Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 659: I Still Want To Get Revenge For Her First

Chapter 659: I Still Want To Get Revenge For Her First

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But, she was wearing a restrictive little black dress and appeared weak...

Yet, to everyone's surprise, Chen Xingyan tore off the bottom of her dress, revealing a black pair of shorts and knocked all the bodyguards behind Lin Sheng onto the floor within minutes...


Everyone cheered in surprise. Was she really 19-years-old? How was she so powerful?

However, after a moment of surprise, everyone smiled. This girl didn't seem very wise. At an event like this, and with Tangning's help, most people would take advantage of the opportunity to show off in front of Lin Sheng. But, her performance was too modest.

Even Annie, who was standing at the back of the theater whispered mockingly under her breath, "Idiot."

However, Tangning did not think this way. She knew Chen Xingyan was cheeky.

"Today is Sheng Ge's pre-screening, so I can't outshine the star. The film is about to start, so I shouldn't​ I waste everyone's time either. I would like to wish Sheng Ge good ticket sales!" After speaking, Chen Xingyan bowed to everyone.

She did not demand for attention. But, her performance suited Tangning's style of teaching and received attention anyway because she had successfully sparked Lin Sheng's curiosity.

"You've wasted Tangning's efforts."

"That's because I know you like people with true capabilities and not those that only know how to look good."

Lin Sheng looked at everyone and laughed before he said to Tangning and Chen Xingyan, "Come sit beside me. I want to chat, it's been a long time since we've seen each other."

As a result, Chen Xingyan successfully upgraded from the back row to the front. Of course, everyone simply enjoyed witnessing the scene and did not feel envious. Chen Xingyan was skilled, but she didn't appear to pose a threat. The young lady was indeed impressive. Most importantly, whether she was a stunt double or an action star, her identity didn't clash with anyone present.

"This young lady is quite interesting!"

"At such a young age, her skills are not bad. With Tangning's support, she definitely has a promising future."

"From the looks of it, we may see her face in Lin Sheng's next film."

In front of the screen, the guests were happily discussing Chen Xingyan. Meanwhile, at the back of the theater, Annie was filled with envy.

She had given up her body and her conscience, but in the end, she did not have a friend like Tangning who could boost her up in one step.

But...she had not completely lost. 'The Savage Wars' was about to announce her role as the main villain of their film; that would be her true beginning.


"What's this all about? You don't normally do stuff like this," Lin Sheng whispered into Tangning's ear as he looked at Chen Xingyan. "Is she someone important?"

"Sheng Ge, you and I have suffered from defamation and insults in the past, but we have never had people urinate on us. Everytime I think of it, I feel bad for not helping this child," Tangning replied. "The industry is filled with filth, but we need to maintain our true nature."

Lin Sheng nodded, "This is why people can't help but be convinced by you. This young lady is not bad, but are you certain that she won't disappoint?"

"Whether or not she will be a disappointment, I still want to get revenge for her first," Tangning said as she turned and pointed her chin to the person standing at the back of the theater.

"No wonder. I thought I had miscalculated the number of seats. So, it turns out, this was your doing. Is that the culprit?"

"If I didn't know what she had done, I would have let it pass. But, it happened to someone close to me. You know me, I don't like dirty people like this. So, I need to take the opportunity to clean up the filth."

It was weird, Tangning's friends always found themselves claiming the same enemies.

Tangning disliked Annie, so Lin Sheng somehow felt dislike towards her too.

"Don't go easy on her. This is my territory, so you don't need to hold back!"

"As for the young martial arts master, I think it's best if I find someone else. Otherwise, An Zihao may get angry," Lin Sheng finally realized who Chen Xingyan was and remembered that she had an ambiguous relationship with An Zihao.

"If Xingyan actually gets the opportunity to follow you, he would be more than happy. There's no way he would be angry."

The two friends smiled at each other. At this time, Chen Xingyan stood up to go to the bathroom. But, as she arrived, she discovered that it was already busy inside.

"I just realized, isn't Chen Xingyan the stunt double that everyone is rumoring about? No wonder Tangning is sticking up for her. It's because she has something to do with An Zihao."

"That's right. Weren't there rumors in the industry before that there was something going on between Tangning and An Zihao?"

"Their relationships are a mess. It really makes one speechless."

"It's actually not that messy. Let me break it down for you." Three actresses were in the midst of a heated discussion in the bathroom as they touched up their makeup. At this time, Annie stepped in behind them with her arms crossed, "An Zihao and Tangning have always been lovers, but An Zihao couldn't handle the loneliness, so he's been constantly looking for a prey. In the end, Chen Xingyan took his bait."

As the three women turned around, they noticed Annie and recognized her as the woman standing at the back of the theater.

"Who are you? Why do you know so much?"

"It doesn't matter who I am. The important thing is, I am certain that Chen Xingyan and An Zihao have slept together and I know that Chen Xingyan was forced to drink urine after offending someone."

The three women burst into laughter.

"Is that true?"

"100% true!" Annie nodded. "She was surrounded by a bunch of men..."

"Don't tell me they did 'that' to her as well..." the women asked nosily.

"Who knows? She's always been a dirty sl*t..."

At this time, the bathroom door flew open. Before the women could clearly see who had entered, Annie was dragged by her hair over to the basin and pressed against it...

Everyone was in shock as they huddled up to the corner, too afraid to even take a breath.

"Chen Xingyan, let me go!"

However, Chen Xingyan did not let go as she continued to drag Annie by the hair over to one of the toilets and pressed her head inside, "From today onwards, you will also be a woman that's drank urine."

"Even if you do this, I will still own the role in 'The Savage Wars'. You are nothing."

Hearing these provoking words, Chen Xingyan wanted to hit Annie, but a powerful voice suddenly resounded from the doorway, "Xingyan, stop!"

Everyone turned around and noticed the pregnant Tangning standing in the doorway.

The three nosy actresses expressions changed. Just as they were about to sneak out, Tangning placed her gaze on them and lifted her chin in a dignified and elegant manner.

The three women buckled under pressure as they quickly apologized, "Sorry, we won't do it ever again."

"But...I already heard everything you said..."

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