Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 664: Extremely Awkward

Chapter 664: Extremely Awkward

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Youth was not something to be determined by a person...


A few days later, 'The Savage Wars' held a grand press conference. That afternoon, Annie attended the event dressed in a long silver dress. Perhaps, due to the fact that she was still young, she did not know how to remain modest as she treated herself like the female lead and tried to steal the limelight.

To put it bluntly, her name simply appeared in small font in the corner. In fact, her name didn't even appear in the promotional posters. However, she was arrogant and proud, so she viewed 'The Savage Wars' much too highly.

Behind the stage of the press conference, Annie ran into Matt in the corridors and greeted him warmly. However, Matt had no idea who she was. Only after his assistant reminded him did he slightly remember.

"Hello, Director. I will definitely try my best."

Matt did not pay attention to Annie as he walked right past her. After a few steps, he turned and asked his assistant, "What is this woman still doing here?"

"You said to let her get dressed up and attend."

"That's right, I promised Tangning," Matt waved his right hand before he shoved it into his pocket, "How annoying!"

"In a moment, get rid of her," Matt said impatiently. He couldn't understand what Tangning was thinking. Was it necessary to deal with a nobody in such a way?

"The press conference is about to start."

Even after he wandered quite far, Matt was still complaining. However, Annie was in an extremely good mood. She even dreamed that after filming this film, many other film opportunities would present themselves to her. On top of that, she would also have the opportunity to appear in advertisements, variety shows and perhaps even fashion endorsements...

However, while she was still in her fantasy world, the press conference officially started. No one told her when to appear on stage, so by the time she realized, the press conference had already been running for 20 minutes. In fact, the main cast was already standing on stage and there was no space left for her.

So, she quickly ran over to Matt's assistant to remind him of her existence. However, Matt was so busy that they had no time to respond to her.

"Get lost..."

"Mr. Assistant, I am the villain in the film. I..."

"Who are you kidding?" the assistant was getting annoyed as he turned and glared fiercely at Annie. "All the actors are already on stage. Who are you?"

"That's impossible, I am also a part of the cast...didn't we agree that Chen Xingyan's role would be given to me?"

After hearing these words, the assistant realized who she was as he gave a simple "oh" and replied, "The role has been replaced again!"

"What?" Annie couldn't accept what the assistant said. "You already confirmed that it would be me. How could you casually replace me?"

"Who do you think you are?" the assistant was angered by Annie's words, so he pushed her onto the floor, "It's normal to replace an actress that isn't suitable for the role..."

"No...this can't be possible!" Annie screamed before she rushed on stage and forced herself in between the cast of actors. Everyone looked at her in surprise and confusion.

At this time, Matt yelled angrily, "Who is this crazy woman? Security! Security!"

As the actors were practically all Westerners, they were confused by the sudden appearance of this Asian woman. Afterwards, the security rushed on stage and dragged Annie into a room in the backstage where Matt's assistant was waiting.

"Are you crazy?"

"I was already confirmed as an actress in 'The Savage Wars'!" Annie yelled. "Why are you guys denying it now?"

Seeing Annie getting fired up, the assistant fiercely threw a slap across her face, "Get out of my sight immediately!"

"Liar! Liar!"

"Hasn't President Wang told you that we already sent him the contract cancelation papers? You should go talk to your boss instead of causing a commotion here. I don't have the responsibility and obligation to notify you personally. Did you really think of yourself as an actress? With your skills, you are only suitable to play a dead corpse. How dare you dream about playing the lead villain? You sure know how to look highly upon yourself."

After hearing this, Annie froze. She immediately pulled out her phone and called President Wang as her hands trembled, "President Wang, did you know that 'The Savage Wars' has replaced me?"

"Yes, I'm aware," President Wang replied carelessly.

"But, you never told me...Plus, I called the assistant a couple days ago to ask if I should get dressed up..."

"Annie, things between us are over. I was notified about the contract cancelation that same night and lost out on a fair sum of money. I'm sorry for not notifying you, but I never expected that you'd cause a commotion at the event," President Wang replied heartlessly. "Since the film agency canceled their contract with me, it's also time for me to bid farewell to you. I don't want to offend Tangning because of you."

"What are you talking about?" Annie was extremely angry and humiliated.

"I will get the lawyers to send you a contract cancelation letter in a moment. From now on, don't be so naive. I wish you all the best on your own."

Annie would have never imagined, just as she thought she was starting a new chapter in her life, her efforts resulted in nothing. She never expected 'The Savage Wars' to play around with her. Worst of all, President Wang had violated her body and forced her to partake in an indecent act. Yet, in the end, he simply kicked her aside and made it impossible for her to ever redeem herself.

On top of everything, news of how she had forced herself into the press conference was exposed, turning her into a joke.

Her role had been replaced, yet no one notified her. In the end, she forced herself into the press conference unknowingly. The result was obviously extremely awkward!

"What a joke!"

"Isn't this the woman that put on quite an act a couple days ago?"

"I feel awkward on her behalf."

She didn't care what others thought about her...She simply wanted to know what Chen Xingyan was thinking.

Just the thought of Chen Xingyan waiting to treat her as a joke, was difficult for her to accept.

The only good thing about the entire incident was that she had at least stolen the role from Chen Xingyan at one point...

Even if she didn't get it in the end, Chen Xingyan couldn't have it either!


...the heavens were against her in the end. It didn't take long before rumors started spreading that Lin Sheng's new film featured a newcomer.

Official social media accounts threw around names of famous actresses as their predictions for female lead, but to their surprise, the role ended up in the hands of an extremely new newcomer. And this newcomer was the woman that was currently amidst a scandal with An Zihao - Chen Xingyan!

No one expected Chen Xingyan to secure the female lead of 'Mega Beast'!

What was Lin Sheng thinking?

Annie was driven crazy, "This can't be possible! Chen Xingyan is merely creating hype. Why would a top actor act with her?"

But, when the reporters interviewed Lin Sheng and asked him about Chen Xingyan, he simply replied, "Nothing is impossible."

In other words, he was admitting that the rumors were correct...

As a result, the two actresses that had been created by An Zihao's hands were suddenly miles apart in terms of career prospects.

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