Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 644: Chen Xingyan Has Another Identity

Chapter 644: Chen Xingyan Has Another Identity

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"This can't be possible. Mr. An told me that we have the same chances. How could Director Matt have not heard of my name? Ask him again," Annie was flustered by the sudden shock. She had never imagined that An Zihao would deceive her in secret.

"I've already asked in detail. He is certain that he has never heard of your name. That is the truth. By the way, I am busy, so I need to go."

"Bro...look into it further for me. I really want to know what happened," Annie held back her tears as she pleaded in seriousness.

Hearing her slightly sobbing voice, her cousin was put in a difficult position. So, he agreed in the end, "OK, OK, tell me everything that happened and I'll look into it for you later tonight."

After a bit of time, Annie recalled everything that had happened over the past few days to her cousin, including how she had been 'bullied'.

After listening to her story, her cousin expressed his thoughts regarding the matter.

"Little cousin, according to my years of experience, it seems like you've been deceived."

"Bro...I don't quite understand."

"How could you be so stupid? Let me spell it out for you: I don't think your manager attempted to seize the opportunity for you, he simply used you as an excuse to discipline your opponent."

"No, that can't be. Mr. An has been really nice to me!" Annie refuted.

"Think about it carefully. Are you sure?" After expressing his thoughts, Annie's cousin hung up the phone, leaving Annie all alone in deep thought.

Never in her right mind would Annie have imagined that An Zihao would treat her like that.

So, she pulled out her phone and decided to ask An Zihao for clarification. But...

...if her cousin was right, yet she went to look for An Zihao, wouldn't she be putting herself in a position of loss?

After careful thought, she decided to endure for the time being.


The next morning, Chen Xingyan was in the living room reading through her contract. After walking out of her bedroom and seeing Chen Xingyan's​ back facing her, Annie couldn't help but rush over and ask, "Xingyan, have you and Mr. An known each other for a long time?"

Chen Xingyan felt like the sun must have risen from the west. Otherwise, why would Annie talk to her without any trace of coldness, "I've only known him a little longer than you."

"I can tell that he is really nice to you."

"Nice?" Chen Xingyan scoffed as she threw her middle finger in the air, "When did you ever see that?"

"No matter how much you deny it, it's the truth."

Chen Xingyan felt that it was impossible to converse with Annie, "If you don't have anything else, please don't disturb me from reading my contract."

Just as the two women stopped talking, An Zihao knocked on the front door and entered the apartment. Without taking a single glance at Chen Xingyan, he went straight over to Annie and said, "Tidy up a little. You have an important audition to go to."

Annie was surprised, but she did not feel happy at all. At this moment, she no longer felt it was possible to trust in An Zihao.

"What? You don't want to go?"

"Please wait a moment." Annie quicky returned to her room and changed her clothes. Her endurance today was for the sake of her pride tomorrow, Annie reminded herself.

Meanwhile, inside the living room, An Zihao watched as Chen Xingyan flipped back and forth through her contract and burst out laughing, "You don't need to worry about signing it. The contract is in collaboration with an overseas company. I won't sell you out."

"You can never be certain," Chen Xingyan said as she spun her pen. "When facing you, it's best if I remain cautious."

"Do as you please."

It didn't take long before Annie hurried back out of her room wearing a set of professional clothing and followed behind An Zihao.

Chen Xingyan watched as An Zihao and Annie left without responding. She simply returned to reading her contract and disregarded Annie.

A moment later, Annie and An Zihao boarded their van. An Zihao looked at Annie, who was as quiet as a cicada in winter, and smiled, "Why are you so quiet? Are you still upset over not getting the role?"

"A little."

"No need. The audition I have secured for you today is on the same level as 'The Savage Wars'. You need to know, I went to study in the US for a while, and during that time, I gained quite a few contacts. So, you need to be grateful for this opportunity." An Zihao handed Annie a booklet, "This is a snippet that you will be acting out for the auditions. Have a look at it."

Annie's eyes lit up with hope. Of course, An Zihao had made these arrangements because he wanted to toughen up Chen Xingyan and dampen Annie's spirit at the same time. He needed to let Annie know that, in the scheme of things, she wasn't even worth mentioning.

"Is this script better than Chen Xingyan's?"

An Zihao looked at Annie. To be exact, his gaze contained a warning.

"Annie, I treat you both equally. However, you each have your own weaknesses that need time to work on."

"I understand, Mr. An." After speaking, Annie fell quiet and looked seriously at the script that An Zihao had given her.

She couldn't possibly be worse off than Chen Xingyan. No matter in what aspect, especially identity and background, Chen Xingyan was nothing in comparison to her.

But of course, that was only because she did not know that Chen Xingyan had another identity.


To guarantee that there was nothing wrong with her contract, Chen Xingyan brought it all the way to Hyatt Regency to get some help from Tangning.

"Don't worry. Zihao may try to train you with small challenges, but he would never set up a trap during important situations like this," Tangning put down the contract and smiled as she winked at Chen Xingyan.

"But...I actually don't want to go overseas..."

"Who told you that you have to go overseas?" Tangning asked as she raised an eyebrow. "It's clearly stated in the contract that the shooting location will be in Beijing because 'The Savage Wars' wants to borrow some of our unique locations to use as their backdrops."

"Enough talking. Now that things have been clarified, you should leave and stop disturbing your Ning Jie from getting some rest. She's been really tired over the past few days," Bai Lihua cut in. Chen Xingyan was acting like a brat and Bai Lihua did not want Tangning to have to continue putting up with her.

"It's fine, Auntie Bai."

"No, she should get going. Mr. Mo has already asked for you to go upstairs and get some rest."

Hearing that it was Mo Ting's request, Tangning could only head upstairs obediently.

"In that case, take care of Xingyan for me."

After speaking, Tangning walked into her bedroom. As soon as she entered, she saw Mo Ting was already lying on the bed and waving at her, "Come here..."

Tangning supported her protruding belly as she took light steps towards the bed and Mo Ting helped her onto it.

"When did you come home? Why aren't you at Hai Rui?"

"I missed you," Mo Ting said straightforwardly as he hugged Tangning from behind. "I came home halfway through work because I was afraid that I wouldn't be by your side if you decided to have a nap."

"Huh?" Tangning asked.

"Over the last few days, you've been having muscle spasms," Mo Ting looked at Tangning's legs, "Don't think I didn't notice just because you didn't mention it."

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