Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 645: Second DNA Test

Chapter 645: Second DNA Test

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"It's nothing. Every pregnant woman is bound to have a bit of discomfort." Tangning leaned against Mo Ting's chest and breathed in his unique fragrance. "But...I am still happy that you noticed."

"If you are still getting muscle spasms by the time it hits noon, tell me and I'll massage your legs for you. It will help make it better."

"Yes, hubby," Tangning closed her eyes peacefully, leaned into Mo Ting's embrace and slowly fell asleep.

Perhaps it was because her lover was by her side, Tangning did not suffer any muscle spasms and napped peacefully.

When she eventually awoke and saw Mo Ting still in the same position, her heart ached a little. She immediately sat up and placed her pillow under Mo Ting's head. However, just as she leaned over, Mo Ting opened his eyes and looked adoringly at her, "You're awake."

Looking at Mo Ting in this situation, Tangning couldn't control herself from leaning over and​ placing a kiss on his lips. Her lips pressed against his as she twisted and turned passionately.

Mo Ting was a little taken aback as his body stiffened in surprise. But, a moment later, he gently wrapped his arms around Tangning and began to respond. Only after they both began to lose their breaths did Mo Ting finally move away from Tangning's lips.

Seeing this, Mo Ting maintained his uncomfortable position and chuckled, "Miss me?"

Tangning understood the extra meaning to Mo Ting's words as her face turned red.

"Let me take you to the bathroom..."

Tangning looked down at her stomach, but Mo Ting insisted as he carried her in his arms, "Don't worry, I will be very gentle. I promise not to hurt you nor our child."

After their two souls had been mentally connected for a long time, it was impossible not to have the urge to combine physically as well.

Both bodies needed a sense of belonging and needed to be joined together...


Meanwhile, the words that Hua Wenfeng had cried out as she left Hyatt Regency was deeply imprinted in Bai Lihua's mind. She didn't know why, but she actually believed that Hua Wenfeng did not tamper with the results this time. So, she had to find an explanation for why the results came out as 99.9%.

To find out the truth, Bai Lihua needed another sample of Hua Wenfeng's DNA. So, while she was sweeping the floor, she took extra notice of any strands of hair left behind by her.

Sometimes, there were things that even she couldn't understand.

Of course, DNA was just one item of investigation. She also needed to drop by the Bei Family home to see if she could discover any hidden secrets.

Perhaps the Gods were on her side; Bai Lihua actually found a strand of Hua Wenfeng's hair in the living room. It was easy to spot because she was the only one that had dyed her hair brown.

Bai Lihua swiftly delivered samples of hers, Hua Wenfeng's and Mo Ting's DNA to the hospital. She was curious as to what hidden secret there may be.

The next day, Bai Lihua took a day off work. Although Mo Ting had allowed it, he couldn't help but ask Tangning after Bai Lihua left the house, "Don't you find Auntie Bai slightly suspicious?"

"A lot of her actions cannot be explained, but I am certain she has no intent to hurt us," Tangning replied. "Plus, you already looked into it before. She is just a normal middle-aged woman."

"Is that what you truly believe?"

Tangning looked deeply into Mo Ting's eyes. The couple understood each other, so of course, Tangning did not truly believe this, but there were many things that she still did not understand, so she needed time to clarify it.

"If you are worried, send someone to follow her."

"I saw her sneakily take a strand of Ms Hua's hair off the floor yesterday. At the same time, I discovered that my toothbrush has been replaced."

"What are you trying to say?"

Tangning's eyes grew big, "Could she be taking them for another DNA test?"

"Let's wait for the results."

All they could do now was wait.

"Since the truth is near, let's bring Lu Che back to Beijing. I don't want you to be so tired. Plus, Long Jie needs her husband back," Tangning suggested as she put down the glass of milk in her hands.

"He is already on his way back," Mo Ting was one step ahead.


The results for Annie's audition quickly arrived the next day. In the end, the producers picked a 10-year-old girl to play the role of supporting actress; she was exactly what they needed.

Annie once again missed out on a great opportunity, so she unhappily met with her cousin for a few drinks.

Inside the club, the loud music was deafening. Annie was inside a private room singing and dancing with a few men. From the looks of it, she was a regular here.

"Bro...I didn't get the role again."

Hearing Annie's sobs, her cousin looked at her questioningly, "According to An Zihao's status, he wouldn't allow you to lose it. Were you not serious enough?"

"I treated it extra seriously. However, he always gives the best resources to 'that woman'. What can I do about it?" Annie leaned forward on the table crying and laughing at the same time. "I am just a rookie. I have no power and status in the industry. All I have is you. Can you understand my suffering?"

"I've heard of An Zihao before. Logically speaking, he couldn't possibly play with favoritism. After all, he's already created many famous models in the past. Could it be that you are overthinking things?"

Annie shook her head as her eyes turned red, "I'm not overthinking. He only has Chen Xingyan in his eyes."

"How about this, I'll help you out. I'll help you look into the matter," Annie's cousin said beside her ear. "I'll see if An Zihao actually has the intention to help you. If not, then get out of there as soon as possible. With your qualities, you can definitely find a better manager."

Annie nodded her head. Her future prospects determined the future of her life. So, she couldn't let An Zihao bully her like this.

"An Zihao doesn't know about our relationship, does he?"

"No, he doesn't."


Annie looked at her cousin uncomfortably. She wasn't sure what he had in mind and how An Zihao was going to respond.

"Annie, I think you are overthinking things. With your qualities, you don't know how much better than Chen Xingyan you are. Above all, you have already won many awards in the past. Should you be afraid of an extra?"

Annie looked deeply at her cousin.

"Forget it. I'll help you find another manager first and you can decide later."

"Thank you!"

However, whether An Zihao was actually being biased was a question that only he could answer.

Late into the night, the warm yellow light in An Zihao's living room was still lit. Sitting in the living room, An Zihao had taken apart Chen Xingyan's game console and was trying to figure out how to fix it.

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