Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 633: One Big Show

Chapter 633: One Big Show

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"I was just testing you. Since you were willing to tell me the truth, then I am happy to go ahead with this deal."

Hua Wenfeng laughed, "Young lady, you sure have your methods."

"But, I deleted it in the end, didn't I?" the young artist put down her phone and Hua Wenfeng relaxed.

Of course, in a hidden position, the pinhole camera that was attached to the young artist's body, had already captured Hua Wenfeng's every word and expression.

"To be honest, I don't like actors, especially smart ones. Yet my daughter-in-law is one."

"Don't you know that Tangning has your grandchild in her stomach?"

Hua Wenfeng laughed in response, "My son is the Big Boss of the entertainment industry. Should he be worried that there's no one around to help him bear a child?"

"You are quite a despicable person," the woman judged Hua Wenfeng straightforwardly. "Although I did something wrong, I know I deserve the consequences. But, the way that you have treated a pregnant woman is extremely shameless."

"That's it, enough talking. Where's the item I've come for?"

The woman glared at Hua Wenfeng before she sent her the photo on her phone, "I've sent you the photo, but I don't want your money. My conscience won't allow me to spend it. I wish you the best of luck."

After speaking, the woman stood up and left. Meanwhile, Hua Wenfeng got what she wished for and immediately forwarded the photo to Father Mo, "This is your daughter-in-law."

However, Hua Wenfeng wouldn't have known that her every word and move that afternoon, had been broadcasted live on the biggest public advertising screen in Beijing.

Of course, from beginning to end, only Hua Wenfeng appeared in the video and the little artist's identity was kept a secret; this prevented her from being attacked by reporters.

Everyone saw the true Hua Wenfeng and was now aware of what Tangning had gone through. Yet...

...Hua Wenfeng was the only one that was oblivious to it all and was cheering in glee over the photo she had received...

"Ridiculous! Just because she doesn't like Tangning, she actually treated a pregnant woman in such a way. She is completely shameless," the netizens began to discuss the situation.

"I wonder who the kind-hearted person who revealed this information is. If not for her, I wonder how many false claims Tangning would have had to put up with, poor thing."

"Hua Wenfeng is the most despicable mother-in-law I have ever seen."

"Wasn't it also revealed that President Mo's father was the one that started the rumor of Tangning cheating? I never thought rich families were such a mess behind-the-scenes..."

"It's been one big show."

"I think Tangning planned all this. But, after being treated in such a way, there's nothing wrong with the way she exposed Hua Wenfeng!"

In an instant, the video made it possible for the entire Beijing to experience the evils of the human heart and what it meant to be sinister.

After everyone saw the video, the artist that had met with Hua Wenfeng also shared the photo that she had given Hua Wenfeng.

Blown up on the big screen was indeed a photo of Tangning and An Zihao. But, those with an eye for detail immediately spotted there was something wrong.

"This was Photoshopped! This Hua Wenfeng is too much. Previously, someone also Photoshopped a photo with Tangning and said she was their wife. Does that mean she also cheated with that man?"

"If I was Tangning and I was treated by my mother-in-law in​ this way, I would directly walk up to her and chop her into bits!"

Hua Wenfeng had no idea that the outside world had undergone a dramatic change. After speaking to Father Mo on the phone, she called Mo Ting, "Xiao Ting, do you know what photo your father just received?"


"Evidence of Tangning cheating; proof that she is having an affair with An Zihao," Hua Wenfeng exclaimed.

" what?"

"So you should immediately get a divorce. How does she deserve to be my daughter-in-law?"

"Ms Hua, are you talking about this photo?"

On the other end of the phone, Mo Ting's lips curved slightly upwards as he sent the original photo to Hua Wenfeng. If Tangning's fans were detailed enough, they would have discovered that the original man in the photo...was Mo Ting! It was a photo of Tangning and Mo Ting!

Mo Ting had sent the original, so when Hua Wenfeng looked at it, she was slightly confused, "Xiao Ting, no, not this one..."

"This is a photo of Tangning and I!"

Hua Wenfeng paused for a moment, not quite understanding what was going on.

"Confused? You will understand everything very soon." After speaking, Mo Ting hung up the phone. At this time, Hua Wenfeng finally sensed that there may have been a change in the situation, so she immediately left the hotel. she walked out, passersby recognized her and began to point and gossip.

"I can't believe this disgusting woman is brave enough to come outside..."

"A woman's heart can indeed be the most evil."

"She's so shameless. I hope my mother-in-law will never be like her."

All of a sudden, everyone seemed to be looking at Hua Wenfeng with ridicule and disgust. Someone even threw something at her, "You are truly despicable!"

Hua Wenfeng didn't understand what was going on, so she tried to flag down a taxi and leave. But, as soon as the taxi driver saw her, he refused to let her on, "Oh, it's you. I'm not driving you, find another taxi!"

"Can I ask why?"

"Why? Go to the public screen at Global Square and see for yourself. To see someone as evil as you at my age, has truly opened my eyes." After speaking, the driver immediately drove off.

Hua Wenfeng's arm was injured, so she couldn't drive, but no taxi would take her. So, she had no choice but to walk while trying to hide herself.

A little while later, a piece of entertainment news was released online, detailing everything that Hua Wenfeng had done. It appeared on all the biggest websites and even an SMS was sent out.

Hua Wenfeng's hands trembled as she looked at her name appear on her phone. She then found out what had happened.

This explained it all...

Hua Wenfeng's body suddenly felt weak as she fell onto the icy cold floor. Everyone had now discovered how evil she was on the inside.

Hua Wenfeng lay on the ground in tears. She finally understood why everyone was pointing at her and gossiping. But, how did this happen?


This was a humiliation, a complete humiliation! Hua Wenfeng was suddenly consumed by humiliation.

Hua Wenfeng remained still on the floor until Father Mo traced her steps from the hotel and found her.

"Wenfeng, get up...get up!"

"Old Mo! Take me to Tangning! I want to see Tangning!"

Hua Wenfeng looked up. Her eyes were red and overflowing with tears.

"OK, I'll take you to see Tangning right now!" Father Mo carried Hua Wenfeng into their car and drove straight towards the direction of Hyatt Regency.

But, now that things had gotten to this point, what was the point of looking for Tangning?

Of course, Tangning had already predicted what was coming her way, so she instructed Bai Lihua, "Auntie Bai, in a moment, just stay in your room. No matter what happens, don't come out."

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