Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 665: Wait Until After You've Given Birth

Chapter 665: Wait Until After You've Given Birth

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However, this wasn't the ultimate blow to Annie. Not too long later, a recording from President Wang was suddenly leaked to the public...

It turned out, the scandal between Chen Xingyan and An Zihao was merely a self-scripted act by Annie!

This result was something that even President Wang and An Zihao did not expect. Because, Tangning hadn't told anyone about it.

Annie was like a sewer rat that was being stepped on, over and over again.

It had only been a few days between being discovered by An Zihao to being abandoned by the entertainment industry. Everything was like a dream.

Annie lost everything, including the pureness of her body. Yet, in the end, this was her fate.

She was desperate to see Chen Xingyan or An Zihao one more time. But, based on their differences in status, she no longer had the right to do so.

Annie even returned to the apartment that she shared with Chen Xingyan to find her. But, ever since Chen Xingyan got into a scandal, she had already moved out of the apartment. Above all, now that she had signed on with Lin Sheng's new film, her status had been upgraded.

In Tangning's words, Annie had reached her end before she even started.

Annie was unwilling to admit defeat, so she appeared at Hyatt Regency to block Chen Xingyan's way, But, as Chen Xingyan looked at Annie, she simply sat in her van and did not feel an ounce of anger.

An Zihao glanced at Chen Xingyan and asked, "Why aren't you taking advantage of such a great opportunity to get revenge?"

"I can already see the distance between us," Chen Xingyan replied. "Sheng Ge's strict training schedule is still awaiting me."

An Zihao gently patted Chen Xingyan on the head, "Enjoy Lin Sheng's devilish training routine...but..."

"But, what?"

"But, don't allow yourself to develop any feelings that you shouldn't have," An Zihao paused and continued, "Lin Sheng is obsessed with film. If you fall in love with him, you will get hurt."

"I'm simply acting with him. Are you thinking too much?" Chen Xingyan scoffed.

"You have trouble sleeping in a foreign bed. Take this with you," An Zihao brought Chen Xingyan's doll for her, "With this, you won't need to call me to move your bed."

With the doll in her hands, Chen Xingyan was overcome with an unexplainable feeling. All she knew was, at that moment, she felt a lot calmer because the doll carried An Zihao's warmth.

"Help me thank Ning Jie. She's done a lot for me."

"Focus on yourself," An Zihao gestured for her not to worry.

Actually, An Zihao was quite curious why Tangning kept protecting Chen Xingyan. After all, the two women had never crossed paths in the past.

But, looking at the stance that Tangning took and the way she did things without him knowing, she obviously treated Chen Xingyan like one of her own.

After An Zihao sent Chen Xingyan home, he returned to Hyatt Regency with curiosity and questioned Tangning, "Do you think your support for Chen Xingyan is a bit too much for your level of familiarity?"

"Really?" Tangning asked casually, "Do you think Annie's ending was too depressing?"

"You don't plan to tell me the reason?"

"All I can say is, be nice to Chen Xingyan. She's not your average person," Tangning warned before she returned her focus to the script in her hands. "Since your innocence has been clarified, it's time you do some homework about Director Chen Feng. Don't you want your role as assistant director anymore?"

"No, there's one more thing I need to do."

He didn't contact Darcy for nothing. Since he had promised Chen Xingyan that he'd get revenge for her, he was definitely going to keep his promise.

"How do you feel about Chen Xingyan?" Tangning asked curiously.

An Zihao remained quiet for a while before he replied leisurely, "I obviously treat her like an apprentice."

Tangning burst out laughing at his reply without saying another word...

Chen Xingyan's life hadn't experienced its ultimate change yet. So, Tangning couldn't reveal much at the moment. After the revelation of Chen Xingyan's identity, plenty of people were expected to be shocked, including An Zihao.

If he found out that the person he had been recklessly trampling on was the heiress of Hai Rui and sister of Mo Ting, the scene would be quite entertaining to witness.

But, Tangning had no idea that An Zihao had a plan up his sleeves. Merely six months after it had been formed, the production crew for 'The Savage Wars' ended up being disbanded. The investors of the film had been closed down for tax evasion and everyone involved had been thrown into jail.

During this time, Tangning discovered that An Zihao had sold his home and replaced his sports car...

Where did his money go?

"Ting...can you help me research why Zihao has been so short on money lately?"

"He's spent all his money on the legal fees with Darcy," Mo Ting replied directly, "He looked for me before..."

"Did he do all this just to overthrow Matt? I can't understand what he's thinking."

"If he can't even protect the person he cares about, then he is simply an empty shell with no value. The fact that An Zihao is willing to stake his assets on Chen Xingyan, shows that he is a responsible and courageous man," Mo Ting explained as he removed his jacket. "He is indeed a loyal and righteous person."

"If Xingyan was to find out, it would definitely break her heart," Tangning sighed. She then wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's neck and asked, "Since the incident with Xingyan has come to an end, should we resolve the issue with Hua Wenfeng as well? How much longer should we let the fraud have her way?"

"Every time I think of the way that Auntie Bai has been living her life for the past 19 years, my heart aches."

"We will wait until after you've given birth," Mo Ting gently rubbed Tangning's stomach and closed his eyes to sense the miracle of his own flesh and blood, "I don't want to put you in any form of danger."

Tangning lowered her head and looked at her stomach. Every time she thought about her and Mo Ting's blood flowing through the child in her stomach, the extraordinary feeling would make her speechless.

"Ning...I need to travel for work in 2 days time. Ask Auntie Bai to prepare your luggage, I want to take you with me."

"Where are we going?" Tangning asked.

"Hai Rui's newly built film and television base," Mo Ting replied. "This is a company tradition. If I don't go, I will be breaking my own rules."

"With the baby in my stomach, it's not very convenient. I may even be a hindrance for you. Now that we have Auntie Bai around, you can go on your own without worrying." Tangning thought things over. As soon as she thought about the arduous journey, she worried she wouldn't be able to handle it. No matter how much she wanted to stay by Mo Ting's side, she couldn't recklessly ignore the child in her stomach. "You'll be home after one night's sleep, right?"

Mo Ting looked at Tangning and gently placed a kiss on her forehead, "Uh huh."

Even if it wasn't the case, he would make it happen!

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