Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 648: What A Cruel Scheme

Chapter 648: What A Cruel Scheme

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Late in the afternoon, in one of the old streets of Beijing.

Bai Lihua arrived at a hospital linked to the Bei Family. But, because a long time had passed since she last visited, the hospital had already relocated and it was unclear where the staff had gone. So, it was practically impossible to find any old medical history on the Bei Family.

The Bei Family obviously didn't know about any secrets either. Otherwise, they would have made a commotion and not remained quiet.

But, if her and Hua Wenfeng weren't related, why would their DNA results say otherwise? What secret could there be? Who could provide an answer?

The explosion from 19 years ago was obviously deliberate, and the fact that Hua Wenfeng wasn't worried about doing a DNA test with Mo Ting showed that she had nothing to fear.

Due to urgency, Bai Lihua received the second round of DNA results before Hua Wenfeng. But, no one expected, when they saw the results, even the doctors were shocked.

"Ms. Bai, the third sample is related to both the first and second sample. In fact, they are both a 99.9% match. Did you happen to bring two samples from yourself?"

"Doctor, are you certain? What if I was to tell you that the DNA samples came from two different people?" Bai Lihua asked.

"If the two people are of the same age, it could be possible that they are twins. In fact, with such similar results, they are likely to be identical," the doctor replied seriously.

"So, what you're saying is, when an identifical twin has a child, the other twin's DNA will also be a match, making it impossible to identify the birth mother?"

"Scientifically, yes," the doctor replied. "So, generally speaking, if a twin was to steal the identity of their sibling, it is very difficult to differentiate between them. The only option is to check their fingerprints."


Bai Lihua looked at her burnt fingers; even her only option was void.

Even so, there was already no doubt that Hua Wenfeng was her sister. But, why didn't the Bei Family know about this?

Most frightening of all, Bai Lihua realized Hua Wenfeng may have planned the explosion 19 years ago to take over her identity. In other words, Hua Wenfeng was aware of everything. To change her fate, she was willing to do anything, including killing her own twin sister.

She stole her identity...

...her husband...

...her son...

...and her career.

She stole everything, including her life...

This was much too frightening...

Bai Lihua couldn't comprehend this. She never expected things to be so complicated and never expected Hua Wenfeng to have such a complex identity. Above all, she wondered how long Hua Wenfeng had been setting up her trap before she pulled off the act from 19 years ago. Hua Wenfeng was unimaginably cruel.

Bai Lihua couldn't understand how she suddenly gained a twin sister, so she returned to Hyatt Regency in a daze. There were many things she wanted to say to Tangning, but, in order not to expose herself, she resisted the urge to do so.

Although Hua Wenfeng was her actual sister, she had stolen her identity without mercy.

"Auntie Bai, what happened? Why do you seem like your mind is elsewhere?" Tangning noticed there was something strange about Bai Lihua. She also sensed that Bai Lihua's mood had changed dramatically after stepping out for a while.

"Xiao Ning, do you think scenes from movies could happen in real life?" Bai Lihua asked.

Tangning sensed something was wrong, but she did not ask Bai Lihua further. She simply smiled, "Art is inspired by real life, but real life far exceeds art. We see plenty of news everyday and we experience many complicated events that can not be replicated. Why do you ask?"

"I'm just posing a theoretical question: if a relative stole everything that belonged to you, what would you do?"

Tangning looked at Bai Lihua; the answer was simple, "Tang Xuan once tried to steal everything that belonged to me, but, the entire Beijing witnessed her fate."

"Auntie Bai, you must know, whether it's parents, siblings or children, no one has the right to take away things that belong to others, because it is what defines a person's individuality."

"But, what if they actually succeeded?"

"Then snatch it back in the same way."

However, what Hua Wenfeng did, was not snatch - she attempted murder!

Bai Lihua understood that it was time for Hua Wenfeng to experience the same pain that she had gone through.

Especially since she realized, Hua Wenfeng must have specifically chosen to use an explosion to dispose of the truth, in case Bai Lihua returned one day to get back what belonged to her. Because, an explosion, was the only way to destroy her appearance and fingerprints, so she could never defend herself.

What a cruel scheme!

"Thank you, Xiao Ning."

"Auntie Bai, if you are facing any unfairness, let me know."

Bai Lihua immediately shook her head. She was going to personally pay Hua Wenfeng back for what she had done.

Meanwhile, Tangning pretty much figured out what Bai Lihua's real identity was.

However, she did not expose her immediately. After all, it was much too unbelievable...

She instead waited until Mo Ting returned that night before she whispered in his ear, "Auntie Bai asked me a lot of questions today. I think she already has the answer, but she only just figured it out."

This was also Tangning's first experience with a problem like this. So, in the spur of the moment, she couldn't decide what to do.

"Let's wait and see what Auntie Bai wants to do," Mo Ting said as he gently stroked Tangning's hair. "If things are really the way that we think, then she must have endured the pain from her scars and suffering for many years."

"Just pretend you don't know anything," Tangning nodded in agreement. "Just thinking about it makes my hair stand on end."

"By the way, if that's really the case, then the person who previously helped me and diverted the public's attention must have been Auntie Bai."

After speaking, Tangning lifted her head and looked into Mo Ting's eyes. Seeing his dark and piercing glare, Tangning immediately wrapped her arms around his neck, "Don't worry, the truth will eventually be revealed."

Mo Ting did not say anything. He simply looked at his watch and reminded her, "It's time to get some rest."

"If...I'm just saying if...Hua Wenfeng actually treated Auntie Bai so badly. Then I think Hua Wenfeng should be stabbed a million times. Death would not be a sufficient punishment for her!"

Mo Ting remained silent. He simply helped Tangning lay down in bed and placed his hand on top of her protruding belly, "Has the baby kicked you today?"

"It has been really good and peaceful inside my stomach."

"You should get some sleep then."

After speaking, Mo Ting tried to get up off the bed, but Tangning held onto his wrist, "Ting...if the baby turns out the way that Hua Wenfeng said and is actually born with an illness, what should we do?"

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