Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 636: The Hatred And Grudge Could Never Be Forgotten

Chapter 636: The Hatred And Grudge Could Never Be Forgotten

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"You can't make the decision on your own. You need to discuss this with Lu Che first," Tangning advised. "It is a matter concerning both of you, so stop treating it like something you can decide on your own."

"But, after exhausting all other methods and not getting a result, I think this is definitely an option you can consider."

After receiving Tangning's approval, Long Jie clapped her hands and said, "Let's go ahead and do it then..."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to listen to your conversation, but I heard you girls mention IVF. Does Miss Long want a baby?" Bai Lihua approached from behind with a cup of tea. After placing it down on the coffee table, she quickly analyzed Long Jie's body, "Is there any problem with your body?"

"Auntie you perhaps know something?" Long Jie leaned back on the sofa in fascination.

"I can perhaps answer your queries."

Bai Lihua was, after all, Mo Ting's actual mother. So, it was also true that she was a researcher of biotechnology. Hence, she naturally had a good knowledge of genetics.

"Can I have a look at your examination results?"

After hearing this, Tangning and Long Jie suddenly felt like they had discovered something new about this disfigured woman.

"OK, I'll bring it to you in a moment. If Auntie Bai can actually help me, I will be forever grateful."

The fact that Chen Xingyan had a quirky personality and knew how to do many things made it feasible that her mother also had some unexpected skills up her sleeves.

Long Jie was ready to give anything a try. But, she knew that Bai Lihua was no doctor, so her expectations weren't high.

Either way, a little bit of hope was better than no hope...

So, Long Jie immediately fetched her results and showed them to Bai Lihua, "Auntie Bai, here are the results."

Bai Lihua had a good look at the results. After a careful analysis, she explained, "The results show that both you and Mr Lu are indeed healthy and everything is within normal parameters."

"Then why can't we..."

"Don't rush," Bai Lihua comforted, "There are many things that science can not explain yet. There are plenty of people that can't fall pregnant just like you, without any plausible reason."

"Did the hospital mention that your surroundings could effect your chances of fertility?"

" you mean?" Long Jie had obviously never considered this factor.

"Miss Long, you and Mr Lu should move," Bai Lihua seemed to have discovered the answer to Long Jie's problem as she smiled, "After not being able to fall pregnant for a while, it is usually a physical problem or chemical imbalance. Otherwise, it could be related to pollutants in the atmosphere. You are both strong and healthy. Why don't you try a change of scenery?"

"Is there such a thing? But, I never heard the hospital mention it before..."

"The two of you did your examinations separately and your results came out fine, so the majority of hospitals would either suggest IVF or tell you to be patient and let things happen naturally. Many doctors overlook secondary reasons like this one."

Long Jie suddenly felt hopeful as she looked at Bai Lihua in a new light, "I never imagined that Auntie Bai would be so impressive."

At the same time, Tangning also noticed that Bai Lihua had quite an interest in medicine and nutrition.

At least, when it came to Tangning's food, Bai Lihua never did any research into her usual eating habits, yet she knew exactly what to serve her to provide her with the best nutrition.

"Go home and give it a try. You can thank me after it works."

Long Jie was so happy that she immediately gave Lu Che a phone call. Meanwhile, Tangning looked at Auntie Bai in seriousness, "I never thought that Auntie Bai had such a deeply hidden skill."

"I wouldn't consider it a skill, I simply learned a little because Xiao Xing used to get hurt a lot and she studied martial arts."

Tangning nodded her head and did not ask further. But...

...she knew, at Bai Lihua's level, she hadn't just learned a little.

Tangning was at least certain that Bai Lihua was at a professional level.

"What about your face..."

Bai Lihua understood what Tangning was referring to. If she knew so much, why didn't she get surgery to recover her original appearance?

"The injuries were too harsh; it is impossible for me to recover. If I want to face the world with my mask off, I will need to undergo at least 4 surgeries. And even then, my face will not look natural. There is even a possibility that it will turn out even more frightening. So, I gave up," Bai Lihua explained. "Over the years, I have gone overseas multiple times. But..."

"I'm sorry, Auntie Bai."

"I'm fine," Bai Lihua smiled. But, because of her smile, the skin beneath her mask tightened.

Time had passed and all that remained were scars. But...the hatred and grudge could never be forgotten.


The next day, the producers of 'The Savage Wars' contacted An Zihao. They were pleased with Chen Xingyan's performance at the auditions and wanted to sign her as a villain in their film.

It seemed, the way she hit people with no restraint, left a lasting impression on the judges. So, the producers immediately contacted An Zihao and requested for him to bring Chen Xingyan with him to the US.

She didn't secure any of the main characters, but she got the lead villain role!

An Zihao looked at Chen Xingyan in the distance. He felt that she was always full of surprises. She often acted casually, but, did that mean she also treated her life in a casual manner?

"Hey Mr An, don't look at me that way," Chen Xinyan had brought an old video game console to the apartment and was currently playing on it.

There was plenty of money in front of her to play with, but she instead chose to play with something from the streets that was hard to find.

"Want to take the role of main villain?"

"You know I can't face the cameras."

"But, weren't there a dozen cameras surrounding you during your audition?"

"I was there to hit people. I didn't care about the audition," Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes. "Plus, you actually want me to go overseas? All I can say is, 'Me no lesbian' and 'W.C.'. Do you want me to embarrass myself?"

"Stop putting on an act," An Zihao obviously saw Chen Xingyan speak English to the judges at the auditions.

Although her pronunciation wasn't great, it wasn't impossible to understand.

"Mr An, you don't need to turn me into an international superstar. I think I am fine right now. I don't need to change."

"Don't you have any ambitions in life?"

"Yes. I am ambitious for excitement!" Chen Xingyan replied. "I like the impossible, so don't make me act as a villain. I've already experienced it and have no interest."

An Zihao's mind was in a mess. He couldn't understand why he signed Chen Xingyan and caused himself stress.

"What exactly are you living for?"

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