Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 83: The Battlefield for Taking Down Mo Yurou

Chapter 83: The Battlefield for Taking Down Mo Yurou

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All day the next day, Han Yufan didn’t turn up at Tianyi’s office. When he finally returned home in the evening, his body was covered in the stench of alcohol. Mo Yurou approached him and gently shook his shoulder, "Yufan…Yufan."

In his drunken state, Han Yufan mumbled under his breath, but it was hard to tell what he was saying. Mo Yurou flipped open his briefcase and spotted an agreement between Han Yufan and Mr. Li; she immediately picked it up to take a closer look as she took out her phone and snapped a photo. She then placed it back where she found it.

A moment later, Han Yufan opened his eyes. Upon seeing Mo Yurou, he immediately sobered up and pushed her away, "Mo Yurou, you are free; you can abort the child as you please. You…can also move out when you are ready; there is nothing else between us…"

After speaking, Han Yufan stood up and headed into his bedroom, slamming the door shut; an ear-shattering bang echoed through the apartment...

Mo Yurou glared coldly at the back of Han Yufan’s head as he disappeared from her sight. She then glanced down at the picture of the agreement; Han Yufan was Party B and he had agreed to Party A’s first condition of setting her free and no longer causing her any trouble. The second condition…was Tangning!

Mo Yurou sneered. At that moment she wanted to ridicule Han Yufan’s naivety; as if that old sleazebag would be so generous. Agreeing to give away awards, was so that he could get a continual supply of newcomers in his bed...

Unknowingly, Han Yufan hadn’t merely betrayed just these two women, he technically also sold off all his future artists.

But, it didn’t matter to Mo Yurou…thinking about Han Yufan selling the high and mighty Tanging off for such a cheap price…was so satisfying. Plus, she was about to go home with a Top Ten Model Award and a contract with Creative Century. Luckily, she had evidence in her hand against the old sleazebag; once everything was over, she would get rid of him...

Tangning, you were just ruthlessly sold off by the man you once loved!

Mo Yurou smirked as she looked at her slim waist; she could finally get rid of the child. Unfortunately, the next few days wouldn’t be the best time; the awards ceremony was fast approaching and there were too many eyes on her. So, she decided to wait until after the ceremony to carry out her secret arrangements.

Everything seemed perfect…she had never imagined she would have the chance to be reborn like this.


Early in the night, Tangning’s flight landed in Beijing. As her schedule was confidential, not many people knew of her return.

The news about her using men to advance her career was still being discussed, but as usual, she did not respond; not even a simple explanation.

Outside the airport, Lu Che had arrived to escort Tangning and Mo Ting home. The couple left the airport separately before boarding the same Lincoln Limousine.

"President and Madam, you have both worked hard…but regarding the news created by Cheng Tian, will Madam really not respond?" Lu Che turned around to ask as he sat in the driver’s seat.

"Has Mr. Li made any moves?" Tangning slightly lifted her head and asked gently.

"No, Mr. Li doesn’t care about gossip like this," Lu Che shook his head. "At the same time, Star Age is keeping everything ambiguous on purpose. They want to keep an unclear relationship with you so that your relationship with Tianyi will continue to fall apart. Also, from what I’ve gathered, Star Age and the newcomer, Lan Yu, have been getting very close…"

Tangning let out a gentle laugh and took a deep breath, "Then, let’s disregard this scandal. Once the time is right, the truth will naturally be revealed."

"The fact that someone is starting a scandal about you means you are standing in someone’s path. It also means…you are in an important position," Mo Ting said before tightening his embrace on Tangning. After 9 years of emotional training, Tangning no longer had a heart like glass that was easy to shatter. A scandal like this did not affect her at all. After all, an even bigger news was about to be released... if a small scandal like this would be enough for the public to continuously discuss in their spare time.

Thinking of this, Tangning turned to question Long Jie who was currently flipping through the news, "Is Mo Yurou’s child still alive?"

"Of course, I guarantee!" Long Jie swiftly nodded her head as she smiled. "I’ve been keeping a close eye on her. Since the awards ceremony is approaching, news is easily leaked; even if she wants to take a risk, it would definitely be after she gets the award."

"Good…" Tangning replied calmly; her eyes looked deep with meaning. She had been waiting long enough for this day to come...

Mo Ting looked at Tangning and suddenly realized all his worries were in vain. But even so, he still instructed Lu Che to keep an eye on what was to follow with The Annual Model Awards Ceremony.

He held onto Tangning’s right hand and comforted her gently, "Don’t worry, your wish will come true."

"Even if the whole world was to go against you, I would take on the whole world for you…"

Tangning responded by also holding onto Mo Ting’s hand as she smiled softly; she knew Mo Ting always did as he said.

In the back seat, Long Jie watched as the two put on a show of affection. She realized Tangning only revealed soft expressions like this in front of Mo Ting. Although she often smiled in front of everyone, the feeling she gave off was merely cold and polite; and when she wanted to be ruthless, she didn’t hold back.

Of course, Lu Che was already accustomed to this sight. How Mo Ting displayed himself to the public was obvious. On the other hand, when he was with Tangning, he was a gentle and responsible husband; it was like he wanted to give all the best things in the world to her.

These two people were like one extreme meeting another extreme...

In the past two days, the entertainment news was focused on the awards ceremony, but unfortunately, Tangning was merely a guest award presenter.

Mo Ting watched as Tangning stared at the TV in a daze as he turned to comfort her, "If I remember correctly, you’ve already received this award a long time ago…so, the feeling of receiving the award must not be foreign to you."

"That was many years ago…" Tangning turned to him and responded. "Plus, at that time the award had only been created; the rules weren’t set in stone yet and it wasn’t as valuable as it is now."

"Do you regret it?" Mo Ting asked as he rubbed his hand on Tangning’s shoulder.

Tangning shook her head and smiled, "Of course not…although the value is different, look at how easily Mo Yurou managed to secure one by using her contacts. It proves that the award selection is no longer fair…what use do I have for an unfair award?"

"This award ceremony will become the battlefield for me to take down Mo Yurou…"

"Tomorrow night…she will be more nervous than when I received my award."

Mo Ting smiled as he pinched her nose, "I will not make an appearance at the ceremony, but as usual, I will be looking forward to your performance…as I watch it being broadcasted live."

Tangning nodded as she straightened her body and kissed Mo Ting, "When have I ever let you down?"

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