Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 637: DNA Test

Chapter 637: DNA Test

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Chen Xingyan stuck up her middle finger with disdain. In response, An Zihao was furious. He immediately walked over, grabbed Chen Xingyan's video game and smashed it on the floor.

"You are not living your life like someone that is alive...What a waste of resources!"

Chen Xingyan: "..."

An Zihao no longer wanted to talk to Chen Xingyan, so he turned to leave. As he left he said, "Another artist will be moving in in 2 days. I hope you can take care of each other."

"I'm not used to living with strangers."

"You don't have to if you can give me $20 million right now or become of some value."

Chen Xingyan: "..."

"Since you won't join 'The Savage Wars', I'll get someone else to do it. You may not want to go, but there are plenty of people that are willing to. You can continue being a mere stunt double." After speaking, An Zihao directly left the apartment, leaving Chen Xingyan all alone with the urge to hit someone.

An Zihao was, after all, a top manager in the past. When going up against a troublemaker like Chen Xingyan, he naturally had his methods. However, this little brat was unaware of her value and consistently wasted her youth. If she had no intention to further pursue this career, why had she been an extra for so many years?

She was a stunt double...

But, did she really like this dangerous and unrewarding job that much?


Hua Wenfeng had made a fuss about getting a DNA test. So, early in the morning, Father Mo dropped by Mo Ting and Tangning's home to get a sample of Mo Ting's DNA.

Tangning was still resting at the time. So, the person to open the door was Bai Lihua. The two had not faced each other on their own yet, but when Father Mo looked into Bai Lihua's eyes, he felt her gaze was filled with complex emotions which made one suspicious.

"I saw you yesterday, you are?"

"I am a maid that Tangning has hired," Bai Lihua replied with her head down. After giving her response, she turned around.

"Have we met before?" Father Mo asked.

"No," Bai Lihua replied firmly. If possible, she wished that they had never laid eyes on each other in their lives.

"In that case...can you give me a sample of Mo Ting's DNA?"

"I'm sorry, I can't," Bai Lihua answered coldly.

Father Mo looked at Bai Lihua and assumed that she wanted a bribe, so he pulled out some money and handed it to her, "Is this enough?"

Bai Lihua looked at the money in Father Mo's hands. All she felt was ridicule.

Although the incident between them was already many years in the past, this man still had no idea that his real wife was standing right in front of him, while he wreaked havoc on the world with a fraud. He even schemed against his son and daughter-in-law. Thinking of this, Bai Lihua couldn't help but look at Father Mo in mockery, "In this modern world, DNA tests can be faked. If you want to truly prove something, you should go to the clinic in person with Mr Mo. If you go on your own, who would believe it?"

"What do you mean?" Father Mo suddenly furrowed his brows. "Are you trying to say that my wife would create a fake report to trick everyone?"

"I'm just pointing out the possibilities."

"You are indeed one of Tangning's people. Your every word is aimed at helping her," Father Mo's tone became unfriendly after realizing that Bai Lihua was bias towards his wife. "Why don't you remove your face mask? Do you have something to hide like that performer? It's no surprise. That woman is so evil that the people beside are bound to be of the same caliber!"

"Yes, you're right, we are all evil. Only your wife is innocent and pure..."

"You and I both know who's right and who's wrong," Father Mo growled. "Since you are just a maid, then move out of the way. Regardless of everything, I am still Mo Ting's father."

Bai Lihua did not say a word. After being married to him for so many years, this was their fate. She did not want to argue with him any further. She simply pointed her chin towards the bodyguards, gesturing for them to make a move. Why were they still standing around at a time like this? What were they waiting for?

The bodyguards understood and immediately stepped forward to restrain Father Mo. But, before he was kicked out of the villa, Tangning's voice echoed from inside, "Auntie Bai, give it to him."


"Just give it to him," Tangning walked over to the sofa and sat down. Her voice was as calm as ever. "Since father wants it, we can't refuse him."

Bai Lihua did not think that Hua Wenfeng's DNA test would be trustworthy at all.

It seemed, even if she was to reveal her identity right now, Father Mo would still be on that woman's side. So, she couldn't put too much hope in him.

In the end, the DNA test had to be done. Since Father Mo was persistent and Tangning allowed it, Bai Lihua had no choice but to go to the bathroom and fetch Mo Ting's toothbrush for him.

If Hua Wenfeng wanted to do a DNA test so badly, then go ahead!

Tangning watched as Bai Lihua handed the toothbrush to Father Mo. Only after he left, did she turn to Bai Lihua curiously, "Auntie Bai, the toothbrush you gave wasn't Mo Ting's."

"I gave him my toothbrush," Bai Lihua replied straightforwardly.

Tangning stared at Bai Lihua without a word. But...inside, she couldn't help praising her for what she had done.

"I guess we have another good show in the making..."


Although Father Mo successfully secured a sample of 'Mo Ting's DNA', he couldn't stop thinking about what Bai Lihua had said.

"Wenfeng, do you know what Tangning's maid said to me? She said, even if we do a DNA test, no one would believe us. With current technology, even DNA tests can be faked."

Hearing this, Hua Wenfeng was tempted to break everything in the house all over again, "Tangning that b*tch should die! She even trained her maid to be like this!"

"I will immediately send the sample to get it tested and I will get someone to film the entire process. I will definitely prove my innocence."

Seeing the determination on Hua Wenfeng's face, Father Mo pulled her into his embrace, "You don't need to do that. I trust you."

"Old Mo, I'm already getting on in my years. To be treated by my daughter-in-law in such a way makes me feel so aggrieved. Above all, she has even destroyed my reputation. Does this mean that I will have to live the rest of my life in fear?"

"Don't be afraid. I will get justice for you."

So, in the end, as Hua Wenfeng had suggested, the entire DNA testing process was going to be filmed in order to prove its reliability...

"Do you think Ms Hua won't play any tricks with the DNA test?" Tangning asked as she lay in Mo Ting's embrace with a slightly amused voice. "She is filming the entire process. It seems she is fairly confident."

"We will know after the results come out." After all, they both knew that Hua Wenfeng didn't have a sample of Mo Ting's DNA in her hands.

If Hua Wenfeng could still get a result of 99%...

...the couple would truly have to bow down to her...

"If I think about it, the scene is going to be hilarious," Tangning couldn't wait to expose Hua Wenfeng and the DNA results.

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