Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 666: You've Gotten Old

Chapter 666: You've Gotten Old

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On the set of 'Mega Beast'. Amongst a forest in the mountains.

Chen Xingyan hid in a quiet corner from day to night, practicing her acting in order to get accustomed to the cameras.

Deep down, she still felt that she was more suited to being a stunt double in this lifetime. But, to give herself the ability to protect others, she found a new motivation to face the cameras.

So, every morning, she arrived first on set. And every night, she was the last to go to sleep. Impressively, due to her amateur skills in medicine, Chen Xingyan quickly made a name for herself on set. Whether it was the director or one of the staff member's, whenever someone had any aches and pains, they would immediately turn to her for relief.

That night, Chen Xingyan used the break between scenes to look through her script. Because the forest was extremely cold and filming carried on into the night, the crew did not return to the hotel. So, as Lin Sheng finished filming and spotted Chen Xingyan huddled up in her chair, he immediately grabbed a blanket from his assistant and covered her with it from behind.

Chen Xingyan turned around and smiled at the sight of Lin Sheng, "Thank you, Sheng Ge."

"You're quite cheeky. You're aware that you make a lot of mistakes, so you've been doing favors for the director to make up for it. No wonder we haven't heard him scold anyone." Lin Sheng glanced at the director. It was obvious that the extra clothes and blanket on his body were from Chen Xingyan. "When it comes to acting, you are miles from Tangning, but when it comes to people, you are capable of coaxing even a simple props assistant. This is also considered a skill."

Chen Xingyan felt a little guilty...

"Sheng Ge..."

"You don't actually need to practice in front of the mirror every day and do favors for people. You simply need to follow your instincts," Lin Sheng stopped her from continuing. Before she even attended her audition, he had already looked through her information. The reason why he was so certain about picking Chen Xingyan was because the character was difficult for others, but he knew Chen Xingyan could do it effortlessly.

"Hehe, thank you, Sheng Ge."

"It's weird, you're cheeky and opportunistic. I usually despise people like you. But, for some reason, I can't seem to hate you. I think it's just like I said earlier, this is a skill of yours. Keep it up," Lin Sheng said before he patted her on the shoulder and left.

Chen Xingyan hugged the blanket on her body and jumped up in joy after receiving acknowledgment from Lin Sheng.

Everyone on set looked at her curiously after hearing her cheer, including An Zihao who had been standing in the distance for quite some time.

An Zihao did not approach her. He simply held onto the blanket in his hands and left; he had already seen the way that Lin Sheng cared about Chen Xingyan.

However, he misunderstood that Chen Xingyan was jumping in joy because of the way Lin Sheng treated her.

So, An Zihao did not notify Chen Xingyan of his visit. He simply snuck in and snuck back out.

Chen Xingyan did not see An Zihao, but after returning home from a long night, she noticed a bowl of fresh lychee in the middle of her apartment; An Zihao had definitely visited.

So, she gave him a phone call, "Stop acting chivalrous. Why didn't you tell me that you dropped by?"

"Because I don't want to," An Zihao replied in a lazy tone as he lay in bed.

"Why are you acting so weird early in the morning. Go die," Chen Xingyan yelled before hanging up the phone angrily.

An Zihao flipped over in bed. Even he didn't understand why he was acting so moody around Chen Xingyan.

But, he felt it was for the best...


Two afternoons later.

Tangning was keeping Mo Ting company at Hai Rui. Mo Ting was to catch a flight at 5pm that afternoon and he wasn't going to be by her side that night.

She had already forgotten the last time they had been separated. Ever since she got pregnant, apart from working, Mo Ting dedicated all his time to her. They were barely alone. Thinking of this, her heart began to ache.

Under the sunlight, her man appeared handsome and gentle; especially his diamond-like eyes which twinkled sharply, making him exceptionally dazzling and charming.

A moment later, Lu Che entered the office with some documents. Apart from documents that need Mo Ting's signature, Lu Che also handed him an invitation, "President, you have been invited to the awards ceremony for the GXE International Screenwriter's Competition. Song Xin has won a big award. Although she is newly signed to Hai Rui, the organizers sent the invite directly to you. Do you..."

Mo Ting gestured for Lu Che to divert the invite to Fang Yu without lifting his head, "Shouldn't you know who to turn to about things like this?"

"Sorry, President."

"Don't forget my identity..."

Mo Ting was referring to his identity as Tangning's personal manager. Plus, he was well aware that female artists in the agency often tried to find excuses to leave an impression in front of him.

"Vice President Fang seems to be trying to avoid suspicion too, so he told me to speak to you."

From the looks of it, both men managed their female interaction well for the peace of mind of their women.

Tangning couldn't help but laugh.

"If he won't go, then throw the invitation in the bin," Mo Ting instructed.

As a member of the unofficial wife-doting club, Lu Che did not want to attract this kind of trouble either, so, he directly threw the invitation in the bin.

"This is the first time I've witnessed you handling matters like this."

"In that case, do you trust me?" It was also the first time that Mo Ting consulted Tangning on an issue like this.

Tangning looked into Mo Ting's eyes. They had been married for a long time, but Tangning had never been jealous of another woman because Mo Ting had never done anything that made her feel uncomfortable.

The scene that just happened in front of her was the perfect example!

Tangning did not reply, but Mo Ting already knew the answer.

Meanwhile, Tangning was aware that Mo Ting deliberately waited until it was almost boarding time before he left Hai Rui - just so he could spend more time with her.

"Who is this Song Xin?" Tangning asked Lu Che after Mo Ting left.

Lu Che led Tangning to the underground parking lot as he replied, "A newly-signed artist."

"The so-called 'secret weapon'?"

Lu Che turned his head in surprise, "The madam has some well-informed sources. This new artist is indeed talented. She has also recently won an International Screenwriter Award..."

As they spoke, they arrived in the underground parking lot. However, just as Tangning stepped into her car, she heard a confident voice echo from behind her, "It is an honor to be mentioned by the famous Tangning."

Tangning turned around to see a long curly-haired woman dressed in a black jacket, standing behind them with a wild vibe.

She was, after all, an artist of Hai Rui's, so she possessed her own unique charm.

Tangning did not respond. To be exact, she never liked it when people self-invited themselves into a conversation.

Of course, the woman looked at Tangning with extreme interest. After quite some time, she finally said, "But, I must say, you've gotten old. After you give birth, will you only be capable of securing baby formula commercials?"

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