Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 634: I've Always Been Ready To Play

Chapter 634: I've Always Been Ready To Play

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"Is it regarding the video that was exposed on the big screen of Global Square this afternoon?" Bai Lihua asked. "Hua Wenfeng will definitely come looking for you. I can't let you face them on your own."

"It's fine," Tangning smiled gently. "I've already made preparations. She won't be able to pick on me."

"Even so, I refuse to leave. I will only feel rest assured if I keep my eye on you," Bai Lihua stared at Tangning with a determined expression.

Tangning looked at Bai Lihua and noticed the woman's strong desire to protect her. It was so strong that Tangning found her impossible to reject.

So, she nodded her head in the end, "In that case, don't say a word. I'll handle everything on my own."

"What about Mo Ting? Doesn't he know that Hua Wenfeng is coming?"

Tangning smiled and pointed to the study room upstairs with her chin, "He's upstairs. As soon as the incident happened, he immediately rushed home. He is currently looking at contracts in the study room."

"That's good," Bai Lihua relaxed.

At this time, Mo Ting's voice resounded from upstairs, "Auntie Bai, go open the door."

Bai Lihua was a little confused. She originally thought that Hua Wenfeng had arrived. But, as she opened the door, Fang Yu stepped in with four bodyguards. After leaving the bodyguards with Tangning, he turned and left.

"In a moment, if Tangning needs anything, help her grab it. Don't let her tire herself out."

As Hua Wenfeng's son, it wasn't forbidden for Mo Ting to be present during Tangning and Hua Wenfeng's confrontation, but he knew that Tangning needed the chance to get revenge on her own. So, he decided to stay out of it and allow the bodyguards to protect Tangning instead. After all, his wife was pregnant, so it wasn't convenient for her to have any physical contact.

"Hua Wenfeng is here to cause trouble. As your husband, shouldn't he be personally doing something?" Bai Lihua was a little confused by Mo Ting's actions.

"He is doing something by not appearing. He knows that I have a lot of anger bottled up inside. If he is around, I won't be able to express myself fully," Tangning replied straightforwardly. "Auntie Bai, if there is a person in this world that understands the depths of my soul, that person is my husband."

"He knows everything I want..."

"Oh," Bai Lihua didn't fully grasp what Tangning meant, but, she would soon find out after Hua Wenfeng arrived.

It didn't take long before furious knocking could be heard on the door. Of course, Tangning did not need to open the door on her own. But, as everyone watched Hua Wenfeng rush in through the front door, they were quite surprised.

Ms Hua seemed to always do things that weren't fitting of her identity.

"Mom, why did you come over without tidying yourself up a little first?" Tangning asked indifferently.

"Tangning! Stop putting on an act! If not for you, my reputation wouldn't be completely destroyed." Hua Wenfeng pounced at Tangning, but the bodyguards quickly stopped her. "I am your mother-in-law! How dare you treat me like this!"

"Tangning! Did you plan the incident that happened today?" Father Mo asked as he supported Hua Wenfeng.

"Yes, it was me." Tangning never thought of the couple as worthy opponents, so she looked at Father Mo and threw a question back at him calmly, "So what if I did?"

"Didn't you already know that I am ruthless and vengeful?"

"It couldn't be because I'm pregnant that you think I have no power to fight back..."

"And don't think that just because I'm your daughter-in-law, I would allow you to bully me as you please."

"I can't handle getting the short end of the stick!"

Tangning was calm and unfazed, "Today, I simply destroyed Ms Hua's reputation. If she won't admit defeat and decides to continue, I am ready to play along with her."

"Tangning, I hope you and the child in your stomach will die a painful death..." Hua Wenfeng lost control of her emotions as she pointed to Tangning's stomach.

"Take back your filthy hand," Tangning warned in a fierce tone. "Otherwise, don't blame me for retaliating in a heartless way."

Hua Wenfeng didn't know why, but hearing Tangning's fierce tone, sent shivers down her spine. Perhaps, it was because she had never seen Tangning in such a way.

"Have a good look at yourself. You don't have any of the qualities of a Mo family member. First you slandered your daughter-in-law, then you tried to drive a wedge between her and Mo Ting. You even cursed your grandchild and used the media. Because of your selfishness, you completely destroyed the Mo Family's reputation! You can continue the way you are, but please don't draw attention to my child and I. The suffering we experience today..."

"...will be thrown back at you, one hundred fold tomorrow."

"Give it a try. Let's see who's methods are more ruthless. Today, I can destroy your reputation. Tomorrow, I can make you beg for your life."

"Tangning...even the Gods won't forgive you for treating your mother-in-law this way," Father Mo was a little too angry, so he stuttered as he spoke, not quite making sense, "If you dare to hurt Wenfeng again...I won't let you off the hook!"

"Father...take a proper look at the woman before you. Is she really your wife?" Tangning asked as she pointed to Hua Wenfeng with her chin like she had another meaning to her words.

"What do you mean?"

"Tangning, don't you dare talk nonsense in front of Shaoyuan, you cheap performer," Hua Wenfeng immediately tried to protect herself by yelling at Tangning. "As long as I am alive, I will not let you be a part of the Mo Family."

"Do I need your acknowledgement?" Tangning asked. "Or...could it be that you are angry because I said something that I shouldn't have?"

"You cheap sl*t!"

"The truth cannot be hidden forever. Justice will prevail," Tangning's words left everyone hanging. She then turned to Father Mo and said, "Father, you should keep an eye on your wife. When it comes to scheming, her brains are nothing compared to mine. I've always been ready to play. If someone wants to gamble their life with mine, I am ready to gamble with them."

"You can hate me and curse me all you want. I won't lose a single hair on my body. Just don't try to challenge me!"

After hearing Tangning's words, Father Mo was tempted to throw a slap across her face. But, he couldn't, because she was surrounded by bodyguards.

"I am pregnant, so I don't want to make a big fuss; I'll leave you with a bit of pride. But, if you don't control yourself and continue to do disgusting things, I will have no choice but to respond."

"What did Mo Ting say?" Father Mo scoffed, no longer wanting to listen to Tangning.

"Did you think that Mo Ting still wants to talk to you?"

Father Mo was silent for a few seconds as he looked upstairs. He knew that Mo Ting was home. But, as Tangning said, he did not want to see him nor Hua Wenfeng.

So, Father Mo swallowed his anger and got ready to leave. But, Hua Wenfeng loosened herself from his arms and approached Tangning, "Your words just now. Were you trying to suggest that I'm a fake and that I'm not Mo Ting's mother?"

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