Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 82: You Also Want Tangning?

Chapter 82: You Also Want Tangning?

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Although she had received negativity out of the blue and there were mixed reactions online, Tangning didn't let it affect her mood. She changed into a Bohemian-style maxi dress and relaxed on the deck of a yacht with Mo Ting, who was wearing a casual white suit. All she brought along was a camera; even her phone was left in the drawers of the villa.

Mo Ting looked down at her as he wrapped her in a warm embrace. At first, he thought she was forcing herself to stay strong, but, Tangning was indeed calm like she had completely stripped herself of her model identity.

"Do you really not want to return home first?"

"Why do we need to return straight away?" Tangning turned her head and questioned Mo Ting. "President Mo, did you think I would easily give up on the holiday that I made you work so hard towards? My career is important, but...right now, you are the most important..."

Mo Ting gazed at Tangning as he planted a kiss on her lips.

"Do not feel burdened and have faith in me. I will find a solution."

Mo Ting nodded before grabbing the back of her head; he couldn't help but deepen his kiss. Amongst the beautiful scenery of the Seine River, the couple indulged in a passionate kiss as their bodies overlapped each other...

In an instant, the 'Entertainment Industry's Big Boss' and the 'Outdated Model' no longer existed. All that was left, was a simple husband and wife, strolling through the streets of France hand-in-hand.

As they strolled, they happened to come across a small alley filled with couples that were kissing. They were stunned for a moment before looking at each other and smiling; in their eyes, there was no trace of awkwardness.

It seemed, although the couple didn't have a heartwrenching love story, their relationship would still be longlasting...

The couple continued to stroll around casually for the rest of the day. After returning to the villa, apart from Tangning's camera being almost full, Mo Ting's hands were also filled with Tangning's belongings. But, he didn't mind, because this was a rare moment of relaxation in his life and he felt extremely fortunate.

This amazing woman...

...because of her, it felt like his life had once again found meaning.

That night, Mo Ting embraced Tangning in their huge bathtub. Both of them had their eyes closed as they enjoyed the peace and quiet of the moment. After being silent for a while, Mo Ting finally reached out his hand and touched Tangning's partially wet hair as he leaned her closer to him, "Let's return tomorrow..."

"Huh?" Tangning slowly opened her eyes as she questioned him.

"One day is enough for me. I know what kind of situation you are in, but since you won't let me interfere, I am really worried about you. Miss Tang, don't you know I am your fan?"

As Tangning's status was hard earnt, it was very important to Mo Ting. She had been walking on thin ice to get to this point and had given so much, he didn't want her to let it go to waste.

"People often say, 'The amount of people that like you, is equivalent to the amount of people that hate you; the amount of people that adore you, is equivalent to the amount of people that are waiting to see you humiliated.' Mo Ting, I am well aware of this..."

Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly without a word. After she finally fell asleep, he got up to phone Lu Che, "Have you found out who released the information?"

Lu Che assumed Mo Ting would ask this as he promptly replied, "Cheng Tian's manager: Yang Jing. Her younger sister is a model signed with Cheng Tian who was originally invited to do the opening for the Luxury show. However, she was replaced with the madam. Later on, Tianyi added oil to the fire by also spreading some false rumors."

"Since it's Cheng Tian, we'll leave it for now."

As for Tianyi...

...their days were numbered!

After all, once Tangning was signed with Cheng Tian, she would have plenty of opportunities to teach these self-righteous people a lesson. Most importantly, Tangning's ultimate goal at the moment was to completely defeat Han Yufan and Mo Yurou; by holding back, she would make them doubt themselves.

Tangning predicted Mo Ting would phone Lu Che about her situation, so she wasn't in a deep sleep. She sat up and wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist, "Are you not going to listen to anything I say?"

"Just trying to gain some important information so my mind can be at ease," Mo Ting smiled.

"President Mo, I think you must not be tired enough..." Tangning said with a double meaning. Her nose brushed past his back muscles, sending tingles down his spine; the passion in his body was reignited, "Come, let's do some exercise in bed..."


10pm in France; 4am in Beijing. Han Yufan awoke from his sleep. He walked over to the guest bedroom with a frustrated expression. He could see Mo Yurou lying under the glow of the moonlight, however...the thought of this woman sleeping with another man, made his heart fill with hatred. He was so angry his eyes started to turn red...

Online, news of Tangning using men to advance her career was spreading like wildfire; at the same time, Mo Yurou had just been caught cheating...

Han Yufan endured for half a second. In the end, he couldn't help but pick up Mo Yurou's phone to see the messages Mr. Li had sent her.

Mr. Li wanted her to calm Han Yufan down while he tried to find a way for her to break free from his control. Scrolling down, Han Yufan saw Mo Yurou's response and fell apart.

"He actually wants to keep the child...I'm really not sure who the child will look like after it's born."

Han Yufan clenched his fist before saving the phone number.

Rather than waiting to be dumped, used and treated like a stepping stone, it would be better for him to swap Mo Yurou for something more useful. So, he made a phone call to Mr. Li as he held in his humiliation and demanded, "I can let Mo Yurou go, under one condition!"

The man smiled shadily; he knew Han Yufan would do this, so he calmly responded, "Go ahead."

"Any competition or awards presentations that you are a judge in, if there is someone from Tianyi, you will need to guarantee them an award!"

Mr. Li was silent for a while, before laughing out loud, "It's just Mo if I would do something like this for her. Unless..."

"Unless what?"

"How about you add in Tangning. All along, I had thought she was pure and clean. But it turns out, she was just another cheap model that uses men to advance herself. Since that is the case, why don't you let me play with her...I can give her some benefits."

"You also want Tangning?" Han Yufan's voice got louder and more aggressive.

"Both women have betrayed you. Using them to exchange for opportunities for your newcomers, is worth it, right?"

Han Yufan's eyes deepened. His chestnut-colored pupils contained a sense of hatred. So it turned out this old sleazebag not only slept with Mo Yurou, he also had his eyes set on Tangning.

On the night of the Bright Night Gala, he was frightened by Mo Ting, so he was careful. But now that he found out Tangning used men to advance, he, of course, did not have to hold back.


"Words mean nothing, we need to sign an agreement!" Han Yufan was worried Mr. Li would lie to him.

"That's fine with select a meeting place."

Han Yufan's voice echoed from his bedroom. At this time, Mo Yurou was leaning against the door listening to the conversation without making a sound..She did not know that Han Yufan had sold her off, all she heard was Tangning's name.

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