Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 608: Villain

Chapter 608: Villain

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Hua Wenfeng froze in place, no longer opposing Mo Ting.

She knew, at this moment, no matter what she was to say, it would only make Mo Ting and Tangning hate her even more.

So, after glaring into Mo Ting's eyes, Hua Wenfeng admitted defeat. Holding in her anger, she turned and retreated to her bedroom.

"There are a lot of questions I have about mom," Tangning said as she slightly turned to look at Mo Ting. "Logically speaking, she is from the Bei Family, so why isn't her surname Bei? And, why does she hate actors so much?"

"If she hates actors so much, then how does she tolerate Bei Chendong, grandfather and the entire Hai Rui?"

Faced with Tangning's question, Mo Ting lowered his head and gently brushed the back of Tangning's hand, "I should have addressed these questions earlier, but there are some things that I haven't even clarified for myself yet. So, give me some time."

Although Tangning was a little confused by the meaning behind Mo Ting's words, they had been married for long enough for her to understand him. So, she nodded her head, "I trust you."

Mo Ting reached his arm around Tangning's shoulder and gently caressed her. However, his gaze followed in the direction that Hua Wenfeng had left with an unfathomable darkness.

"Even if she didn't do that and didn't delete the message on my phone, I may not have attended the auditions anyway."

"But, the thing that I am most curious about is, how did she know the password on my phone?"

"What would you like to eat? I'll make it for you," Mo Ting changed the subject at the right time and held onto Tangning's shoulder as he sat down. "Leave this matter with me. I'll arrange for Lu Che to come over tomorrow. You don't need to worry about anything. No one will be able to insult you again."

"By the way, I finally feel like you didn't dote on Tang Jingxuan for nothing."


As for the French drama, after reading the script, Tangning and Mo Ting both felt that there was no point playing a similar character for the sake of popularity. After all, she already played an introverted fighter in 'The Lost Relative'. If she was to play a similar character again, it wouldn't be much of a challenge. So, naturally, the role wasn't very attractive to Tangning.

Above all, the child in her stomach was almost 7 months old. It wasn't necessary for her to take the risk.

However, while the public was still trying to guess if Tangning would turn up at the auditions, An Zihao turned up at Hyatt Regency to look for Tangning.

Seeing An Zihao, Tangning let out a laugh, "You wouldn't be here unless you needed something. Speak, what do you want from me this time?"

An Zihao was dressed in a light grey suit, looking like a business elite. In his hands was a thick stack of papers. After smiling back at Tangning, he placed a script in front of her, "Have a look and see if you are interested."

Tangning lowered her head and noticed that the name on the script was 'Concubine Ning'...

"The lead female protagonist is a villain!"

Hearing this, Tangning let out a laugh. He was indeed an ex-top-manager who understood what she liked and disliked. So, he knew that she didn't like typical things and liked to challenge the impossible.

"Are you interested? This drama is produced by Ciwen Film and Television and directed by Chen Feng. He mentioned before that you'd be his first consideration if he comes across a good script. He has not gone back on his words."

"But, my current situation..." Tangning did not think that she could currently participate in any filming projects.

Even though she had gotten quite excited by the word, 'villain'.

"Don't worry, the preparation time for this drama will take a while. As it is created by a national film and television agency, they are very detailed in all aspects. Even the maids in the palace require over half a year of training. So, you don't need to worry at all," An Zihao explained. "It's not easy to come across a character that you like, especially one that is in such a big production on such a big platform. I assume you won't be rejecting this opportunity, right?"

Tangning put away the script and nodded her head, "How do you expect me to pay you back for such a big gift?"

"Just keep it in mind. I'm sure you will find a chance."

Actually, the drama had a lot of dangerous scenes, including jumping into a deep lake and swimming through icy water. Other actresses weren't likely to risk their lives in such a way. But, when it came to Tangning, An Zihao had no doubt that she would be willing to put in more effort than an average person for the sake of the film. This was a dazzling characteristic of hers that could not be copied.

"OK, now that we've finished talking about business, let's talk about something personal. Isn't it time to start dating? After all, so many years have already passed since Yun Xin's incident, isn't it time for you to let go?"

"You used to be a manager and now you're a director. Have you met any women that are a little special?"

"Nothing special. Not everyone in this industry is like you," An Zihao chuckled. "However, a few days ago, I did meet an interesting person."

Having said that, An Zihao's mind drifted off into the memory of a few days ago. That day, he had visited the building of Ciwen Film and Television where he came across a huge group of extras in one of the studios.

Actually, the job of an extra should not be underestimated. They could simply die in a film or be a bystander and they'd be paid. For actors that weren't too ambitious, this was already enough for food and clothing.

On that day, he spotted a delicately pretty but cool girl amongst the crowd of extras. She was waiting in line, but she was also helping some people fix their dislocated joints for some extra money.

Of course, this wasn't all that unusual. However, the thing that amused An Zihao was the fact that this girl was actually quite agile and started off as a stunt double, yet she went to be an extra instead. She would often hit others until their joints dislocated and then she'd make them pay her to get it fixed.

Her personality...

...was quite interesting.

Of course, this was something that An Zihao had figured out after multiple observations.

So, he wondered if he could perhaps find a role for her in 'Concubine Ning'.

An Zihao decided to do just that. After telling Chen Feng about his idea, the old man simply told him to fetch her. Unfortunately, the woman that was still around the studio a few days ago, had now disappeared. After asking around, he found out that she had returned to being a stunt double and had taken on a huge drama where she'd be the stand-in for an important character.

He had been a step behind and could only accept it.

However, An Zihao must not have known at that time that he and this woman would end up entangled for the rest of their lives.


That afternoon, Lu Che arrived at Hyatt Regency as instructed. His mission was to 'help' Hua Wenfeng leave.

Although Hua Wenfeng felt oppressed, Mo Ting had already made himself clear. If she did not follow suit, the conflict in the household would only increase.

And at this moment, she wasn't in a suitable position to face Mo Ting head-on.

"Tell Tangning, even though I've left this house, it doesn't mean that I don't still have my eyes on her."

Lu Che could neither laugh nor cry as he helped Hua Wenfeng close the car door. Deep down, he was thinking, not only did Tangning have no intention to go to the audition, even if she did, no one could tell her otherwise. All that mattered was whether Mo Ting agreed

But, the rare and commendable thing was, Tangning always knew her limits.

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