Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 660: Baby Brain

Chapter 660: Baby Brain

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"We didn't do it on purpose."

"Don't worry, I won't touch any of you. Otherwise, rumors might spread about me humiliating the three of you and breaking your arms and legs. Isn't that forcing me to commit a crime?" Tangning said with deep meaning.

"No, that won't happen...we won't spread reckless rumors about you," the women shook their hands. "Tangning, please let us go. We don't actually believe what they say about you, we are just nosy."

"Get lost," Tangning did not waste anymore time on the three women. And of course, she wouldn't allow Chen Xingyan to waste any time on Annie either. "Xingyan, come over here and leave with them."

Chen Xingyan was still gripping onto Annie's hair. After listening to Tangning, she finally released her grip.

"Chen Xingyan, I refuse to exist in the same world as you!" As Annie stood up covered in a head of filth, she warned Chen Xingyan loudly, "As long as I exist, your days will be grim."

Chen Xingyan turned to look at Annie. Just as she was about to say something, Tangning suddenly said, "If you want to survive in the entertainment industry, you need to watch your tongue."

Annie turned and looked at Tangning with a similar amount of anger and resentment.

"I would like to wish you success," Tangning said before she gestured for Chen Xingyan to control herself. "Would you believe me if I said that this world functions on karma and retribution? If the retribution isn't satisfying enough, what's the point of dealing with someone filthy? You're just dirtying your own hands."

"Did you think I'd be frightened by these words? There will eventually be a day when I surpass you!" Annie proclaimed.

Tangning smiled gently. She was going to sit back and watch how Annie planned to do this. Of course, seeing Tangning appear so gentle and nowhere near as strong as rumored. The fear in her heart slowly disappeared.

She thought, if Chen Xingyan forced her into the toilet, then Tangning would take things further and break her arms and legs. But, in reality, Tangning did nothing.

All her talk about being a vengeful person. But, in the end, she was just a cheap liar.


"Tangning, why did you let that wench go?" Chen Xingyan asked as she followed behind.

"You've already made her eat sh*t. Shouldn't your anger be satisfied?" Tangning asked.

Chen Xingyan continued to follow unhappily. She obviously didn't feel like it was enough.

"You may have beaten her in terms of strength, but she won't be convinced by you. Even if you feed her sh*t for an entire night, the result will still be the same..."

After hearing this, Chen Xingyan suddenly felt like Tangning's words were quite reasonable.

"If you want others to be convinced by you, you need to first have the ability. If you want to know where your abilities stand, put away your arrogance and listen to An Zihao's arrangements. Bigger news is coming your way tomorrow. Be prepared," Tangning warned.

"You made a move, so you should suffer the consequences."

At this moment, Chen Xingyan may not have fully understood what Tangning meant. But, someone had indeed witnessed what she had done. So, rather than waiting to be exposed, it was best to resolve it naturally.

"But, that b*tch looked down on you..."

Tangning did not say a word. Her expression remained as calm as ever. Afterwards, the two women quickly returned to the theater and remained inside until the pre-screening was over.

Before they left, Tangning mentioned to Lin Sheng, "Xingyan made a move in the bathroom just a moment ago. It may attract a bit of trouble for you."

"Then, you've saved me a lot of money on publicity," Lin Sheng replied casually. He had already won Best Actor three times. So, there was no way he'd get affected by something so little.

Tangning smiled and pretended like nothing had happened. After all, she had already allowed Chen Xingyan to get the revenge she deserved and let her release some steam. But, Chen Xingyan still had some learning to do. So, Tangning decided to let the problem continue to escalate. That way, Chen Xingyan would be taught a good lesson.


[Exposed! Chen Xingyan gets violent. Who gave this stunt double the courage?]

[Tangning​ gone blind: Failed attempt at helping junior ends up in backfire]

[Hungry for fame! Little stunt double explodes: Starts a fight in the bathroom and forces opponent to eat poo!]

These were the entertainment news headlines the next day. After seeing it, Bai Lihua was shocked. She looked at Tangning questioningly, but she didn't know what to say.

"Auntie Bai, do you have something you want to say?" Tangning noticed Bai Lihua sneaking glances at her, so she questioned her without lifting her head.

"Regarding Xingyan...I'm worried..."

"Don't worry, everything is under control."

In reality, if one was to look at the news articles in detail, they would be able to see that Tangning wasn't actually mentioned much and the truth was retained.

"What is Tangning thinking? Why would she help a junior like this?"

"This isn't like Tangning. Would Tangning not have the ability to control this kind of situation?"

The internet was already in heated discussions. In the end, everyone had one of two opinions: number one, Tangning wasn't giving up on getting revenge, it simply wasn't time yet; number two, Tangning's baby brain was destroying her image.

Meanwhile, Annie started tearfully complaining to the public about her traumatic experience. After being humiliated by Chen Xingyan, she no longer had the courage to continue living...

Faced with the mess before her, Chen Xingyan was flustered. She had absolutely no idea how to manage the situation.

The situation was like a snowball that grew bigger and bigger as more and more people became implicated.

She didn't know how to help herself nor An Zihao. Worst of all, Tangning was also dragged into the mess and everyone was insulting her for having a baby brain!

After seeing the news, Chen Xingyan contemplated for a while before she finally gave An Zihao a phone call, "I...I want to work...I want to be an action star...I want to be a part of a big production. I can handle the stress."

"Why did you suddenly come to this decision?" An Zihao asked, "Are you trying to hide from reality?"

"If I wanted to hide, I could just run away and not come back!" Chen Xingyan defended. "I came to this decision because I felt like I really should change a little. Only when I secure an opportunity better than Annie's, will she truly suffer a blow."

"Who do you think would have the guts to hire you at this moment?" An Zihao asked.

"Errr..." Chen Xingyan lowered her head disappointedly.

"Wait for me. I'll help you fight for an opportunity, but you need to try your best and remain patient."

"I will!"


During this time, Annie was still in the middle of an interview, "Tangning didn't bully me, she stopped Chen Xingyan."

"She's actually not as scary as people say she is..."

This time, Annie did not slander Tangning, but the way she described her made her sound stupid. She made her sound like she had lost the vigor and impressiveness she once had.

Annie seemed quite satisfied with herself.

"I reckon President Mo has been helping her behind the scenes."

"Are you referring to all that she has achieved so far?" the reporters couldn't help jumping to conclusions as they watched on with interest, "From what we know, Tangning isn't a 'gentle' person."

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