Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 667: Do We Have A Grudge Between Us?

Chapter 667: Do We Have A Grudge Between Us?

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"Song Xin!"

"I heard from a few friends in the baby formula industry that you are their number one choice for upcoming commercials. You should feel happy about this. You are about to receive an expensive endorsement opportunity," Song Xin completely ignored Lu Che's warning. As she rubbed her chin, she continued, "As for acting, I think you are almost at the stage of playing mother roles. What should we do? I can already imagine the image of you with curls in your hair as you discipline your children."

"I know that Tangning is famous for having a good temper. So, I'm sure you won't do anything to me for speaking the truth, will you?"

"Do we have a grudge between us?" Tangning couldn't understand why this girl was suddenly provoking her.

"No! We've never met before," Song Xin shrugged her shoulders, "However, I'm used to be being number one. So, I would never accept second place. Take this as a warning."

"Song Xin, our Madam has already been in the industry for ten years...and you are just a newcomer."

"She's been in the industry for ten years and she's only won one newcomer award?" Song Xin let out a laugh as she waved her hands at the two, "Hurry and go home. Seeing you walking around at almost 8 months pregnant makes me feel bad on your behalf. Although you are President Mo's lover and taking away the best resources is your right, I will use my abilities to surpass you."

Lu Che looked at Tangning anxiously, afraid that she would get angry. But, Tangning's calm expression displayed to Lu Che that even if she was angry, she would not show it on her face.

"Remember what you have said today..."

"I will remember it clearly."

Tangning looked deeply at Song Xin and examined her from head to toe. Her appearance wasn't bad, but, people like her did not call the shots in the entertainment industry just because they were aggressive.

In reality, Song Xin's heart was actually racing. Although she sounded confident, she was, after all, facing Tangning. Tangning had experienced many battles in the past, so a few simple words weren't going to scare her.

Afterwards, Tangning boarded her car and Lu Che hopped into the driver's seat. They then drove away, leaving Song Xin on her own smoking a cigarette, "What an interesting woman. Too bad she's about to give birth."


"Madam, just ignore Song Xin. She may be talented, but she's much too arrogant."

"The future belongs to the youngsters. She's right, I'm not young anymore," Tangning sighed.

"'re only 27."

27 was already an age where one wouldn't gamble and play around recklessly. Especially since she was married to Mo Ting and was about to give birth to a child. From now on, battles within the entertainment industry would subconsciously become a weapon for protecting her family. She no longer enjoyed the glory and glamor that came with it.

"Have baby formula companies actually come looking for me?" Tangning was slightly offended by Song Xin's words. Being called old: this was a weakness buried in the depths of every woman's heart. No matter how hard they tried to hide it, it hurt with one small poke. After all, it was impossible to turn back time.

"No..." Lu Che replied firmly.

Tangning let out a gentle laugh; Lu Che had never been good at lying.

It didn't take long before the two returned to Hyatt Regency. As it was already late, Auntie Bai had already prepared a healthy meal and was waiting for Tangning to return home.

"Xiao Ning, you forgot your phone at home. You had a few missed calls in the afternoon," Auntie Bai said as she pointed to the bedroom upstairs.

Tangning fetched her phone and sat down at the dining table. Seeing that the missed calls were from Huo Jingjing, she immediately called her back. It had been a long time since they last talked.


As soon as she heard Huo Jingjing's voice, Tangning's expression immediately turned serious. She could sense that Huo Jingjing was upset, "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I'm just a bit tired from attending a dinner party. I originally wanted to visit you, but you weren't home," Huo Jingjing lightened up her voice and replied.

"Did you get into an argument with Fang Yu?" Tangning asked.

"You must have heard, Hai Rui recently signed on a 'secret weapon' called Song Xin, right?" Huo Jingjing suddenly mentioned. "She's a fierce character."

"What happened?"

"Fang Yu was previously in charge of her matters, but he is, after all, a married man. So, for my sake, he decided to spread out the workload with others. However, I'm not sure if I am being paranoid, but I feel like Song Xin is a vengeful person and I've fallen into her trap," Huo Jingjing said cautiously with a worried tone.

This made Tangning's heart drop. Within the industry, Huo Jingjing had already experienced a lot. If even she felt something wasn't right, then something was definitely off.

"Can you explain it to me in more detail?"

"Previously, when I met with a client in the hotel to discuss a job, my assistant suddenly disappeared from the room for a few minutes. I didn't think too much of it at that time. But, during my lunch with Fang Yu this afternoon, Fang Yu suddenly received an image of the man and I all alone in a hotel room together."

"I asked Fang Yu about it and he explained that he had received an anonymous email."

"I'm sure Fang Yu knows the truth, so you don't need to worry about it," Tangning comforted. "Plus, you can't suspect Song Xin based on an incident like this."

"The only reason I'm suspecting​ Song Xin is because she warned me to be careful."

"Be more cautious next time," Tangning began to sound a bit wary.

"I'm fine. I feel a lot better now that I've gotten it off my chest." On the other end of the phone, Huo Jingjing's background began to sound a bit noisy, "I'm going to go now. I'm picking Xiao Yue up from school and it's getting late."

"Drive safely."

Huo Jingjing had a high status in Hai Rui. If Song Xin was highly ambitious, Huo Jingjing would definitely pose a threat to her.

But, it still wasn't sure how Song Xin's schemes were like.

For peace of mind, Tangning instructed Lu Che, "Send me all the information you have on Song Xin."

"OK," Lu Che replied.

Lu Che quickly returned to the agency. Apart from giving Song Xin a verbal warning, he also sent Tangning some information on her.

After dinner, Tangning lay on the sofa and looked through Song Xin's information. It turned out, she had a pretty strong background. Three generations of her family had been famous!

That night, while Mo Ting wasn't around, Tangning fell asleep in the living room and had a nightmare. In her nightmare, Song Xin was strangling her neck and kicking her stomach.

Tangning quickly awoke...

But, to her surprise, she was already back in bed and Mo Ting was by her side as promised.

Tangning immediately wrapped her arms around him to calm herself down, "I'm not dreaming, am I?"

"Silly," Mo Ting patted her on the back of the head and hugged her tightly, "Hurry, it's time to get up for breakfast."

"Uh huh," Tangning pulled away the bed covers to get out of bed. But, at this time, Mo Ting notified her softly, "Something happened to Huo Jingjing."

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