Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 616: You Can Tolerate It, But I Can't

Chapter 616: You Can Tolerate It, But I Can't

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Meanwhile, in South Korea.

"Madam, it's not that I don't want to help you, but you've been here too many times before. With your extent of scarring, it's impossible for us to help you recover. Even if we can help you, there is no way to get you looking like you used to," the hospital staff said in perfect English. "We suggest you search for another hospital."

The old lady put on her face mask in disappointment. Although she had already gotten used to it after so many years, she had never been so desperate.

If she couldn't recover her original appearance, she would never be able to reveal herself in the open. In other words, she would be an embarrassment to Mo Ting.

She didn't want to put up with the judgment of others, nor did she want Mo Ting and Tangning to suffer this fate.

More importantly, if she was to step out in her current state, she wouldn't be able to go up against Hua Wenfeng.

So, she insisted on maintaining her trust in medicine. She believed that science would continue to improve. The only problem was, after so many years, the scars on her face had already become permanent and was impossible to heal.

If this was the case, what was Mo Ting and Tangning to do when they faced problems in the future?

When seemed her only hope would be DNA.


In the end, not only did Hua Wenfeng's revelations not hurt Tangning, it dug her grave deeper. The public deemed her as the perfect example of a 'malicious mother-in-law', because her actions were enough to attract the disgust of tens of thousands of young people.

Late into the night, inside a seaside villa at Hyatt Regency. Hua Wenfeng saw the scolding and attacks online. She did not have the tolerance that those in entertainment had, so she was boiling in anger as she threw her phone to one side.

"My dear wife, be careful not to hurt your body with anger," Father Mo comforted, "I'll get Mo Ting to deal with this issue."

"Deal with it? Right now, in his eyes, compared to Tangning, do we still hold any importance?" Hua Wenfeng asked. "Look at this child, we've treated him well since he was small. Yet, he is willing to let the entire nation scold his mother because of a mere woman. What type of son have I given birth to?"

"Why don't we return to the US?" Father Mo suggested.

"Return? You can tolerate this, but I can't," Hua Wenfeng rejected. "How did I give birth to a son that doesn't acknowledge his family?"

"Do you still have the intention to go up against Tangning? Forget it. It doesn't suit your identity! Plus, she's already married to your son..."

"It's none of your business!" Hua Wenfeng grunted.

In reality, Tangning had already experienced all forms of schemes within the industry. So, no matter what Hua Wenfeng was to throw at her, she would not fear it.

Compared to all the calculations and plotting, Tangning preferred to spend time practicing her script. After all, the further she read into 'Concubine Ning', the more interesting it became.

She originally thought that it was a typical story about a concubine that caused chaos in the kingdom, but...the surprising thing was the various reversals and and ever-thickening plot. Concubine Ning did every single bad thing possible in the world, until she was finally arrested by a righteous warrior and forced to be beheaded in front of the entire kingdom. However...

...the person killed was actually Concubine Ning's older sister. So, the real Concubine Ning escaped death and continued to exist, making an appearance during the emperor's morning court the next day.

But, mysteriously, the head from the beheading had disappeared; many rumored that the concubine had borrowed a corpse to resurrect her soul, others claimed that the previous rulers had done too many bad deeds, so Concubine Ning continued to live and wreak havoc on Earth.

However, at this time, Concubine Ning changed her evil habits and slowly demonstrated the virtous side of herself to the public. Eventually, the commoners' hate towards her, transformed into adoration.

Until one day, a headless zombie appeared during court and demanded Concubine Ning for her head...

Everyone was terrified except for Concubine Ning, who revealed to everyone that she wasn't Concubine Ning and that she was actually the older sister. She was the one that had shocked everyone after being schemed against by her own younger sister.

After she was beheaded on behalf of her sister, the Gods wanted to punish Concubine Ning. So, they chopped off Concubine Ning's head and gave the body to the older sister to use for her own resurrection.

After hearing this, everyone jumped out to capture the zombie. But, the zombie cut her finger and began writing some words on the floor of the court, "The woman in court is definitely the evil concubine."

Unfortunately, no one believed her as they grabbed her from all sides and tore her apart.

But, what was her true identity?

Even Tangning had not received the final script yet.

"Is this script really that addictive?" Mo Ting asked as he sat down beside the seriously concentrated Tangning.

Tangning put down the script and smiled at Mo Ting, "This story is filled with ups and downs. It is interesting, yet difficult to film. I love a good challenge like this."

"No matter how interesting it is, you should still eat first!" Mo Ting confiscated her script and pulled her into his embrace, "My heart hurts when you are hungry..."

"OK," Tangning said obediently as she followed Mo Ting to the dining table.

"Lu Che will be away for a few days, so from tomorrow onwards, I will be a little busier than usual."

"You can get Fang Yu to help you out."

"Fang Yu already has a lot on his plate. If I give him more to do, Huo Jingjing will have something to say," Mo Ting replied.

Actually, this was an example of extending one's love for the sake of their lover. If Huo Jingjing wasn't Tangning's friend, Mo Ting would not have cared.

"I understand. But, there's one thing. Zihao said he was delivering the last part of the script to me today, yet I haven't seen a glimpse of him yet."

Tangning wasn't aware of the dramas with the stunt double yet, so she was curious why the usually punctual An Zihao was late. Tangning's anticipation was simple: she really wanted to know what happened next. What was the answer to the mystery?

Of course, she would have never predicted the change that Chen Xingyan would make to all their lives!


Meanwhile, the small stunt double couldn't resist the temptation of An Zihao's offer in the end. So, she submissively hopped off her motorbike.

"Why would you suddenly sign a stunt double? Are you crazy?"

Chen Xingyan was especially cautious of An Zihao, "Don't tell me you want to do something indecent to me. Let me tell you, I've witnessed many dirty things in the industry. But, I sell my skills, not my body!"

An Zihao snatched his belt out of Chen Xingyan's hand and scoffed, "You? I'd be lying on the floor before I even touch a hair on your body. No matter how perverted I am, I don't want to die! Plus, you are already outdated in this industry, there's no point putting on an act in front of me."

"And, if I must add one more thing, as harsh as it may sound, with your body, I would never take the risk to do something indecent."

"Then, why would you sign me?"

"It's a public service to prevent others from being scammed by you," An Zihao sneered.

However, An Zihao had no idea that he had actually done a great deed...

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