Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 657: Embarrass Annie

Chapter 657: Embarrass Annie

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The pre-screening was to be held at 8pm at one of Beijing's biggest theaters.

As one of the most influential actors in Beijing, there was no doubt that there were plenty of attendees at the pre-screening. Amongst them were friends from the industry, big names in film and television, as well as people like President Wang who relied on contacts to get their hands on an invite.

Tangning did not enter via the red carpet and did not undergo any interviews. After all, she was pregnant, and as a surprise guest, she was naturally led into the venue via a secret entrance.

However, something was a little different tonight. The person accompanying her was not her husband, but the nimble young lady, Chen Xingyan.

To match Tangning, Chen Xingyan was dressed in a little black dress. Although she wasn't as dazzling as Tangning, underneath her usually baggy clothes was a surprisingly good figure.

On the way to the pre-screening, Tangning sat opposite Chen Xingyan and smiled, "With you protecting me, I feel quite relaxed."

"As long as you aren't worried that I will attract trouble," Chen Xingyan replied honestly.

"What kind of trouble could you attract?" Tangning teased.

"I might embarrass you..."

"Sheng Ge is my friend and could be considered as my mentor. On his territory, even if you were to cause trouble, I'm sure he'd give me some face and go easy on you. Of course, that only applies if you don't kill someone."

"Good," Chen Xingyan nodded.

Around 7pm, Tangning arrived at the theater. But, due to the fact that she was a surprise guest, Lin Sheng's manager arranged for her to wait inside a special waiting room.

While Chen Xingyan was in the bathroom, Tangning said to the manager, "I'm afraid I need to ask you for a favor."

"Oh Tangning, you don't need to be so polite. We are like family. Go ahead and tell me what you need," Lin Sheng's manager had a relatively high-pitched voice, like an exaggerated supporting actor in a Thai drama. He was extremely stylish, but his feminine persona did not effect his performance in the industry because he always handled matters smoothly and efficiently. This was one of the main reasons why Lin Sheng advanced steadily in his career.

Tangning pulled the manager closer and whispered in his ear. After listening to Tangning's instruction, the manager did an 'OK' gesture.

"For you to actually ask for assistance in dealing with someone, that person must be horrible. Don't worry, the pre-screening tonight will be spectacular."

"But, will this have a negative impact on Sheng Ge?"

"Of course not," the manager shook his hand as he looked at Tangning, "This will happen before the pre-screening starts. Plus, the little nobody will end up being scolded by Sheng's fans."

"Thank you, Mr Luo."

"Why are you being so polite? Our Sheng gained a whole heap of resources because of 'Stupid'."

It was obvious that Lin Sheng's manager was a grateful person. He knew that Hai Rui had invested a lot of resources into 'Stupid', otherwise, the great results that followed wouldn't have been possible.

Although Lin Sheng had won Best Actor three years in a row, he tried to keep a low profile, so just like Bei Chendong, he didn't get many international opportunities. Bei Chendong was weird, so he didn't care, but Lin Sheng strived for better opportunities and roles. Hence, he did not eliminate the possibility of working overseas.

And 'Stupid' opened him up to these possibilities.

"In that case, I'll wait for the good news..."

A moment later, Chen Xingyan stepped out of the bathroom to find Tangning all alone in the waiting room.

"In a moment, you can head into the pre-screening first. Luo Ge has already arranged a special seat for you."

Chen Xingyan was still clueless as to what was happening, so she simply nodded her head, "Ok!"

7:40pm, the guests piled into the theater. Whether they were big shots or mere fans, they all had the right to enter. Of course, the invite in Chen Xingyan's hand was for VIPs only. So, when the staff saw it, they were extra accommodating towards her.

It didn't take long before Chen Xingyan located her seat. However, a moment later, someone else found their way to the same seat. As their eyes met, Chen Xingyan's face turned red in anger. The person that had arrived was Annie.

President Wang had already seated himself beside Chen Xingyan, so he looked up at Annie and said, "Tell her to get up..."

As the enemies met, there was bound to be tension. But...this was not the right place to argue, so Chen Xingyan decided to seek Annie for revenge after the event was over.

Annie never expected to see Chen Xingyan at a place like this. As she remembered Chen Xingyan's helpless state the day before, she couldn't help but laugh, "You sure are persistent. Who allowed you in here? Also, did you make a mistake? You are sitting in my seat."

Chen Xingyan responded with a cold stare as she stood up and pointed to the name on the seat, "Open your eyes and take a good look at whose seat this is."

Annie looked down at the name and looked back at Chen Xingyan with doubt. She then scanned the entire theater and realized there were no seats left. How could this be?

"Chen Xingyan, what right do you have to be here? You're just a lousy stunt double who has obviously stolen my seat as revenge. Get lost!"

Seeing the two women were beginning to argue, President Wang stood up and said, "This seat belongs to my partner. Are you at the wrong seat? Do you want me to call security?"

Chen Xingyan laughed in response, "Go ahead."

"Chen Xingyan, don't ignore what's good for you!" After speaking, Annie gestured for the security and said to him, "This is my seat, but she's stolen it."

The security looked at the situation and immediately apologized, "Sorry, I'll go confirm with the organizers."

"Hurry," Annie rushed. She didn't want to continue standing in such an embarrassing way.

Meanwhile, President Wang directly tore Chen Xingyan's name off the seat to let Annie sit down.

Chen Xingyan glared at Annie as she looked back at her arrogantly.

However, at this time, the security hurried back apologetically, "I'm sorry, but this is indeed Miss Chen's seat. Please return the seat to her."

Annie's face turned pale.

"Then, what about my seat?"

"Tell the organizer to come see me," she ordered.

"I'm sorry, our organizer told me that all the seats have been allocated to our guests and Miss Chen is a VIP guest. I don't think you have the right to see our organizers."

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