Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 658: How It Feels To Steal Something From Someone

Chapter 658: How It Feels To Steal Something From Someone

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"What do you mean?" Annie pressured the man for an explanation.

"Miss, this is the pre-screening for the top actor, Lin Sheng's, film. Everyone present is an important personality in film and television. Please excuse me for being direct, but who do you think you are?" the man asked straightforwardly.

"Fine. My identity might not be anything important. But, what about her?" Annie said as she pointed to Chen Xingyan, "Is she anyone important?"

"Of course she is. She is here on behalf of Lin Sheng's good friend, Tangning. Since she is here on behalf of Tangning, then she is naturally a special guest. If you don't return the seat to Miss Chen right now, I will need to call security."

Annie glared at Chen Xingyan, but she had no choice but to get up out of her seat, "No wonder...I see you've caught yourself a big fish. But, if Tangning is truly good to you, why isn't she helping you clarify your scandal and why isn't she helping you secure some opportunities?"

"Actually, this seat was originally Miss Annie's, but after Miss Chen said that she'd attend, we gave the seat to her," the security explained politely. "This shows how good Miss Tang treats Miss Chen."


...the seat originally belonged to Annie...

Yet, Tangning stole the seat from her directly!

She was obviously getting revenge!

Tangning was helping Chen Xingyan get revenge.

Chen Xingyan was also stunned by this realization. She never imagined that this was all a part of Tangning's plan. It turned out, this was Tangning's motive for attending the pre-screening.

"Then where should I sit?" Annie asked as she held back her anger, "You're not going to make me sit on the floor, are you?"

"If you want to, you are welcome to do that. But, we do have standing platforms at the front and back of the theater. You can give them a try."

"You guys have gone too far with your bullying!" Annie yelled.

"I'm sorry, but our organizers admit that they are bullying you," the security smirked, "If Miss Annie can't handle it, you are welcome to leave."

Annie's hands gripped tightly to her bag until they turned white.

She had already signed with a new company and made a connection with President Wang. Yet, when it came to facing the actual entertainment industry, all President Wang could do was watch as she got bullied. He was of no help at all.

"I...I won't just leave like this."

"Then, help yourself..." the security smiled before leaning over and saying to Chen Xingyan, "Miss Chen, if you need anything, let me know. I will do my best to help you."

"Thank you, I'm fine for now," Chen Xingyan felt good; this was how it felt to steal something from someone. It felt especially good because the opponent was Annie.

"OK, I'll retreat then." After speaking, he turned around to leave. But, before he started walking away, he said to Annie, "Everyone here comes from an important background. I'm sure Miss Annie won't be so stupid as to block the view for other people. Don't blame me for not warning you about this. If you offend other important people, your fate may not be as simple as having your seat stolen. Dealing with you is as simple as squishing an ant for them."

Annie boiled in anger, but all she could do was look at President Wang. Unfortunately, President Wang was just a newcomer in the industry and he had no power in Lin Sheng's territory.

So, no one cared about her as she retreated to the back of the theater.

Everyone had a seat, except for her!

No, to be exact, she did have a seat, but Chen Xingyan stole it!

Annie could feel the mockery as people turned around to point and gossip about her. Because of this, she was so tempted to dig a hole and hide. This was all Chen Xingyan's fault!

But, she hadn't completely lost yet. Even though Tangning stuck up for Chen Xingyan, Annie still had a role in 'The Savage Wars' and Chen Xingyan still had nothing except scandals.

However, Annie's arrogance didn't last for long. Just before the film was to start, Lin Sheng stood up on the stage to say a few words. But, before he got to say much, Tangning suddenly appeared on stage from one of the side entrances.

As a surprise guest, Tangning naturally caused a commotion. Whether they knew her personally or not, Tangning was a legend that everyone respected.

"Oh God, it's actually Tangning..."

"Tangning's actually here. Am I seeing things?"

"It's really Tangning. She's beautiful even when she's pregnant."

"Her legs are praised all over the world. They're so long..."

Chen Xingyan listened to the cheers and discovered that a person could actually possess so much charisma that the entire world would praise and admire her.

And of course, Lin Sheng was also surprised. After all, with Tangning's current identity and physical state, to see her appear at his event made him quite moved.

Simply looking at her gaze, one could tell that she was still the same Tangning: the Tangning that would do anything to produce a good film. She hadn't changed at all. More importantly, she knew how to be grateful.

"Sheng Ge, I wish you good ticket sales." Tangning barely appeared at events. Ever since she was slandered by Hua Wenfeng, she never appeared in the public again. So, it was clear to see how much face she was giving Lin Sheng by showing up.

"I'm so happy that you could make it," Lin Sheng hugged Tangning gently.

"I've never forgotten the help you've given me," Tangning smiled.

"I'm not worth mentioning."

"I've brought you a present today too," Tangning said as she held onto the microphone and looked at Chen Xingyan. "I heard from Luo Ge that you have been looking for a martial arts master. I have a good person to recommend. Although she is quite young, she is well skilled in all forms of martial arts. I believe that she won't disappoint."

After listening to Tangning's words, Lin Sheng realized her motive: she wanted to recommend someone to him.

Of course, if it was someone else, Lin Sheng may have felt disgusted. But, Tangning was different. However, when she mentioned a young lady who was well-skilled, how young could she possibly be?

"Xingyan, come up here and use your own style to bless Sheng Ge," Tangning said towards Chen Xingyan after noticing that Lin Sheng did not reject her recommendation.

Everyone was well aware that Tangning was helping out a junior.

But what kind of a junior was capable of Tangning's invitation?

A moment later, a girl in her late teens stood up from the crowd as everyone looked at her curiously. But, not many people realized that this was the girl that appeared in An Zihao's scandalous photo.

Everyone was curious how much this young girl had achieved at her age.

Chen Xingyan walked onto the stage and bowed politely to Lin Sheng. She then looked towards the crowd and finally towards Annie.

This was an opportunity given by Tangning. A huge opportunity to show off her opportunity to defeat Annie.

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