Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 612: Chen Xingyan

Chapter 612: Chen Xingyan

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An Zihao looked up the address and headed over. However, he almost broke the doorbell, yet no one responded inside. At this time, An Zihao heard some footsteps from behind him. As he turned around, he spotted the brat supporting an old woman who was wearing a face mask.

The brat also spotted him. So, she quickly abandoned the old lady and ran away.

This time, An Zihao did not chase after her. Instead, he directly threatened her, "Hey, brat! Don't you care about this woman anymore?"

The brat turned around and yelled towards the old lady, "Mom, you handle it yourself..."

In the end, she really didn't care...

An Zihao had truly witnessed how uncultivated the brat could be as he heard the old lady giggle beside him, "Sir, I'm sorry. Has my daughter caused you trouble?"

An Zihao looked at the woman in detail and discovered that she had a reason for her face mask; there were bumpy scars all over her face.

"Rascal, you've spotted the scars on my face, haven't you?"

"Uh huh," An Zihao nodded.

"I was burnt about ten years ago," the old lady said before she looked up and analyzed An Zihao. However, a few minutes later, she suddenly became very emotional, "'re the rascal that won best new director."

"I see that auntie watches TV," An Zihao nodded, acknowledging his identity. "I have a drama for your daughter to act in..."

"Her father had a dream of acting, and because of that dream, he never returned," the old lady sighed. Afterwards, she suddenly thought of something and asked in a slight stutter, "The...the rumor about the boss from Hai it true? A lot of people have been discussing it lately."

"Of course it's not true," An Zihao replied, "Mo Ting and his wife were betrayed by his mother. He is unlucky to have a mother like that."

The old lady's expression changed a little. Without wasting any more time, she simply said, "Rascal, my Xiao Xing has always been this wild, so I have no control over her. Whether you want her to act for you or anything else, please don't hurt her."

After speaking, the old lady pushed open the metal door that An Zihao had been pressing the doorbell for earlier. From the looks of it, the villa that they lived in, wasn't bad at all.

Thinking about the way that the brat appeared when she opened her stall, An Zihao thought to himself, he had never seen someone as wild and strange as this girl.

Xiao Xing...

From the looks of it, she should be called 'Little Chimp' instead...


After An Zihao left, Chen Xingyan slowly made her way back home. Seeing her mother had removed her mask and was applying antiseptic, she quickly hurried over to help, "Old woman, move over, let me do it."

"Xing Er, mom has something to ask of you."

"Go ahead," Chen Xingyan replied casually.

"Well...actually, it's nothing..."

She had been hiding a secret for a few decades. To suddenly bring it up, was a difficult task. The old woman stuttered hesitantly before she grabbed the items out of Chen Xingyan's hands and placed her face mask back on, covering her scarred skin.

"If there's something you want to say, then say it!"

"Have you come in contact with the young man from earlier yet? Mom has something that she wants to say to him."

"Errr, that annoying guy?" When Chen Xingyan thought of An Zihao, she thought of how he chased her through the streets. It was actually quite funny. The idiot had driven, so why did he chase her on foot? "I'll give it a try."

"Didn't you want to be an actress before? How come you're ignoring the rascal?" the old lady asked as she walked out of the bathroom.

"If I go to act, who would take care of you?"

This was the reason why Chen Xingyan spent more time opening her stall than being a stunt double.

From as far back as she could remember, her mother had always been covered in burns. And these burns covered up to 60% of her body. When she was young and didn't understand, the old lady had scared her before. But, slowly, she adjusted to it.

Apparently, her mother had been burnt before she even gave birth to her. And the person that had saved her, was Chen Xingyan's father. She wasn't disgusted by the fact that her mother was disfigured, she instead took good care of her. That was until Chen Xingyan went missing when she was 6-7 years old.

"I don't need to be taken care of."

Chen Xingyan didn't understand her mother's motive, so she did not take the words to heart.

However, the next day, when she was about to go setup her fortune telling stall, she realized the old lady was nowhere to be seen.

Chen Xingyan looked everywhere until she finally found a letter in the old lady's bedroom, "Xing Er, go act. I've gone on a small trip. Don't worry about me..."

"The rascal that was chasing you yesterday was not bad. I liked him as soon as I saw him because he has a pureness in his eyes. Go act for him, otherwise, you will regret it."

"Also, I have taken all the money in the house with me..."

Chen Xingyan boiled with anger as she looked at the letter. She immediately gave the old lady a phone call, but she had already turned off her phone.

Chen Xingyan looked everywhere and went to all the places that the old lady often frequented, only to discover that she had truly been abandoned by her mother this time.

"She has completely cleaned out the house. There is not a dime remaining..."


The old lady had indeed left. But, she didn't take the money to entertain herself, she took it overseas to see if she could possibly recover her previous appearance.

Of course, she wasn't acting on impulse, nor was she doing it to look good. She was doing it because of Chen Xingyan...and also for... Mo Ting...

Especially after she saw what Hua Wenfeng had done. Had that woman gone crazy? How dare she treat Mo Ting like that? How dare Hua Wenfeng treat her son like that?!

Previously, knowing that Mo Ting had someone to care for him and that she had already formed a new family of her own, she did not want to break the peace between the two families. But...Hua Wenfeng finally revealed her true colors. Seeing her bully Mo Ting in such a way, how could she continue to endure?

He thought he was being betrayed by his own mother!

When she had heard of this from An Zihao yesterday, she felt like her heart had been stabbed by a dagger.

No one knew what she went through with the fire all those years ago. All she knew was, over the years, even though she couldn't stay by Mo Ting's side, she could still pay close attention to him and watch him grow strong, one step at a time.

When she found that he had gotten married and that he was about to become a father, she was so happy that she was rendered speechless.

Above all, she liked Tangning. She liked that Tangning treated her son sincerely. When it came to being calculative, as long as her attacks were directed to outsiders, she did not feel like Tangning had gone overboard.


Although she didn't know why her mother had left, Chen Xingyan suddenly decided to accept the role offered by An Zihao.

However, at this time, An Zihao had already been notified by Director Chen Feng that a suitable actress had been found for the role. So, An Zihao no longer needed to run around everyday.

Sometimes, things just happened to be so coincidental. Even though they no longer had any reason to cross paths, when passing by the studios, An Zihao still found himself checking if the brat's stall was around...

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