Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 647: She Only Had Hatred For An Zihao!

Chapter 647: She Only Had Hatred For An Zihao!

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Later that night, Chen Xingyan returned to the apartment to find that her game console had been fixed. As she looked at it, her face was filled with an obvious sense of joy.

But, didn't An Zihao say that he was going to send it back to the factory in Germany? How did it get fixed so quickly?

Regardless, she gave An Zihao a phone call, "Are you asleep?"

"Speak," An Zihao was sitting all alone in his living room, enjoying a glass of wine.

"How did you get the game console fixed so quickly? Which amazing person did it? How did they manage to fix a German product? I must meet them!"

"I fixed it." An Zihao may have drank a little too much. So, under the influence of alcohol he wasn't as reserved as usual and was a lot more direct.

"You? Why do I find it so hard to believe?" Chen Xingyan scoffed.

An Zihao chuckled. Obviously not in his right mind, he straightforwardly invited, "Want to come over for some wine?"

"Huh?" Chen Xingyan immediately covered her chest protectively, "Do you want to do something indecent?"

"I can only do that if I am capable of winning you in a fight." Although An Zihao didn't want to admit it, he was indeed much worse than Chen Xingyan when it came to physical strength.

"What...what's up with you today?" Chen Xingyan realized that there was something odd about An Zihao's mood, "Who annoyed you?"

"It's fine, go to sleep. Although your console works again, I brought it to show you that it's fixed, not so you can play with it." After speaking, An Zihao hung up the phone. However, his heart felt a sense of emptiness afterwards. He had never felt this way before, especially not on a day like this.

Perhaps, he had been alone for too long...

Chen Xingyan sat in a daze for a moment. Because of the game console, she decided to do some research on An Zihao.

She realized, she didn't actually know much about him.

Typing 'An Zihao' into the search engine not only came up with results about the award he had previously received and the drama he had with Cheng Tian, amongst the top results was a news article about him and his ex model girlfriend. Chen Xingyan looked at the date of the article and realized, today was the day of Yunxin's death.

No wonder the drunkard was not in his right mind.

Thinking of this, Chen Xingyan relaxed a little. At An Zihao's age, he couldn't possibly need her to worry about him. Plus, the incident had already happened so long ago; it was time for An Zihao to move on.

However, she couldn't understand why, after having a shower and hopping into bed, she couldn't sleep.

As she rolled around in bed, she found herself thinking about An Zihao's​ invitation to drink with him.

To stop herself from dwelling on this thought, Chen Xingyan changed into a set of black activewear and headed for An Zihao's apartment. As she reached the front gate, she did not intend to ring the doorbell. Her plan was to jump the fence and take a simple peek at An Zihao, then leave after confirming that he's OK. But, just as she climbed up to his balcony and tried to sneak in through his living room window, the seemingly easy manoeuvre went wrong and her head got stuck.

"Son of a b*tch!"

An Zihao was sitting in the living room enjoying his drink when he heard a noise. He immediately ran over to his balcony and saw Chen Xingyan stuck between his window. As he looked at her, he held his belly and burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at? Come and help me!"

"You could have come in through the front door, yet you chose the window. This is your punishment," An Zihao quickly opened the window wider to release Chen Xingyan and guided her to the front door.

"Those with good martial arts don't like walking through doors. How are we supposed​ to show off our skills that way?" Chen Xingyan replied with disdain. At this moment, she smelled the alcohol on An Zihao's body and held her nose, "How much did you drink?"

"It's very dangerous for a 19-year-old girl to enter a single man's home," An Zihao said as he walked towards the doorway.

"If you dare to touch me, I'll paralyze the bottom half of your body," An Zihao's threat did not frighten Chen Xingyan.

But, before she got a chance to react, An Zihao pressed her against the wall and trapped her between his arms, "No matter how strong you are, you still ended up trapped against the wall."

Chen Xingyan blushed as she knocked her head against An Zihao's head in response. A clear 'pang' was heard before the two held their heads in pain, "Chen Xingyan, I realized you're really violent."

"Since you're OK, I'm going to leave," Chen Xingyan did not want to remain around this alcohol-fueled man.

"Yes, you should go home. Otherwise, I don't know what the newspapers will say about you tomorrow," An Zihao returned to the sofa and picked up his wine glass to continue drinking.

Chen Xingyan was well aware that An Zihao was referring to what happened to Yunxin.

"Go home...take the front door."

For some reason, underneath the moonlight, An Zihao gave off a different vibe. Especially as Chen Xingyan looked at his drunken expression, she finally saw a human underneath his usually serious exterior.

Chen Xingyan remained grounded. As like all women, she was born with the instinct to comfort the men around her. It was something that gave women a sense of accomplishment.

"Why aren't you leaving?"

"I want to comfort you," Chen Xingyan blurted out involuntarily.

"How do you plan to comfort me? With your body?" An Zihao snuck a mischievous smile, making Chen Xingyan freeze in surprise. "I don't want to make a mistake, nor do I want history to repeat itself."

Was An Zihao trying to say that he would never fall in love with an artist again?

Hearing his words, Chen Xingyan's heart began to hurt for some reason.

A little while later, An Zihao fell asleep on the sofa.

Chen Xingyan moved in closer to have a look. As she looked at An Zihao, she couldn't help but kick him twice, "Stupid man. Here's my chance to exact my revenge."

Not only did Chen Xingyan kick An Zihao, she ended up picking up his Montblanc pen and writing 'Stupid' across his face.

However, Chen Xingyan would have no idea that this would be the last relaxed and simple moment between her and An Zihao...

Because, while An Zihao was drunk, Annie went to meet with someone behind their backs.

In fact, she came to an agreement with this person and they decided to pay the compensation for her contract cancellation. However, this person asked her to first do something for them.

Annie was more than happy to do it. After all, when An Zihao first discovered her, she was full of hope, but now...

...she only had hatred for An Zihao.

Above all, she wanted Chen Xingyan to experience the same pain that she felt!

The night quickly passed and the sun rose for another day...

An Zihao woke from his sleep, painfully rubbing his hip bone. He then headed for the bathroom to freshen up. As he looked into the mirror and saw his reflection, he could only laugh.

But, this laugh did not last for long...

Because, a moment later, he received a phone call from the producers of 'The Savage Wars': Chen Xingyan's role remained, but they had decided to add an extra character to the script and this character would also be played by an Asian actress who they had already chosen.

An Zihao did not care who this chosen actress was as long as Chen Xingyan was not replaced.

Since they did not hold an open audition, it was obvious that this new actress paid her way into the script.

But, of course, An Zihao had no idea that this new character was created to specifically control Chen Xingyan.

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