Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 639: If Something Belongs To Me, I Shouldn't Give It Away

Chapter 639: If Something Belongs To Me, I Shouldn't Give It Away

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Chen Xingyan did not say a word. She simply stared at Tangning, but she obviously looked like she had been treated unfairly.

"Xing Er, get up first."

"It's fine, Auntie Bai. Actually, I've liked your daughter from the start," Tangning said straightforwardly. She had a good eye for people and believed that people were drawn to each other if they were destined to be friends. So, Tangning did not feel that Chen Xingyan had to follow any particular rules.

Chen Xingyan did not respond. She instead stood up and sat down on the sofa.

Seeing this, Tangning did not ask any further, she simply replied, "I don't need a stunt double."


"I've always done everything myself."

"But, that's very dangerous!" Chen Xingyan looked at Tangning confusedly. Was it because she had to protect her pride in front of people?

"Firstly, you know better than I do that the job of a stunt double is very dangerous. There is no guarantee for neither your body nor your life. I don't care whether other people use stunt doubles or not. But, I am certain that I do not need one," Tangning replied in seriousness. "Plus, the film is mine and the script is mine. Only when I do every scene myself, will I be able to understand how to react and how the character feels. There are some things that can't rely purely on imagination. If a character is not acted by one person, don't you feel that it isn't complete?"

Chen Xingyan thought to herself for a moment. Although she felt that Tangning was being too serious, she also liked this seriousness.

"I don't like sticking to the rules!"

"So, can you tell me why you suddenly wanted to be my stunt double?"

Chen Xingyan hesitated for a moment. She was used to being shameless and thin-skinned, so there was no reason for her to protect the jerk's pride. As a result, Chen Xingyan explained everything that An Zihao had done to Tangning and Bai Lihua. Including how he had broken her video game console and how he had brought a new artist into the apartment to bully her. She explained the entire thing in detail!

After hearing Chen Xingyan's story, Tangning couldn't believe that An Zihao would act like that, but at the same time, she couldn't ignore it. She did not like seeing people she knew being bullied. Even though, the bully was also her friend.

"Since you can't stand it there anymore, then just quit," Bai Lihua comforted.

"But, the jerk wrote on the contract that if I was to break it, I would have to pay him $20 million."

"Are you worse than that girl named Annie?" Tangning asked with no regard to whether it was $20 or $20 million.

"Are you joking? I started in the industry when I was 7..." Chen Xingyan was obviously unwilling to accept defeat. Especially since, Annie only specialized in free combat, when she was skilled in all forms of martial arts. If she really wanted to do something, she would not accept defeat.

"Then why are you enduring it?" Tangning directly pointed out, "If you really have nothing to fear, then you shouldn't let others look down on you."

"As bad as it sounds, I never let others take what belongs to me."

"Even if I don't like it, they will need to ask for my permission."

"If I was in your position, and I didn't want to go overseas, then I simply wouldn't go. However, I'm sorry, even though I don't want the opportunity, it doesn't mean anyone can just take it," Tangning paused for a moment and looked at Chen Xingyan, "This industry has always been one where people suck up to the powerful and trample the weak. Even if you are just a stunt double, you need to be the best stunt double to deserve the right to say no."

"At that time, even if you don't agree with An Zihao and don't want to follow his arrangements, you won't care even if he hires someone else to annoy you."

Chen Xingyan listened intently to Tangning's words. She had always viewed Tangning as a quiet person who got to where she was because of her righteous attitude. When Tangning first started explaining her views on stunt doubles, Chen Xingyan assumed she was a person that stuck to the rules.

But, the more she spoke....

...the more she felt that Tangning was cool.

Plus, Tangning's words ignited the fire in her heart.

"In the entertainment industry, winning an unknown battle is exciting."

Chen Xingyan understood what Tangning meant. If she wanted to be defiant against something, she needed to first get An Zihao's acknowledgment.

Seeing that Chen Xingyan was now enlightened, Tangning did not say any more. She simply asked, "Did you mention that Zihao broke your game console? I have the newest version of a German one here. There are only two in the entire world. One is used as a sample and the other one is here in my home. You can take it home later as a gift."

Chen Xingyan looked at Tangning and smiled, "Is it fun?"

"I don't know if it's fun, but it's definitely not bad."

"Then I'll be glad to accept it," Chen Xingyan said without any modesty.

Seeing the two women get along well, Bai Lihua felt her worries disappear. She originally thought that Chen Xingyan would anger Tangning, but she had been too paranoid. Tangning was skilled at reading people's minds; in front of her, people would only show respect.

Chen Xingyan wasn't stupid, she was actually very smart. So, she knew why Tangning had given her the game console.

So, as An Zihao arrived home with Annie, Chen Xingyan was sitting in the living room playing her game.

An Zihao choked, "You got another one?"

"It's none of your business," Chen Xingyan replied.

"It looks fun," Annie was envious, but she also wanted to fight for favoritism to prove her status in front of Chen Xingyan. As a result, she pretended to be weak and acted like she wanted the game console as well.

"I'll get you one in a couple days," An Zihao was accustomed to the competition between artists, so he naturally understood what Annie wanted.

However...Chen Xingyan crossed her arms and said, "I'm sorry, but this is the only one available for private use in the whole world. Miss An wouldn't want my one would she?"

"Mr An..."

Seeing that An Zihao actually considered it, Chen Xingyan quickly responded, "I'm sorry, Tangning gave this to me. If you want, you can ask her if you can have it."

Hearing this, An Zihao clenched his teeth. This brat!

She finally learned how to throw her weight around.

But, why was Tangning getting involved?

"Tangning? Do you know Tangning?" Annie's eyes ignited with envy.

"Go get some rest, it's getting late," An Zihao reminded. It was time for this childish game to end.

However, just as the two turned to leave, Chen Xingyan suddenly called out, "Wait!"

"What?" An Zihao had already reached the doorway when he heard Chen Xingyan's call and turned around.

"I accepted the offer from 'The Savage Wars'," Chen Xingyan lifted an eyebrow at Annie as she spoke. Seeing the expression on Annie's face turn sour, she added, "Tangning was right. If something belongs to me, I shouldn't give it away..."

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