Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 663: Secret Weapon

Chapter 663: Secret Weapon

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Hearing this, An Zihao suddenly burst into laughter, "Are you referring to someone like Annie?"

"'The Savage Wars' is about to hold their press conference. It's true that Annie has stolen your role, so you may continue to suffer a little."

Chen Xingyan lifted her head and looked at An Zihao. At this time, An Zihao stretched out his hand and gently stroked her head.

"It won't be long. I will help you get revenge soon."

"No need, I can do it myself," Chen Xingyan responded stubbornly.

"Wait until you become famous before you say such words to me." After speaking, An Zihao led Chen Xingyan out of DK Agency and delivered her to Hyatt Regency.


When Chen Xingyan finally saw Tangning again, her head drooped in shame. It turned out, the incident that made her angry and worried was nothing to Tangning. She merely resolved it within the blink of an eye.

"She did well today by securing the female lead of 'Mega Beast'."

After listening to An Zihao, Tangning looked at Chen Xingyan, "Why do you look unhappy?"

"Because Sheng Ge..."

"Did you think that Sheng Ge gave you this chance because of me?" Tangning smiled as she cut in. "Sheng Ge is a loyal friend, but he isn't the way you think he is. He never bases his decision on relations. In his world, roles should not be disrespected. If he doesn't think you are suitable, no amount of support from me would be enough."

"Let her stress..." An Zihao did not intend to let Chen Xingyan lighten the weight on her shoulders, "'The Savage Wars' is about to hold their press conference, she deserves to experience a bit of stress."

Tangning looked at An Zihao without saying a word. Apart from Long Jie, no one knew she had secretly met with Matt.

An Zihao cared about Chen Xingyan, but...Chen Xingyan was Mo Ting's younger sister. So, Tangning and An Zihao's considerations were a little different.

"Wait for a good show."

Chen Xingyan was tired. So, after sitting around for a while, she went to Bai Lihua's room to seek for comfort. But..she wasn't in her room. All Chen Xingyan found was Bai Lihua's computer left open on the table. Chen Xingyan couldn't help but walk over to take a peek at the computer. However, what she saw on the screen shocked her.

She never thought that Bai Lihua would visit a famous entertainment forum.

"Xiao Xing!" Bai Lihua suddenly returned to her room. As soon as she saw Chen Xingyan sitting at her computer table, she rushed over and covered the computer screen.

"Mom...are you playing a spy game?" Chen Xingyan had already seen the contents on the screen. " are the kind-hearted person that stirred up a commotion online not too long ago?"

At that time, Chen Xingyan did not think too much into the motive behind Bai Lihua's actions online. She simply felt that her mother was awesome and did not think anything else; including why her mother did such a thing and why she said the things she did.

"I was simply sticking up for what's right," Bai Lihua quickly tried to cover the truth.

"But, that can't be right, you didn't even know Tangning back then."

"To be honest...I am a fan of Tangning's..." Bai Lihua's explanation became more and more farfetched, "I couldn't stand seeing her being slandered, so I created an account and made up a story. I didn't expect it to have such an impact. I was just lucky. Don't go around telling others about it. Visiting the forums is a private hobby of mine."

"I never thought you were a hardcore fan. You've sure hidden it well."

Bai Lihua broke out in a cold sweat. If Chen Xingyan was to continue questioning her, she wouldn't know how to respond.

After all, if Chen Xingyan was to discover the truth, it wouldn't be a surprise if she directly grabbed a knife and rushed over to chop Hua Wenfeng into pieces.

Bai Lihua couldn't take the risk. Before she completely destroyed Hua Wenfeng, she couldn't let Chen Xingyan know about her true identity.

Chen Xingyan did not suspect anything. After all, in her mind, Bai Lihua was just an average woman; it was impossible for her to have any connections with a rich family. So, she simply believed everything that Bai Lihua said.

In fact, she found it quite amazing that her mother managed to utilize the internet to help Tangning.

"Please don't tell Xiao Ning about this. I will be embarrassed."

"Aiya, stop repeating yourself. I already know."


Later that night.

Seeing that Mo Ting was still not home, Tangning instructed Lu Che to drive her to Hai Rui to pick up her husband even though she was pregnant.

However, after she arrived at Hai Rui, she did not disturb Mo Ting. Instead, she took a nap in the waiting room and waited patiently for him.

"Madam, I've heated up a glass of milk for you," the secretary outside the room said gently. "President Mo has been busy lately because the agency has signed on a few new artists. They have been quite popular, so the agency has made many new plans. Should I notify the president for you?"

"No need. However, I'm a little bored. Do you mind chatting with me a little," Tangning replied.

"What does Madam want to know?"

"Did anything interesting happen lately?" Tangning asked.

"Nothing much. However, the company did sign a 'secret weapon' a couple days ago," the secretary replied after thinking for a while. "Word has it that she is extremely talented, good-looking and has a good body. I also heard that she is 22-years-old and has already written many famous songs. On top of that, she is also a screenwriter. The recently popular palace drama, 'Royal Couple' was written by her. In the coming days, the agency will be spending a lot of money on supporting her."

The secretary kept talking on her own without noticing that Tangning wasn't interested. In the end, she let out an awkward laugh, "Of course, you are still the president's biggest treasure. However, it could be possible that you'd end up participating in one of her dramas. I'm sure it would very interesting to watch."

While the secretary was talking, Mo Ting entered the room and looked at Tangning, "Why are you being disobedient? Huh?"

"I will retreat first," seeing Mo Ting's appearance, the secretary quickly stood up and left.

Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's neck and teased, "I heard some interesting things from your secretary. Apparently, the agency has signed on a 'secret weapon'."

"Fang Yu's in charge of her," Mo Ting replied. "Contact with artists is currently his responsibility."

"Aren't you afraid that he'd take your artists with him to another company?" Tangning blinked.

"He needs to first consider the contract cancellation cost," Mo Ting helped her stand up, "You're over 7 months pregnant already. Can you stop doing things that make me worried?"

"How is picking my husband up from work dangerous?" Tangning said as she hugged Mo Ting. "I missed you...Our baby also missed you."

"Go, let's head home," Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning as he led her out of the building into the underground parking lot. However, they did not notice two women were also entering the parking lot from the building at the same time.

"Is that Tangning?" one of the women asked with deep meaning.

"Yes, that's Tangning," the assistant beside her replied.

"Interesting!" the woman watched as Tangning left before she boarded her sports car. "She's definitely not young anymore..."

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