Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 79: Standing Side-by-side

Chapter 79: Standing Side-by-side

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After leaving the hotel, Han Yufan dragged his lifeless body through the streets. So this was how it felt to be betrayed; anger, embarrassment, shame and loss of control - a thousand emotions coursed through his veins.

For Mo Yurou, he had given up everything...

He even broke up with Tangning...

Yet, in the end, this was what he got in return: catching her in bed with someone else. He felt that his sincere heart had been played like a game by Mo Yurou...


So back when Tangning discovered him cheating with Mo Yurou, this was how she felt. He wanted to crumble Mo Yurou in his hands; he wanted to skin her and break all her bones. But, even if he did all that, it still would not be enough to curb his hatred because he had already given so much and sacrificed so much of his youth.

For Mo Yurou, he threw away Tangning and abandoned Han Ruoxue; he gave up everything to help her advance. In exchange, he found her in bed with someone else.

The indescribable pain was rooted in his heart as it sprouted into anger and other complicated emotions...swallowing him whole. Three years of love ended in nothing...


He had once treated Tangning in the same way. Thinking of Tangning, Han Yufan remembered all the humiliation and torture he had put her through. If this was meant to be the most painful form of karma, he was already at the point where he was in so much pain he'd rather die.

Han Yufan kneeled on the floor defeated; this kind of humiliation, he would only allow it to happen once!

In the end, Han Yufan phoned Tangning. In a calm voice he spoke, "Tangning, can you come back?"

On the other end of the phone, Tangning was packing her and Mo Ting's luggage. Hearing Han Yufan's question, she was slightly stunned, "What do you mean?"

"Come back to my side...I'll give the best to you..."

Tangning stopped what she was doing. Her eyes contained a sense of ridicule which Han Yufan could not see, "If I want something, I can get it myself, I don't need you. President Han, if that's it, I will hang up first."

"Can you not leave Tianyi?"

Tangning hung up the phone without responding and continued to pack her luggage; she could roughly guess what had happened between Mo Yurou and Han Yufan. Originally she thought she would look forward to this day, but this wasn't the result she wanted to see. Han Yufan was turning back, not because he was truly regretful, but because he probably experienced the same kind of betrayal as her...

Not long after, Mo Ting packed away his documents and headed into the bedroom. Seeing Tangning standing beside the bed in a daze, he stretched out his arms and hugged her, "Sorry, I've been working till so late."

Tangning returned Mo Ting's hug as she tried her best to absorb the warmth from his body, "I know you are trying to make time to go overseas with me..."

"What's wrong?"

Mo Ting noticed a slight change in her voice; they had developed an understanding between each other over time. Although Tangning wasn't someone that usually spoke much, Mo Ting could still sense a change in her emotions by simply looking at her expression.

"I think Han Yufan and Mo Yurou have split..."

"I just suddenly feel a sense of realization. I've figured out whether I've done all this to seek revenge on them or to do something for myself. I understand now: of course it is important to make them face their consequences, but...more importantly, I want to stand side-by-side with you, on the same level."

Mo Ting gently stroked her black hair comfortingly before carrying her over to the bed, "Good girl, close your eyes. We will be going overseas tomorrow...I will always keep you company..."

Tangning closed her eyes peacefully; within Mo Ting's embrace she fell asleep sweetly because she knew, the day they return from overseas would be the day she'd take care of Mo Yurou, once and for all!

Early the next morning, before Tangning even got the chance to board the plane, Creative Century leaked the news that they had actually been after a different model in Tianyi, not Tangning.

Everyone assumed, Creative Century only said this because they had been repeatedly rejected by Tangning and this was the only way for them to save their pride. As for the other model they mentioned, it couldn't be anyone else but Mo Yurou.

Is Mo Yurou about to make a comeback again?

Did she steal a big contract from Tangning?

Sl*t! She's not worthy of it!

The netizens snorted in contempt; they did not think Mo Yurou's personality deserved any compliments. If Creative Century was really going to work with her, then it would be hard to imagine how many contacts and schemes she used; or even how many higher-ups she slept with. However, these negative reactions didn't stop Mo Yurou from climbing up the hottest topic rankings.

"Tangning, do you want me to investigate what happened?" Long Jie looked at the news in discomfort.

No matter what Mo Yurou wanted to do, it was her own business. But the fact that Mo Yurou used Tangning to create hype made Long Jie disgusted.

"This may not have happened for no reason," Tangning replied. "Long Jie, I have a feeling Han Yufan and Mo Yurou have split. If this is the case, take notice of Mo Yurou, she may get an abortion. We have to make sure she at least keeps it until the awards ceremony."

Long Jie froze for a moment before nodding, "I understand...I will do something about it."

"It doesn't matter how her relationship with Han Yufan is - since she owes me - I will definitely make her pay for it!"


Meanwhile, Han Yufan also saw the news online. His handsome face immediately swept over with a cold expression; it seemed Mo Yurou really did sleep with a big shot. No wonder she managed to secure a Top Ten Model Award; now she also had the opportunity to join Creative Century.

Did she want to just leave like this?

As if it would be that easy.

Just as Han Yufan was about to take action, Mo Yurou threw open his office door and entered as usual. She looked exhausted with swollen red eyes...

"What are you here for?" Han Yufan's voice was a little hoarse like he was trying to restrain himself.

"Yufan, I'm here to beg for your forgiveness," Mo Yurou suddenly started shedding tears, she had a pitiful look in her eyes, "I really had no choice; that man had his eyes set on me. He used you and Tianyi to blackmail me; I couldn't do anything. Can you give me 5 minutes to explain?"

Han Yufan looked at her in ridicule like he was looking at an enemy, "Did you think I would still trust your words?"

"Didn't you already hook up with Creative Century? What? You still have an interest in my small company?"

"Mo Yurou, you really disgust me..."

Seeing Han Yufan not budge at all, Mo Yurou immediately sucked up her tears and laughed coldly, "You can't blame anyone for this. If you had the ability to protect me and was capable of stepping on top of Tangning, I wouldn't have had to go down this path."

"I've been your lover for 3 years..."

"But what have you given me? All you have given me is failure..."

"Han Yufan...don't forget, I still have your child in me..."

"What do you plan on doing about this child?"

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