Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 662: She Asked For It

Chapter 662: She Asked For It

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Chen Xingyan wanted to take part in a big production. But, at a time like this, who would dare to work with her?

Even if they dared to, she had already lost her chance.

In the end, An Zihao led Chen Xingyan to an audition at DK Agency.

If there was still one person willing to give her a chance, that person would be Lin Sheng. Of course, the only reason why Lin Sheng recommended Chen Xingyan to DK Agency was because of Tangning.

"Lin Sheng's new film, 'Mega Beast' is currently holding auditions. They haven't chosen a female lead yet, you should give it a try."

"Female lead?" Chen Xingyan pointed to herself in disbelief, "Me? Female lead?"

"No, I want you to audition for the stunt double of the female lead," An Zihao explained with his arms crossed. "Since Lin Sheng is the male lead, not anyone has the ability to gain acknowledgment from him like Tangning. Even the role of stunt double is highly competitive..."

"I previously told you to be an action star, yet you chose to be a stunt double. Now that I'm asking you to be a stunt double, you actually want to be an action star, what exactly do you want?"

Chen Xingyan looked at An Zihao from behind and suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Now that things have gotten to this point, it's already good enough that someone is willing to work with you..."

Hearing this, Chen Xingyan stopped dead in her tracks, "It's bad enough that others are insulting me. Must you also say such hurtful words?"

An Zihao also stopped in his tracks, but he did not turn around, "If you expect me to get used to your spoilt temper, then you will forever drift between the identity of action star and stunt double. Face the facts. A naive person cannot survive in the entertainment industry."

It didn't take long before An Zihao and Chen Xingyan appeared before the boss of DK Agency. However, the way that he looked at them, made Chen Xingyan slightly uncomfortable.

"Since Sheng Ge made a request, I have no choice but to give you a chance. However, you will only get one chance. Follow me."

An Zihao pointed his chin gesturing for Chen Xingyan to follow the man inside while he waited outside.

Chen Xingyan was wary as she maintained a one-meter distance from the man. However, she heard him say, "You don't need to look so guilty. I've seen plenty of incidences like this in the past. For the sake of advancing in the industry, plenty of people would go to any lengths."

Chen Xinyan originally wanted to say something, but when she thought of what Tangning had previously said to her, she realized her words may not be very convincing.

"Since you're a stunt double, then I must test your abilities. I'll arrange for an experienced stunt double to spar with you, so I can see how capable you are."

Fighting was her specialty, so it posed no challenge whatsoever. However, after she finished fighting and returned covered in sweat, she found the man simply sitting around playing with his phone.

"Your fighting is a bit sloppy. You can go."

Chen Xingyan was tempted to throw a slap across the man's face, but she resisted the urge.

She realized the man never intended to hire her. He simply agreed to an audition because of Lin Sheng.

At this moment, all Chen Xingyan wanted to do was return to the filming studio as an extra. That way she wouldn't have to put up with people's judgment and wouldn't suffer from bullying.

But, when she thought about all that An Zihao had done for her and the way that he had been implicated, she dispelled the idea of retreating.

So, she stretched her neck and peeked at the man's phone. She discovered that he was playing a game that she often played, so she suggested, "If I can beat you in the game you are playing, can you give me a real chance?"

The man looked up at Chen Xingyan with interest.

He then nodded his head, "Fine. As long as you can win against me..."

Chen Xingyan pulled out her phone and logged onto the game for a battle. Of course, the man never expected that a young girl would be able to play a game like this so well. With a few simple moves, she was able to set up an effective trap. However, after the battle was over, the man stood up to leave...

"Wait, didn't you say you'd give me a chance?" Chen Xingyan immediately held onto the man.

"What chance? You've already been given a chance," the man didn't keep his word as he left uncaringly.

Chen Xingyan realized she had been tricked, so her eyes burned in anger. But, what could she do?

At this time, just as the man was about to leave the room, Lin Sheng suddenly appeared in the doorway and said, "I've decided to give the role to her."

"Huh?" the man never expected that Lin Sheng would witness what he had done, so his expression immediately changed, "Sheng Ge, you saw..."

"Let me repeat myself. I've decided that she'll play the role of female lead!" Lin Sheng clarified. "I'll deal with the consequences."

After listening to Lin Sheng's words, Chen Xingyan's tears flowed from her eyes because of his righteousness.

"Thank you, Sheng Ge."

"I saw your performance just a moment ago. If you can't maintain the same quality during filming, I may ask you to leave at any time," Lin Sheng started off with the unkind words first. "Once upon a time, Tangning also appeared out of nowhere. But, she displayed acting skills that impressed me. What about you? How determined are you to prove yourself?"

"I definitely won't disappoint your expectations, Sheng Ge," Chen Xingyan bowed.

"Anyone can say such words. I will wait to see your performance."

After speaking, Lin Sheng turned and left, leaving behind a cool image in Chen Xingyan's mind.

From that moment onwards, Lin Sheng left a deep impression in Chen Xingyan's heart.

An Zihao waited patiently outside the entire time. He didn't have much expectation for Chen Xingyan, until Lin Sheng approached him and said, "You've tested the little brat quite harshly..."

"She asked for it," An Zihao replied. "But, I have a feeling she can help you discover a new you."

Lin Sheng shook his head and patted An Zihao on the shoulder before turning around to leave. Of course, from the look on Lin Sheng's face, he could already tell that Chen Xingyan had secured her role.

However, he had no idea that Chen Xingyan had secured the role of female lead.

The reason why Lin Sheng had the authority to make such an important decision was because he was the producer of 'Mega Beast'.

"Lin Sheng has strict expectations for everyone he works with. If he is even slightly disappointed by you, he will definitely kick you out without hesitation. But of course, he is a great mentor," An Zihao explained, "Remember, this will be your only chance to prove yourself. Don't force Tangning to clean up after your recklessness."

Chen Xingyan simply stood quietly like an injured child. From that moment onwards, she became a lot quieter than her once cheery self.

"If you signed an obedient person, you would probably have a lot less to worry about."

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