Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 614: How Do You Plan To Prove It?

Chapter 614: How Do You Plan To Prove It?

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"Hey, to be honest, most young people these days don't like being controlled by their in-laws, right? If you were put in the same position and your in-laws spread rumors about your private life, how would you feel? Especially when what they're saying is created out of nothing."

"Tangning has a high EQ. She doesn't care what you guys say. She can change anything into a form of motivation, so she would never step out to clarify anything. Just because she has a mother-in-law like this, she still respects her as an elder. If she was to argue back, how bad would that look?"

"The funny thing is, you guys were led by the nose all along and pitifully lacked basic judgment..."

"You just wait and see. Time will tell what's true and what's not."

"I am an example of someone that has been taught a lesson by Tangning. I'm sure you guys will also suffer many faceslaps!"

"I am Yang Xi and I was once an enemy of Tangning's. Today, I am returning a favor to her, by stepping out to say a few honest truths."

Yang Xi released a 2-minute long video. According to her current state, she could no longer call for a press conference like she used to; she had already lost her level of influence.

But, she could still say a few words for Tangning.

This was the first person to step out and speak for Tangning. Yet, she was a previous enemy of Tangning's. For the sake of the Fei Tian awards, they had once put up a fight to the death. However, today, under the circumstances that Tangning was facing, the first person brave enough to speak up for Tangning was actually her!

Online, the netizens originally either praised Hua Wenfeng for being brave and having the courage to go against Tangning, or they were trying hard to prove if Hua Wenfeng's words were true. Even though, in their hearts, they already had the answer.

However, no one delved too deep into the fact that they were mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. It was not until Yang Xi spoke up that everyone realized what may be happening.

Yang Xi was right...

How much of what Hua Wenfeng said was the truth? Everyone had their own ability to judge the situation and the entire Beijing had long understood how Tangning was. At least, up until this point, she had not done anything deserving of condemnation. She had always been flawless, so how could she possibly make such big mistakes in front of her mother-in-law?

Therefore, the rumors about Tangning still needed to be verified, whereas, it was obvious that Hua Wenfeng had overly interfered with her son and daughter-in-law's private lives. In fact, she had even jinxed the unborn child in Tangning's stomach...

No daughter-in-law could except a mother-in-law like that, right?

Especially since the entire incident had happened in front of the entire nation. Hua Wenfeng couldn't deny it even if she wanted to.

"My mother-in-law​ once told me that my birth date is yin in nature and that it is a sensitive date that attracts a lot of yin energy. So, she hired a Taoist priest to perform a ritual that required me to strip naked. When I found out, I directly kicked my mother-in-law out of the house."

"The commenter above is quite pitiful, but I've heard even worse. Not long after my friend got married, her mother-in-law​ brought home a woman and straightforwardly told my friend that the woman was her second daughter in law and that they should learn to get along with each other. What a joke..."

"Argh, I gave birth to three girls in a row, yet my mother-in-law insists I continue trying. She even keeps an eye on my husband and I to make sure that we sleep in the same room. What a psycho!"

Not long after, the internet erupted with discontent from wives and husbands that disliked their mothers-in-law.

"All in all, I think Hua Wenfeng has made a series of baseless accusations with her loud mouth. That's why I insist on supporting Tangning. Otherwise, I'm afraid my mother-in-law might end up like that."

"I can tolerate most things. After all, my mother-in-law is also loose-lipped. But, when it comes to jinxing an unborn child, I feel her motive is terrible. If it was someone else's child, it may have been passable, but this is her own grandchild, how could she say such a thing? If this child finds out about this in the future, she will lose all respect as a grandmother."

Hua Wenfeng never imagined, her intention to teach Tangning a lesson lost control and backfired onto herself.

She was a mother-in-law!

As a mother-in-law, she did not act like a person of seniority and she did not show respect to those younger than her at all. Instead, she revealed the evil hiding under her mask and made people disgusted in her.

Online, the scolding towards Hua Wenfeng grew. In fact, the verbal attacks became more and more violent. Seeing the comments online, Hua Wenfeng was furious. She immediately gave Mo Ting a phone call, "Isn't Hai Rui the leaders of the industry. Why haven't they suppressed this news?"

"Which news are you referring to?" Mo Ting asked while sitting in his office.

"Are you going to allow the entire nation to scold your mother?"

"This is nothing!" Mo Ting replied calmly. "Before you began to get scolded, Tangning and I had already experienced this treatment."


Mo Ting did not wait for Hua Wenfeng to throw another tantrum. Just as he was about to put away his phone, an anonymous phone number popped up on the caller ID. He immediately picked it up, "Hello?"

"President Mo, I've already done what you've asked and repaid Tangning."

It was a phone call from Yang Xi. Which meant, unbeknownst to everyone, Yang Xi's video was all a part of Mo Ting's plan. Because, as soon as the scandal broke out, the first useful person that Mo Ting thought of was Yang Xi.


Mo Ting's PR methods had always been flawless and perfect. Even when faced with so many problems at once, he was able to find a weakness and destroy it in one hit.


Meanwhile, for the the last few days, An Zihao had passed by the studio and not seen Chen Xingyan.

Could it be that the brat had stopped fixing dislocations and decided to do something else?

An Zihao felt it was quite a shame, but there was nothing he could do about it. However, when he met with Director Chen Feng again, a petite figure stood before him. It was a person that made An Zihao's eyes almost pop out of their sockets in shock.

"Director An, I have something interesting to show you. This girl approached asking to be a stunt double. But, look how tiny she is. With her tiny arms and legs, can she really do it?"

An Zihao smiled, but did not respond. He simply walked up to Director Chen Feng and said, "Director Chen, I recommended this girl to you before, but she kept rejecting me. I don't think we are in need of any more actors now..."

Hearing this, Chen Feng let out a laugh, "So it was her?"


"Did you hear that Chen Xingyan? We don't need any more actors," Chen Feng said after getting An Zihao's response. "You can go home."

Chen Xingyan glared at An Zihao. After a few moments, she said, "You won't find another stunt double as good as I am. If you don't believe me, you can give it a try."

"Oh?" An Zihao raised an eyebrow with a sense of doubt, "How do you plan to prove it?"

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