Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 641: Do I Need You To Give Me Anything?

Chapter 641: Do I Need You To Give Me Anything?

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Chen Xingyan couldn't be bothered talking to Annie, so she directly gave An Zihao a phone call, "There's been a situation. Come and handle it."

An Zihao had just left Director Chen Feng's home. After receiving Chen Xingyan's phone call, he immediately rushed over to the apartment. He arrived to find Chen Xingyan sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed and Annie comforting the crying Little Five.

"Mr. An, you've come at the right time. Help me comfort Little Five. She accidentally broke Chen Xingyan's game console and Chen Xingyan said it's worth $3 million. Little Five can't afford it. Her only option right now is to sell her home."

Both Chen Xingyan and An Zihao knew that Annie liked to act weak. And, of course, Annie was well aware of what she was doing.

An Zihao glanced down at the game console and then glanced at Chen Xingyan. As their eyes met, Chen Xingyan's gaze obviously contained a warning, 'I dare you to help them'.

Of course, An Zihao​ was quite cunning, so without hesitation, he asked, "How did the game console break?"


"Someone let their dog loose on top of my game console," Chen Xingyan shrugged. "I already told everyone yesterday that this was a gift from Tangning. But, it seemed, someone thought I was lying in order to steal the limelight from their master, so they decided to play some childish tricks. However, they weren't careful and things got out of hand..."

Chen Xingyan understood better than anyone how people like Little Five thought. So, of course, she wasn't going to care about her pride.

"Little Five, is that what happened?"


"Mr. An, Little Five and I don't come from a rich background. We can't possibly compensate $3 million. I'm happy to give the role in 'The Savage Wars' back to Xingyan, if she's willing to forgive Little Five," Annie said with tears in her eyes, "Little Five is still young and immature. Xingyan, please don't hold a grudge against her."

"Rubbish!" Chen Xingyan thought.

"Do I need you to give me anything? It's only right for you to return what originally belonged to me. Your assistant broke something that belonged to me, so it is only right for her to compensate. How could you compensate me with something that already belongs to me?" Chen Xingyan asked. "Don't turn a perfectly fine opportunity into something disgusting. The two incidences should be treated separately: there's the film role and there's the game console. An Zihao, what do you think?"

"I'll take the game console back to the factory in Germany to get it fixed. Compensation won't be needed," An Zihao said as he crossed his arms and looked at the game console.

Annie and Little Five let out a sigh of relief.

"But...Little Five can't continue being Annie's assistant. Annie hasn't even gotten to a position of power yet and you are already bullying others. If she is to be become famous one day, are you going to have no regard for me as well?" An Zihao said coldly to Little Five.

Annie and Little Five froze.

"Mr. An..."

"I will find a new assistant for you. As for Chen Xingyan, do you have anything else you want to say?"


Chen Xingyan scoffed. At least An Zihao fired Little Five.

"If you're going to look for a new assistant, do it properly. Don't look for someone that's shady and stubborn. Do I look like a pushover that anyone can bully?" After expressing her view, Chen Xingyan threw the game console at An Zihao. "Since you offered, then make sure you fix it."

An Zihao held onto the game console and looked at Chen Xingyan with raised eyebrows.

Little Five had indeed been in the wrong this time, so Annie did not have a feasible argument to stick up for her assistant as she watched her walk away. As she clenched her fists, she promised to herself that she'd make An Zihao see her in a new light. Afterwards, she'd bring Little Five back.

"Has the producers responded yet?" After the current problem was resolved, Chen Xingyan turned her focus to the role she had taken.

An Zihao looked at the two women and shook his head, "The producers are still discussing who to choose. There is a possiblity that they won't choose neither of you. You should both get prepared for the worst."

"OK," Chen Xingyan nodded before turning around and returning to her bedroom.

However, Annie continued to act pitiful as her eyes filled with tears, "Mr. An..."

"Your assistant was indeed wrong this time. Xingyan even caught her in the act. There's nothing you can say, you can only accept the consequences," An Zihao said straightforwardly. "As for the role in 'The Savage Wars', the producers are still deep in discussion, so you will need to be patient.

Annie thought, at this moment, that An Zihao was being fair. So, no matter how much suffering she felt, she simply swallowed it up. However, after An Zihao left, she pulled out her phone and gave her cousin a phone call.

"Bro! Can you help me check if Director Matt has decided to use me?"

Her cousin had some connections in the industry. Hearing Annie's plea, he had no choice but to offer some help. "Don't worry, I will immediately look into it and give you a response as soon as possible."

However, the response was likely to stir up trouble...


The next day, Hua Wenfeng finally received her DNA results from the hospital. After seeing the results, tears of joy poured from her eyes as she handed it to Father Mo, "I can finally prove my innocence."

"Silly, you were always innocent," Father Mo said as he supported his wife by the arm. "I will give my father a phone call right now. After he arrives, we can head over to Hyatt Regency together."


Hua Wenfeng thought, with Father Mo's trust and Elder Mo's support, she would not be at a loss this time.

This time, she wanted to see Tangning suffer for a change.


...when Elder Mo received Father Mo's phone call, he remained indifferent, "Oh, is that what the results say?"

"Father, how come you don't sound like you care."

Elder Mo was indifferent because the entire issue wasn't an issue to begin with. Tangning simply suspected Hua Wenfeng a little and she overreacted by demanding for a DNA test. Which mother would do something like that? This was not where the problem lied, so Elder Mo had no reaction to the results.

"That's enough, stop wasting time. Come and pick me up, it's been a while since I last saw Tangning."

Father Mo listened obediently. He immediately picked up Hua Wenfeng and Elder Mo and stormed into Hyatt Regency.

In reality, Tangning had almost lost her patience from waiting too long. Hua Wenfeng's efficiency really wasn't great...

However, Tangning did not expect that Elder Mo would make an appearance too.

The front door was opened by Auntie Bai and, just like last time, the bodyguards that guarded Tangning were also present. As soon as the trio entered the living room, Tangning stood up to offer a seat to Elder Mo, "Grandfather..."

Elder Mo gave a gentle grunt before he sat down next to Tangning; he did not intend to speak first. At this time, Hua Wenfeng pulled out her test results and threw them towards Tangning's face...

"Have a look at the results yourself..."

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