Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 654: Silent Killer

Chapter 654: Silent Killer

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"You are my signed artist, what's wrong with what I have done?"

Chen Xingyan looked deep into An Zihao's eyes; she didn't want to miss the slightest change in his expression. A moment later, she said in a weak voice, "Annie said that you've been biased towards me."

"You're my signed artist. If I want to be biased, what can she do about it?" As An Zihao spoke, he began to sound like a military general that found it hard to understand his own reasoning.

Chen Xingyan looked at An Zihao seriously. Without a word, she let out a slight sob and lay down on the bed, "Go do what you need to do. I'm going to get some sleep."

An Zihao originally wanted to say something else. But, at a time like this, he couldn't let his guard down as there was too much drama happening on the outside.

Chen Xingyan was in quite a predicament. On one hand, she was upset because of the humiliation she had suffered, but on the other, her heart was slightly moved by all that An Zihao had done for her.

Was there actually people in this world that offered help for no reason and was there actually someone who was biased towards her from the bottom of their hearts?


The next morning.

Long Jie finally gave Tangning a response. She had arranged for Tangning to meet with Director Matt from 'The Savage Wars' and the meeting location was already confirmed. They were to meet in a private room at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Apart from a few good friends in the industry, not many people managed to invite Tangning to events, not even if they were large scale events. Yet, for the sake of Chen Xingyan, she personally attended to the matter. No one would believe it if they didn't see it with their own eyes. After all, who was Tangning and who was Chen Xingyan in comparison?"

"Do you want me to accompany you?" Mo Ting asked as he put on his striped suit, moments before Tangning was to head out.

Tangning picked an outfit and shook her head, "You don't need to make an appearance for something small like this."

"Listen. No matter the time and place, all I care about is your body."

Tangning giggled as she hugged Mo Ting from behind, even though it was a very light hug, "Did you know? I really enjoy hugging you from behind. This way, I can completely hide behind your broad shoulders as if it's the world's most reliable wall."

After hearing this, Mo Ting stood still and let Tangning hug him as he provided her with the most tangible sense of safety.

"Americans are hard to handle. If you come across any difficulty, remember to give me a call."

"OK," Tangning nodded.

A moment later, Tangning stepped out of the villa. Just outside, she ran into Lu Che who she hasn't seen for a long time.

"You're back."

"Madam, please get in. The President asked me to drive you to the hotel," Lu Che said as he opened the car door.

Tangning nodded and boarded the car. But, after the car door closed, she asked, "Did you find anything useful from your investigation overseas?"

"No, everything was normal. Hua Wenfeng survived the fire from over a decade ago and there was proof that she had spent some time in the hospital because of it. When she awoke, she was a little different in personality, but the doctor said it was due to post traumatic shock. Apart from this, I didn't find anything else," Lu Che replied.

There was a fire...

With this information, Tangning was reminded of the burns on Bai Lihua's body. It seemed, the issue with their identities started from that moment.

But, it wasn't currently time to dwell on this issue, because the person she needed to first help was Bai Lihua's daughter, A.K.A Mo Ting's sister.

It didn't take long before Tangning, Lu Che and their accompanying bodyguards arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel. At the same time, the director of 'The Savage Wars' and the main person in charge was already sitting casually on the sofa.

"Tangning!" Director Matt was filled with joy as he saw Tangning. He had already heard about her from multiple sources. "I never thought I'd get to meet such a legendary woman. I'm quite surprised."

Tangning smiled as she shook hands with the two men and said in perfect English, "It is also my honor to meet the two of you."

"But, we don't know each other, so why did you want to see us?" Matt asked as he propped his chin up on his hand.

Tangning gave a friendly smile before pulling out her phone, putting it on top of the table and showing it to the two men, "Because of her."

Chen Xingyan had a dazzling smile in the photo on Tangning's phone, but she was a headache for the two American men.

"This woman again? She has nothing to do with us. We have already replaced her."

"I'm aware of that. Not only did Director Matt replace Chen Xingyan, you even used her scandal as an excuse to do so," Tangning said with an extra meaning. "I'll get straight to the point. I came specifically because of Chen Xingyan."

"Wait, could I ask what your relation is to this woman?"

"No matter what our relationship is, she is not someone you can pick on," Tangning's voice strengthened a little.

"But...I know she's already been replaced. And the person she's been replaced with has an indecent relationship with her manager. I'm sure you are aware of that," Tangning began arguing with the two men. "Did you know you've made a very illogical decision, Director Matt? Firstly, Chen Xingyan is a top class action star and you are already of a certain age with plenty of films under your belt. Yet, how many times have you received an award?"

"A third-rate production is not substantial to receive an award. You wouldn't want to spend your older years depending on rubbish films to survive, would you?"

"Plus, Chen Xingyan is signed under An Zihao and An Zihao is a close acquaintance of mine. Based on this relationship alone, you shouldn't have based your decision on profits."

After listening to Tangning, Matt thought for a while before replying, "I don't think I need you to teach me what to do. Chen Xingyan's scandal with her manager is true, so it is reasonable for me to replace her. Miss Tang or Mrs Mo, I know your husband is the boss of the entertainment industry in Beijing, but you can't have your say when it comes to the American entertainment industry."

"Fine, it seems like Mr. Matt wants to hear some harsh words," Tangning wasn't angry as she crossed her arms and leaned back, remaining calm and forgiving.

"Chen Xingyan passed your audition, yet you replaced her before the scandal was even released. As for the new person you hired, even though you didn't announce it, you can't hide it from me. I know you've​ replaced Chen Xingyan with An Zihao's other artist, Annie."

"If you are complaining that An Zihao and his artist has an unclear relationship, then you shouldn't have considered Annie either. Why would you directly replace Chen Xingyan with Annie?"

"Plus, what right does Annie have to replace Chen Xingyan?"

"Is it because President Wang gave you a huge sum of money?"

"Director Matt, your agency is amazing. You accept all the benefits, but you leave the trouble for others to clean. You are like a silent killer."

"What nonsense are you talking?" Matt asked with a sour expression.

"I'm sure you are aware whether I am talking nonsense or not. But, it's OK even if you don't admit it. I didn't come here to make a compromise anyway," Tangning said casually, "I'm simply letting you know what I plan to do..."

"You can bully anyone you want. But, when it comes to Chen Xingyan..."

"I won't allow it!"

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