Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 615: Why Would We Hire You?

Chapter 615: Why Would We Hire You?

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"I can throw punches and aren't afraid of receiving them either!"

Body doubles always had a depressing existence in the entertainment industry, but amongst them, stunt doubles were the worst. Not only was it the most dangerous, stunt doubles had absolutely no opportunity to reveal their faces to the cameras nor become famous.

It was common to receive news within the industry about an injured stunt double. Small incidents involved paralysis; serious incidents involved death. However, the money they received was nowhere near 1/1000th of what a main actor received.

After hearing what Chen Xingyan had to say, An Zihao walked over to her and asked in an intimidating manner, "Have you bought insurance for your entire body from head to toe?"


"Then, how could you be so brave?"

Chen Xingyan pushed An Zihao away and scoffed, "When I started my career as a stunt double, you were still nothing."

"You sure talk big, you little brat..."

"I started my career as a stunt double when I was 7-years-old," Chen Xingyan gave off a cool vibe as she spoke, "Plus, you are honestly strange. You were hassling me for the last few days about acting in your drama. Now that I've finally come here, you're trying to stop me."

"I wanted you to act. Leave the stunts for someone else. Look at at you, you have scrawny shoulders and weak arms, so..." Before An Zihao could finish his sentence, Chen Xingyan hooked her arm around An Zihao's shoulder and flipped him onto the ground in one swift movement.

Chen Feng was shocked by Chen Xingyan's actions, but he couldn't help being convinced by the power contained in this tiny package.

"Will you hire me?" Chen Xingyan asked as she pressed down on An Zihao.

"Let me ask you, must you be a stunt double?" An Zihao asked as he lay on the floor.

"Yes, it's my job."

She was only capable of being a stunt double. Whenever she was asked to show her face, her entire body would freeze in nervousness. So, she preferred being unknown.

"As you wish," An Zihao couldn't convince her nor was he close enough to her to influence her decision. "Since you want to be a stunt double, what good is beating me in a fight? If you manage to win against the other martial artists that we have already hired, we can consider making you the stunt double for the female lead...Oh, wait, the female lead doesn't need a stunt double..."


Everyone knew that Tangning didn't use stunt doubles. She always did everything herself, no matter how difficult.

"We can consider making you the stunt double for the supporting actress."

Hearing this, Chen Xingyan finally loosened her hold on An Zihao and stood up. She then asked Director Chen Feng, "Where are the martial artists that you guys speak of?"

"Xiao Ba, fetch the stunt doubles for me."

Chen Xingyan thought she'd secure the position as long as she beat these people. But, she never expected that An Zihao would document everything with the cameras.

"Didn't you say that I only need to fight?" Chen Xingyan asked as she looked at An Zihao.

"After being a stunt double for so many years, don't you understand the concept of choreography? No matter how good you are at fighting, if you don't show up on the cameras, that would be a waste of energy. Aren't you afraid of nothing? Let's get started."

Chen Xingyan could feel that this was a part of An Zihao's revenge, so she stretched out her hand and gave him the finger.

An Zihao chuckled as he watched Chen Xingyan prepare for a fight with two people.

"Let's get started..."

The two stunt doubles came from martial arts schools and were proper students with famous teachers. Chen Xingyan, on the other hand...

Chen Xingyan stood opposite the two women. She then glanced at the camera in An Zihao's hands, obviously uncomfortable and, in fact, a little nervous. However, she closed her eyes and said, "The two of you can come at once. I'll close my eyes and go easy on you."

An Zihao already noticed that Chen Xingyan froze in front of the cameras, so he knew that closing her eyes was merely an excuse to avoid them and perform her best. She thought she'd appear generous, but this was all a part of her tactic.

"Open your eyes. If the camera accidentally catches our stunt double with her eyes closed, that would harm the quality of the entire drama."

Chen Feng sat to the side, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at An Zihao's words.

"If you can't face the cameras, then leave. No wonder you haven't achieved much after being a stunt double for so many years."

An Zihao had gone a little overboard with his words, so Chen Xingyan was obviously displeased. However, she did not start fighting with the two stunt doubles. She instead pounced onto An Zihao and sat on top of him as she pressed him against the floor, "You're a psycho that likes to cause trouble and force others to do what they don't want to do..."

The scene was suddenly in a mess as Director Chen Feng closed his eyes in embarrassment. The position that the two were in, was slightly inappropriate.

"A stunt double is also an actor. If an actor can't face the cameras, then why would we hire you? How much of a big-shot do you think you are? Why would the entire cast and crew work around your preferences?"

"If you can't face the cameras, then leave. There's no use sitting on top of me."

"I don't care how you managed in the past. When it comes to us, we can't let anything go wrong."

"Hey..." Director Chen Feng wanted to call out and tell An Zihao not to be so harsh to the young lady.

"I'm really good at fighting."

Too bad she couldn't face the cameras. After saying these words, Chen Xingyan stood up disappointedly, "There may not be a place for me here, but I am bound to find somewhere that wants me!"

An Zihao watched as Chen Xingyan left and quickly stood up. However, for a split second, An Zihao's pants almost fell off. He didn't know when it happened, but Chen Xingyan had walked off with his Gucci belt...

"Why did you have to be so harsh towards her?" Chen Feng couldn't help but ask.

Although An Zihao had been slightly humiliated, as soon as he thought of Chen Xingyan's mother, he felt that there was no need to make Chen Xingyan end up like her mother. So, he decided to force her away.

"Haiz, Zihao, if you feel pity for her, you should take her under your arms and train her properly. Did you think, with her personality, she wouldn't just go join another cast?"

"Other production crews might not be as humane as we are."

Hearing this, An Zihao suddenly realized that the brat was like a devil who was bound to cause chaos.

So, he immediately ran out after her and watched as she hopped onto a motorbike...

She drove a motorbike...

Not just any motorbike, but a high-caliber motorbike...

Chen Xingyan looked at An Zihao from the distance, swaying his belt in one hand provokingly as she got ready to drive off.

At this time, An Zihao yelled loudly towards her, "I'll hire you as a stunt double."

"But, I have one condition!"

"You need to sign a contract with me and work under me, abiding to my rules. Otherwise, I can make it so no one in the entire industry will hire you!"

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