Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 635: Doesn't Hua Wenfeng Feel Guilty?

Chapter 635: Doesn't Hua Wenfeng Feel Guilty?

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"Did I say something?" Tangning asked casually.

"Let me tell you, you wench, I will find evidence to make you pay for what you have said today," Hua Wenfeng's eyes were red. From the looks of it, she was fairly angered. But, of course, this further aroused Tangning's suspicion. If she didn't have something to hide, why did she have such a big reaction?

"I will wait for your evidence."

Hua Wenfeng glared at Tangning. She then turned her gaze towards the study room upstairs, "I, Hua Wenfeng, gave birth to this unfilial son for nothing!"

"My husband does not have such cruel and unscrupulous parents," Tangning lifted her chin, powerfully suppressing Hua Wenfeng's words.

Father Mo scoffed and dragged Hua Wenfeng out of the villa. Afterwards, Tangning took a deep breath and sat down on the sofa.

Bai Lihua immediately walked over to offer her support, "Are you OK?"

Tangning gently nodded her head.

Afterwards, the two women heard Mo Ting's voice coming from upstairs as he appeared in the doorway of the study room, "Auntie Bai, these four bodyguards will be guarding the front door from now on. You can be in charge of them. If someone wants to barge in, they will block their way."

"Yes, Mr Mo."

After giving his instructions, Mo Ting walked downstairs and pulled Tangning into his embrace, "Have you satisfied your anger yet?"

Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's chest quietly and listened to the sound of his heartbeat, "In this entire world, you are perhaps the only person that would allow me to bully their parents."

"Xiao Ning, it's because someone was testing their limits first. You were simply protecting yourself. You did nothing wrong," Bai Lihua said from behind the couple. "This world has always been one where the weak are bullied and the strong are feared. If you keep tolerating her, she won't stop until she gets what she wants."

"Your words are my words," Mo Ting said simply to Tangning, "And your actions are my actions."

"You..." Tangning smiled helplessly, "If I was to kill someone, you would probably bury the dead body for me."

"I won't allow anyone to bully you."

This was something Mo Ting had stuck by since the day they got married.

Tangning lifted her head and looked into Mo Ting's dazzling eyes. His pupils were like a sea of stars; so bright and sparkly, yet difficult to look away from.

"I'm a lot better now. You can go back to work. I have a few things I want to talk to Auntie Bai about," Tangning gently nudged Mo Ting's chest.

Mo Ting placed a kiss on Tangning's lips and covered her with a blanket. He then gestured for the bodyguards to watch over the front door, leaving the two women with plenty of privacy.

After Mo Ting left, Tangning looked at Bai Lihua and asked, "Auntie Bai, have you also experienced something unfair?"

Hearing this, Bai Lihua immediately thought of the couple that had just left, "It's old history that's not worth mentioning."

"Have you considered taking revenge?"

"I've thought about it for many years. But, I had to take care of Xiao Xing," Bai Lihua answered honestly.

"OK. When you want to share your story with someone, you can tell me."

"Xiao Ning, I have a request," Bai Lihua took the opportunity to make a request. "When I miss Xiao Xing, could you allow her into Hyatt Regency?"

With the mention of Chen Xingyan, Tangning immediately remembered the young girl that An Zihao tried to protect at Huo Jingjing's birthday. She was less than 20-years-old and very cheeky, but impossible to dislike. So, Tangning smiled and nodded her head, "I trust that you will know your limits."

"That child has always been different and never restrained by the rules of society."

Hearing this, Tangning couldn't help but wonder if An Zihao had brought luck or misfortune upon himself...


After following Father Mo through the front door of their home, Hua Wenfeng immediately threw everything onto the floor like crazy. All that could be heard were the shattering of items as they broke into pieces. After some time, Father Mo walked over and pulled her into his embrace, "That's enough Wenfeng. We can't beat that woman. If worse come to worse, we will never return to Beijing again."

"No!" Hua Wenfeng yelled. "Didn't you hear what she said? She said I was a fake and that I'm not Mo Ting's mother..."

"She was just talking nonsense, how could you take her seriously?"

"I am going to the hospital tomorrow to do a DNA test. I want her to know, if Mo Ting wants to get rid of me, he must be dreaming!"

Father Mo knew that she was currently overcome by anger, so he did not stop her. He waited until she calmed down before he carried her into their bedroom and placed her on the bed, "Let's just pretend we never had this son..."

"Old Mo, you need to trust in my innocence. I can't allow her to slander me in this way. No matter how much she hates us, she can't get rid of the fact that I am Mo Ting's mother."

"Fine...let's go to the hospital tomorrow and get a DNA test. No one is allowed to slander my wife."

There was no doubt that Father Mo doted on Hua Wenfeng. So, it made sense that he was consumed by her lies. With the added fact that Hua Wenfeng insisted on going to get a DNA test, Father Mo's hatred towards Tangning was further embedded in his heart. However, there was nothing he could do about her.

But, did Hua Wenfeng really want to do a DNA test?

Didn't she feel any guilt?


Meanwhile, Bai Lihua remembered the words that Tangning had said to Hua Wenfeng. Could it be that Tangning had already discovered something?

Of course, Tangning's method this time was extremely ruthless. As a result, the entire Beijing was disgusted by Hua Wenfeng, so they all had their eyes on her every move. This naturally made Tangning's life a lot easier. After all, she now had so many pairs of eyes acting as her surveillance. So, chances of Hua Wenfeng acting recklessly was very low.

"Although Hua Wenfeng is quite pitiful to have her reputation completely destroyed, I must say Tangning, your move was much too satisfying."

"The weirdest thing is, no one implicated Boss at all. Boss certainly made the best decision to remain out of the entire incident."

Seeing the smile on Long Jie's face, Tangning also smiled, "You've been visiting me a lot more often lately. Is it because Lu Che isn't home, so you've been bored?"

"Actually, I'm here because I have an idea," Long Jie shuffled closer to Tangning and said, "Lu Che and I are healthy and fine, but I can't seem to fall pregnant. I was thinking, I might try IVF."

"But I'm a little scared, so I thought I'd get your opinion."

Tangning knew that Long Jie really wanted a child. So, she wasn't surprised that Long Jie had this thought, "Have you discussed this with Lu Che yet?"

"I'm waiting for him to return first," Long Jie replied. "It's just, I'm feeling a little uncertain, so I wanted to chat to someone about it."

"It's not a bad thing..."

"I just find it a little strange," Long Jie was uncertain of her decision. "Lu Che and I are both fine, but I can't seem to fall pregnant. To have to resort to an option like this is a bit hard to accept."

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