Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 655: Turn Annie Into An Unwanted Piece Of Trash

Chapter 655: Turn Annie Into An Unwanted Piece Of Trash

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From this moment onwards, Matt's expression turned even more sour, but he tried his best to hide it, "To be honest, you may be famous, but you are also very controversial. If I was to spread a few bad words about you in the US, I don't think your international career would survive."

"I don't care," Tangning replied. "But, of course, before you do that, you need to be given the chance to do it."

"You've been assuming that An Zihao is easy to bully because he is a rookie with no power and status. But, you must have no idea that An Zihao has connections with the best legal consultants in the US. I'm sure you must have heard of Darcy, right?"

Matt froze, unsure why Tangning mentioned this name.

Darcy was an authoritative lawyer from a famous American legal firm who had never lost a lawsuit before. But, what did he have to do with An Zihao?

"He is An Zihao's cousin," Tangning tried to speak gently to reduce the impact. "I'm sure Darcy will be able to find out how vulnerable your company is and how many immoral things you have done for the sake of money..."

"When that happens...I'm sure your entire company will collapse!"

"I didn't know..."

"Of course you didn't know. All you see is money," Tangning continued. "Did you think, after the way you slandered An Zihao, he would let you off?"

"Not only did you slander him, you also replaced his artist. I think a grudge like this is enough motivation for him to shut down your entire company."

Matt began moving restlessly in his seat like he had ants biting at his chest. But...Tangning did not stop.

"I'm my country, we often say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Apart from applying to An Zihao, these words also apply to Chen Xingyan. She might appear to be a simple stunt double, the same time, she is a precious treasure to the Mo Family."

"If you offend her, you are offending both my husband and I as well."

"My husband and I can't stand seeing people around us get hurt. In response, our methods are ruthless. I'm sure you would have been warned in the past not to provoke us."

Tangning was powerful and to be feared.

But, everything that Tangning said was the truth.

If one was to ask who they shouldn't offend when pursuing a career in Asia, the answer would be Hai Rui without a doubt.

"Let me see...I assume that An Zihao's lawyers should be arriving in the next few hours..."

"Mrs Mo..." Matt was terrified as he lightened his tone, "If there's a problem, we can discuss it slowly."

"There's nothing to discuss. You need to recall what you have said to the public and admit that you were wrong. And in addition to that, you need to get rid of Annie. Apart from doing those two things, I won't accept anything else," Tangning was suddenly strong and firm with her words. "Did you think that this is the US where you can get whatever you want?"

"That's too much to ask for."

If they were to admit to their wrongdoings, they would be destroying themselves...

How could they do such a thing?

"Then, there's nothing I can do for you." After speaking, Tangning stood up to leave, but Matt immediately blocked her way.

"Wait Mrs Mo, can we negotiate a little? Apart from your first condition, we can compromise in other ways...I am happy to get rid of Annie and to do other things, but I can't do the first thing you asked for."

Tangning laughed at the sight of the man's fear as she sat back down, "I can promise not to do anything to you, but you need to do as I say."


"I want you to wait until you hold a press conference for 'The Savage Wars' before you turn Annie into an unwanted piece of trash in front of everyone."

After hearing Tangning's instruction, Matt responded with an 'OK' gesture.

"No problem. No problem at all."

"Then, I'll wait for the good news."

"So simple?" Matt asked.

"Yes, it's that simple," Tangning replied. After all, she was not the victim in this incident, she was just making an appearance. The actual person wanting to seek revenge was yet to come.

Since the Americans wanted to play with them, they were going to play along.

After all, An Zihao and Chen Xingyan's innocence wasn't determined by Matt anyway. He was at most an accessory.

The determining factor in this incident - was President Wang!

But, for someone at that level...was it necessary for Tangning to make a move?

During this time, Annie was probably jumping in joy.

She probably thought she'd get everything she wanted. But, she forgot one fact: her status simply changed from being a newcomer to a mistress and President Wang didn't just have one mistress.

Within President Wang's multiple homes and within multiple hotels, President Wang had already slept with an unimaginable number of women.

At a time like this, one of President Wang's mistresses found out about his favoritism towards Annie and was upset by it. So, of course, she was a great chess piece for Long Jie to use.

"Babe, you're overthinking the situation. Annie is just a newcomer. When compared to you, she does not measure up in any aspect."

"I don't believe you. Unless you can prove it to me," the woman sulked as she sat on President Wang's lap.

"That woman only wants to be a star. For the sake of fame, she even betrayed her own manager. Didn't you see how she signed with me behind An Zihao's back?"

"Plus, she is full of schemes. To exact revenge, she lured An Zihao to her apartment and deliberately took a photo that would ruin his reputation even though he was simply there to take care of the drunken Chen Xingyan..."

"A woman like that is just for sleeping with. I wouldn't dare to keep her by my side," President Wang comforted as he hugged the woman in his arms.

"Does that mean the scandals about An Zihao are a lie?"

"Of course. It was all a part of Annie's revenge," President Wang laughed.


Moments later, a video showing only President Wang ended up in Long Jie's hands and she quickly transferred a sum of money to the mistress. The two women made a fair exchange.

After carrying on for an entire day and night, it was time for the mess to be cleaned up.

The dishonest crew from 'The Savage Wars', the deceitful Annie and the sleazy President Wang; all three of them were about to meet their end.

Meanwhile, as Tangning had predicted, An Zihao went to look for Darcy. However, they weren't actually cousins. In reality, they were just normal friends and Tangning had deliberately tricked Matt.

Of course, anything could be fake, but there was one thing that was certain... was impossible for An Zihao to let Matt off the hook.

There was no doubt about it.

In fact, the entire production wasn't going to be let off!

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