Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 80: Outdated Old Model

Chapter 80: Outdated Old Model

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Mo Yurou wanted to force Han Yufan into suggesting an abortion so he would be the one to give up on their relationship. She was well-aware that after being with Han Yufan for so many years, it would be impossible to end things completely. Everything that was once a secret had now turned into something he could hold against her; if he was to mention any of them, she would be pushed into a point of no return.

Han Yufan looked quietly at her with a sharp gaze, like he could see through to her soul.

"Of course you should give birth to it. I've already given up so much for this child, did you think I would give up on it so easily? Mo Yurou, let me tell you, if you dare to abort my child, I will do everything I can to destroy your career."

Han Yufan's words were deep and sinister, carrying a warning. If Mo Yurou wanted to shake herself off from him and Tianyi, it wouldn't be that easy!

Mo Yurou looked at Han Yufan dumbfounded. She thought, according to Han Yufan's temper, there was no way he would accept this child's existence, but...who would have thought, he'd ask her to keep the child.

If she was to keep the child, how would she be able to sign with Creative Century?

The news about her changing agencies had already spread like wildfire, if she couldn't get rid of the child, how was she to explain to Mr. Li and Creative Century?

Han Yufan looked at the speechless Mo Yurou as the corners of his lips slightly curved up. There was no way he'd let her retreat in one piece after betraying him. He was going to wait and see what other disgusting things she could do, now that she 'had the tiger by the tail'*.

Thinking of this, Tangning once again crossed Han Yufan's mind; how she once felt and her state of mind - in this moment - he felt like he finally understood it all...

So, being betrayed by someone could make one so ruthless and so hopeful for the other person to be destroyed. Not long after, Han Yufan pulled out his phone. In front of Mo Yurou, he made a phone call to Long Jie, "Give me Tangning's schedule, I will book a flight to France tonight."

On the other side of the phone, Long Jie froze. Han Yufan actually wants to come to France? It seemed he was dreaming of reconciling with Tangning.

Seeing Long Jie didn't respond, Han Yufan's voice turned cold as he spoke more aggressively, "Long Jie, I am still the CEO of Tianyi and Tangning is still my artist, I have the right to know what she is up to!"

In reality, Tangning had already heard his words resounding from Long Jie's phone, so she instructed Long Jie, "Send it to him."


Tangning shook her head, reminding Long Jie there was no need to clash with Han Yufan. Long Jie nodded as she unwillingly replied to Han Yufan, "I will send it to your phone." Afterwards, she hung up the phone and looked at Tangning confusedly.

"You are supposed to keep Big Boss company, why did you agree to Han Yufan?"

"Couldn't you tell? Mo Yurou was beside him; he just wanted to spite her. With all that's going on with Creative Century, did you think he would really come? Don't worry. Plus, we aren't even staying in the hotel we originally scheduled," Tangning explained while she unpacked Mo Ting's clothes.

After hearing her, Long Jie relaxed as she sent Tangning's schedule to Han Yufan.

"OK, tomorrow morning I will come to pick you up. I'll leave you and Big Boss to exchange some warmth in the meantime," Long Jie winked as she left the room and returned to the hotel organized by TQ.

Not long after, Mo Ting walked out of the shower after washing up; from head to toe, all he was wearing was a pure white towel. Tangning quickly stood up to help him dry his hair. She hung to him gently and considerately as she asked, "Did you want to sleep first, or would you like to go for a walk with me to the beach and wait for the sunrise?"

"Of course I want to go see the sunrise," Mo Ting responded gently. In reality, ever since he had been in charge of Hai Rui, he had never been this relaxed; this was all thanks to Tangning who didn't allow him to bring any work along.

Tangning smiled as she pulled out a set of fresh clothes and helped Mo Ting get changed before holding onto his hand and intertwining her fingers with his.

The couple stayed in a beachside villa; their surroundings were extremely peaceful. Unlike her usual model image, Tangning wore a yellow A-line dress with a straw hat; around her neck hung a camera. Mo Ting had his arm around her shoulder the entire time as they walked barefoot on the beach.

The sound of the crashing waves passed through their ears as a glow appeared in the distant horizon. The couple sat side-by-side on the beach as they admired each other. Tangning couldn't help but hold up her camera and take a photo of Mo Ting's face side on.

Mo Ting turned his head and smiled as he reached out his arm and pulled her towards him before grabbing the camera and taking a selfie.

"I can't keep this photo, can I? If the paparazzi discover this..." Tangning looked at the photo regretfully as she spoke.

"Of course you can keep it..." Mo Ting grabbed onto her chin as he kissed her passionately, "This is a memory of ours."

"Be careful, there are people around..."

"At this time of day, where would you find people?" Mo Ting looked at her amusedly as he once again gave her a kiss; their tongues danced together as their hearts filled with an unexplainable sweetness. Watching the sunrise with the person they loved and walking along the beach together made everything around them seem to stand still; if only the sun would rise later.

Unfortunately, Luxury's show was that morning. As the opening model, Tangning played an important role, so after the couple finished being affectionate on the beach, Tangning freshened up and headed to the venue. Looking at all the unfamiliar foreign faces, Tangning was suddenly reminded of when she was 18 years old and worked hard in France.

She was nervous as usual, but, she was no longer the inexperienced little girl. Her calmness made the makeup artist extremely impressed, "Luxury's show is filled with newcomers, but you are the only one that doesn't look frightened."

Tangning smiled as she turned to glance at the other models.

"Oh yeah, the opening was originally meant to be done by a different Asian model, but...because she was too nervous, they ended up replacing her with you. She is over there." The makeup artist pointed her chin towards the right, gesturing Tangning to look over. Sitting on the sofa with a defeated expression was a girl in her early twenties, "She's now become a substitute."

Tangning glanced at the model; she did not recognize her. Afterwards, she changed into her clothes and sat quietly in her chair.

Tangning inspected herself in the mirror. This show would be her opportunity to secure an impressive report card before auditioning for Cheng Tian, her, it was extremely important. The show would also determine whether she could jump over Creative Century and Star Age; placing herself above all of them...

Luckily, Mo Ting was also present.

This was something that made her feel warm just by thinking about it.

Not too far from Tangning, a figure glared at her with hatred. The opening wasn't something she was willing to give up...Tangning had stolen it.

Of course, she recognized Tangning; she had been slightly famous in Beijing recently. But, what right did she have to steal someone else's job?

She was just an outdated old model from a small company!

Translator's Notes:

* The actual term used by the author was 骑虎难下, which literally means: Riding a tiger but finding it hard to dismount. This expression is used to describe when a person is forced to continue because there is no alternative; they've already gone too far to turn back.

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