Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 607: I Can Only Have One Wife. Whereas, Mom, I Can Have None

Chapter 607: I Can Only Have One Wife. Whereas, Mom, I Can Have None.

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So, by the time that Tangning actually found out about the audition time and date, registration had already ended.

"The registrations have closed already. Why didn't I see you respond?" Long Jie asked after not hearing anything from Tangning.

"Closed?" Tangning questioned, "I didn't receive any notification from you about the time yet."

"I sent you an SMS." Long Jie took a screenshot and sent it to Tangning. "I told you about it yesterday."

At the time that Tangning received her phone call, Hua Wenfeng was reading a newspaper in the living room. Tangning suddenly realized that the entire incident may not be so simple...

"Could it be because Boss doesn't agree to it? It's quite understandable. After all, your health is more important and you will have plenty of opportunities in the future."

"I'll call you back later. I have something that I need to deal with," Tangning hung up the phone and returned to the sofa like nothing had happened. She then sat down and placed her phone on top of the coffee table.

"Mom, did you not sleep well last night? Why does your face look so pale?"

After two nights of rough noises, it would be a surprise if she actually slept well.

So she scoffed without making a response.

Tangning also said nothing as she sneered. A moment later, she pulled out her phone, opened up a news article and sighed, "Mom, look at this story. A mother-in-law secretly deleted information on her daughter-in-law's phone and accused her of having an affair. In the end, the daughter-in-law took her mother-in-law to court."

"There's also this story. A mother-in-law snuck a look at her daughter-in-law's phone and stole the passwords saved on it. She then tried to steal $1 million from her daughter-in-law's accounts, but ended up being arrested."

Hua Wenfeng's expression changed as she turned to look at Tangning, "What are you trying to say?"

"Mom, what's wrong? I simply thought these stories were ridiculous, so I wanted to share them with you. After all, I know you are a person with strong principles," Tangning smiled.

Hearing Tangning's words, Hua Wenfeng understood the hidden meaning behind it, "Don't worry, I would never be able to do something like that."

" did mom delete my SMS?" Tangning asked.

Hearing this, Hua Wenfeng immediately stood up and roared, "Rubbish! How dare you slander me!"

"I think we both know deep down whether I am slandering you or not," Tangning said coldly. "If you think I am the type of daughter-in-law that meekly submits to your oppression, then you are wrong. I, Tangning, never follow the rules. Even when my own family members schemed against me behind my back, I turned on them regardless of who they were."

"You're right, I am indeed ruthless. But, I'm sure you know the reason for my ruthlessness."

"If you displayed even the slightest characteristics of a respectable elder, I would have respected you and loved you. But, you did exactly the opposite."

"Don't try to threaten me with Mo Ting, you stand no chance."

"Are you that confident?" Hua Wenfeng gave a scornful laugh. "Other daughters-in-law try their best to be filial on behalf of their husbands. You, on the other hand, you're going to tear the family apart sooner or later."

"With my child and I, this family will not be torn apart. It's just you Madam Hua. Don't say that I didn't warn you: don't wait until you lose your son before you learn how to feel regret."

"But, I don't think you should forget, one can only have one mother, whereas wives are aplenty. With Mo Ting's standard, do you think he wouldn't be able to find another woman?"

Tangning couldn't understand why Hua Wenfeng's brain was filled with so many old-fashioned ideals; she obviously lived overseas for majority of the year.

The two women ended up going their separate ways unhappily after a big argument. But, Tangning had forgotten that Tang Jingxuan was also in the house. In fact, he had heard the entire argument.

"Sis..." Tang Jingxuan stood outside his bedroom door and looked at Tangning with a heartbroken expression.

Tangning was once mentally tortured by Han Yufan, yet from now on, was she about to face this mother-in-law for the rest of her life?

"I'm fine," Tangning replied calmly. "Don't worry about me..."

"Tell brother-in-law about it..."


In the end, Tangning did not speak to Mo Ting about what happened. It wasn't because she pitied Hua Wenfeng, but because she didn't want Mo Ting to feel guilty and worried.

Today...she had been too impulsive. She hadn't been patient enough.

But, even though she didn't say anything to Mo Ting, it didn't mean that Tang Jingxuan wouldn't.

As soon as Tangning returned to her room, Tang Jingxuan immediately made a phone call to Mo Ting.



"I just heard Sister Three and auntie having an argument. I never imagined that auntie's words would be so unsuited to her identity and that her actions would be so similar to Tang Xuan."

"Explain what you mean," Mo Ting's gaze darkened.

Tang Jingxuan originally called with the intention to expose Hua Wenfeng, so he immediately recalled the entire scene that had played out in the living room, including everything that she had said.

Mo Ting fell silent. He then asked in a dull voice, "How's your sister's mood right now?"

"How good could it be?"

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply hung up the phone. But, at this moment, Lu Che could clearly sense the unapproachable coldness emanating from Mo Ting's body.

7pm, Mo Ting returned home. Seeing Hua Wenfeng sitting in the living room sipping tea, he directly headed upstairs to Tangning, who was lying in bed, and gently said, "Ning...come out and eat something before you sleep."

"OK," Tangning woke up drowsily and walked downstairs with Mo Ting's care.

The couple sat down opposite Hua Wenfeng without a word. However, the look in Tangning and Hua Wenfeng's eyes were slightly awkward.

"It's honestly difficult for me to imagine that you gave birth to me."

After quite some time, Mo Ting finally spoke up. But, his first words were enough to send chills down Hua Wenfeng's spine.

"It is also difficult for me to imagine that you are a well-educated senior researcher of biology."

"Mom, you are wrong. For me, I can only have one wife. Whereas, mom, I can have none," Mo Ting said in a strong, deep voice as he wrapped his arm around Tangning's shoulder, emphasizing every single word. "If you insist on using your identity as my mother to bully Tangning, we can consider ending our relationship as mother and son."

"Mo Ting, how dare you speak to your mother like that!" Hua Wenfeng glared at Mo Ting angrily.

"What did you learn from your time overseas? Who taught you to treat your daughter-in-law this way?"

"Or could it be..."

"...I have not truly understood you all these years?"

Hua Wenfeng looked away scornfully.

"Mom, I never thought you were the kind of person to bully your daughter-in-law. You've really opened my eyes. Of course, you must know that if you can't control Ning, then there is no way you will be able to control me. So, from now on, it's best if you never step foot in this household again."

"Mo Ting, is this the way you treat your mother?"

"Were you hoping that I'd deal with you in a more presentable and smarter way?"

But, this was the way that Mo Ting dealt with all his enemies!

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