Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 661: The 'Non-lethal' Tangning!

Chapter 661: The 'Non-lethal' Tangning!

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Director Matt watched Annie's interview onscreen in deep thought as he rested his chin on his right hand.

"Director, why don't we ignore Tangning's threat?"

"No!" Director Matt shook his hand towards his assistant. "That's not a reasonable thing to do."

"But, everyone is currently rumoring that Tangning is all talk but no action."

"No, no!" Matt yelled, "Don't be fooled by what's on the surface. This move may be all a part of Tangning's plan. I've never seen an entertainment news stick so closely to the facts. Plus, they've clearly highlighted their standpoint even though entertainment news usually cares solely about results. They have a great story in their hands, yet, why won't they exaggerate it to entertain the public?"

"I can't offend Hai Rui and Tangning because of a mere actress."

The assistant agreed that Matt's reasoning made sense; Annie was acting too recklessly. Just because Tangning hadn't made a move, he almost assumed that she was being wary of a nobody.

Where did Annie get her confidence from?


"Annie is brainless." Inside Hyatt Regency, Long Jie was in a good mood because Lu Che had returned home, "But, the move you made has caused a huge impact on Chen Xingyan. She must be overcome by guilt at the moment. I think it's time you stop."

"I've already thought of a series of revenge-seeking methods for her. Yet, she walked into the bathroom and impulsively hit her enemy without consideration for Lin Sheng and I. How could I allow her to relax. If I was the only one affected, I would have let her off. But, she caused trouble at Sheng Ge's event. She's lucky that Sheng Ge didn't blame her."

"It may be easy for you to tell me to stop, but I'm sure you heard how Chen Xingyan forced Annie's head into a toilet bowl."

"You wanted to see her get revenge."

"I must admit the brat was quite cool. Forcing someone's head into a toilet bowl is quite creative."

"Not only did she force Annie's head into a toilet bowl, she even said, 'from today onwards, you will be a woman that's eaten sh*t as well'," Tangning rolled her eyes, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. She couldn't help but wonder where she got her temper from.

"Really? Hahaha..." Long Jie burst into laughter, "She's a genius!"

Tangning helplessly let out a laugh as well.

"Her revenge wasn't bad. All I want to see now is Annie's expression. I will never get sick of seeing faceslaps even in a million years." Although Long Jie had heard how Annie was a laughing stock, she still hoped that Tangning would clarify everything soon. After all, with Annie's current arrogance, the timing was perfect.

"It's not hard to do."

As predicted, everything that was happening was a part of Tangning's plan. It was a simple mind game.

So, Annie wasn't difficult to deal with.

Although there were witnesses last night that saw Chen Xingyan attack Annie, the three women did not have the guts to say anything. So, the person that leaked the information was indeed Tangning.

What she revealed was what she saw with her own eyes.


[New revelation: So, this is what the victim owed]

[Truth behind Annie being dunked into toilet bowl]

Not long after noon hit, new information was added to the scandal. The three witnesses stepped out to speak. First, they admitted that they were wrong for gossiping about others in the bathroom. Afterwards, they explained that Annie attracted trouble by slandering Tangning in front of them.

"She insulted Chen Xingyan by calling her a 'dirty sl*t' and revealed that Chen Xingyan had been forced to drink urine!"

After hearing this, the media understood why Chen Xingyan had said that Annie was someone that had also eaten sh*t.

"I have a feeling that there is a huge grudge between the two of them. Plus, the fact that Annie knew so much, possibly means that she was the one that planned an attack on Chen Xingyan first."

"If I was in Chen Xingyan's position, I would have found it hard to resist myself too."

"In that case, what did Tangning say in that situation?" the reporters asked.

"Tangning said something about the retribution being unsatisfying," the women replied after recalling what had happened. "To be honest, Annie's mouth was too cheap. We witnessed the entire incident and there was no punching and kicking like she had explained. She was merely forced down a couple times."

"This is the truth, we can no longer stand the inner condemnation, so we hope for your forgiveness."

Because of the clarification from these three witnesses, the discussions began to change.

Everyone originally insulted Chen Xingyan for having no brain, but after listening to the three witnesses, they simply felt that she was a slightly impulsive entertainment rookie.

"Although her temper wasn't right, she did nothing wrong!"

"With her cheap mouth, it was no surprise that Annie had her head forced into a toilet bowl!"

"I simply want to say that Chen Xingyan did well."

Annie had cried multiple times in front of the public and tried so hard to put on an act. Yet, she never imagined that within half a day, the tables were easily turned. On top of that, word of how she had bullied Chen Xingyan was quickly known by everyone.

This was the 'non-lethal' Tangning she spoke of!

"Annie, you've finally discovered how 'gentle' Tangning is, right?" the discussions online teased, "To her, dealing with you is easier than squishing an ant."


After seeing the news, Annie smashed everything in sight.

It wasn't easy for her to find an opportunity, yet Chen Xingyan managed to turn the tables. How annoying!

After releasing her anger, Annie pulled out her phone and gave Director Matt's assistant a phone call, "Mr. Assistant, when will 'The Savage Wars' be holding a press conference?"

As soon as the assistant heard it was Annie, he covered the mouthpiece and said to Director Matt, "It's Annie."

"Turn on hands-free," Matt instructed.

"Uh...we will be holding a press conference soon," the assistant replied, "Why do you ask?"

"It's nothing. I just wanted to confirm the date so I could prepare an outfit to attend the event."

The assistant wanted to tell her that it wasn't necessary to dress too fancy. After all, even if no one was competing for the role, it was merely the role of a villain and not the protagonist. There was no need for her to put in so much effort.

But, Matt gestured for him to control himself.

So the assistant cleared his throat and replied, "That's great. Dress nicely."

"OK, I will. Thank you, Mr. Assistant."

Annie was cured by her own delusions.

But Matt and his assistant couldn't comprehend how Annie could be so self-confident.

Like this, the day passed in a spectacular manner. Inside the CEO's office of Hai Rui, Lu Che couldn't help mentioning, "Today...the madam..."

"I know," Mo Ting replied. "Keep an eye on Ning's emotions. If she wants something, help her arrange it immediately. This is a good relief for her boredom."

It turned out, the only reason why Mo Ting allowed Annie to cause a commotion was because he thought Tangning needed something to relieve her boredom!

Although Mo Ting had always doted on his wife...

...he needed to refresh his bottom line every day!

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