highly emphasized, "Auntie, I'm sure you know about the rules in Hai Rui. No one is allowed to leak any secrets to the public. Originally, I didn't want to say anything, but since I ran into you coincidentally, my conscience told me to tell you. I hope you can keep this a secret for me."

In reality, Hua Wenfeng's face had already gone from slightly red in anger to bright red in fury.

She had never imagined that Tangning would be this sinister.

How dare she dream about taking her organs?

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this," Hua Wenfeng guaranteed firmly.

"Good. You should decide what to do as soon as possible..." the woman looked at Hua Wenfeng in pity as she patted the back of her hand comfortingly.

Hua Wenfeng didn't notice when the woman left. She simply trembled as she supported herself against the wall for quite some time.

Since the b*tch wanted to go to such an extent, she couldn't just sit around doing nothing. She couldn't sit around and wait for the child to be born. What if the child was actually born with a defect and they decided to use her body.

She couldn't tell Father Mo about this. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to do anything because Father Mo would simply think she was scaring herself.

Out of urgency, she decided to get rid of the child in Tangning's stomach. She needed to think of a flawless plan.

Because of this, Hua Wenfeng began to sneakily stalk Tangning, so she could understand her daily routine.

She noticed that Tangning went to the hospital for a checkup every Friday. Apart from that, she practically never left the villa. As for the b*tch with the surname Bai, she was in charge of Tangning's daily meals. However, the most important thing to note was that Tangning always took the bodyguards with her when she went to do her checkup.

That was Hua Wenfeng's only window of opportunity. If she could sneak into the villa during that time and place all the blame on the cheap maid, she would be killing two birds with one stone.

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