Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 19: Let's Get Married Immediately

Chapter 19: Let's Get Married Immediately

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Above all... was she so confident to refuse test shots, especially since she has to practically change poses every 3 seconds?

No matter if Tangning had to act lazy, seductive, threatening or cute, as long as the photographer asked her to change poses, she immediately suited whatever theme was thrown at her; her reactions were so quick that everyone watching was amazed.

Long Jie was standing to one side. Upon seeing Tangning return to the Tangning she once knew, she was so emotional she almost cried out loud.

Apart from tearing up, she also pulled out her phone to take photos of Tangning's various poses; she intended on forwarding them to Mo Ting. Because of Tangning's relation to Mo Ting, Long Jie felt extremely fortunate to have someone so mighty in her phone contacts.

Of course, at this time, Mo Ting was still on the plane...

In the 4-hour photo shoot session, Tangning managed to convince the photographer and a few others in the industry with her professionalism. Even Mr. Eugene, who had previously told Tangning to leave, couldn't help but give her a thumbs up. He even personally explained to Tangning that he couldn't control his emotions last time because he was so angry about being lied to.

After removing her makeup, Tangning returned to her expressionless self. Meanwhile, everyone was extremely happy with her, making Mr. Eugene's impression of her improve dramatically.

Long Jie hurried over to cover Tangning with a jacket. At the same time, she handed over the flashing phone in her hand, "Han Yufan is calling..."

Tangning's expression didn't change, her gaze just darkened a little, but she still picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Tangning, have you seen or heard any news?" Han Yufan asked, treading lightly.

"Why?" Tangning asked, pretending to be calm. "What happened?"

"Oh, it's nothing!" Han Yufan was sure Tangning hadn't found out yet since she was in Liusen. So, he hatched up a plan, "Tangning, how about I fly to Liusen tomorrow. We can register our marriage there, it's perfect. The scenery is beautiful and the atmosphere is lovely, we can even take advantage of this opportunity to have a holiday. It could be our honeymoon!" Han Yufan wanted to quickly trap Tangning.

Actually, Tangning wasn't born into an ordinary family. She was the daughter of a famous perfume empire, but, because of her relationship with Han Yufan, she had a falling out with her family. They were on such bad terms, they practically cut all ties and refused to see each other again. the end, she was still a Tang. When the Tang elders pass away, she would still have the right to fight for the inheritance.

Han Yufan didn't want to let go of Tangning, not only because Tangning was naive and easy to fool, but one of the most important reasons...was the inheritance.

Since his and Mo Yurou's video had been released, he could only take advantage of the fact that Tangning hadn't realized yet, to quickly force her to marry him.

"Under the suspicious relationship between you and Mo Yurou, I don't think we should get married yet!" Tangning refused straightforwardly.

"There's really nothing going on between Yurou and I. The photos you saw were all a misunderstanding..."

"If the photos are a misunderstanding...what about the video?" Tangning questioned in an extremely calm tone, "I am indeed in Liusen, but...Liusen is still in the same country, did you really think I wouldn't be able to see the news? Or did you think I was really that easy to coax and trick?"

"Tangning...I didn't do it on purpose, trust me. We've been together for so many years, don't you know what type of person I am?" Han Yufan acted innocent, trying to get pity, "It was all her one-sided love, the person I love is you."

"Then...what if I was to say, if she remains in Tianyi Entertainment then I would leave or if I was to remain, then she would have to leave?" Tangning asked decisively.

"Tangning, I always thought you were the one that understood me the most, why must you pressure me like this?" Han Yufan was a bit upset because he didn't want to give up on either side. Mo Yurou was his first love and was pregnant with his child, whereas Tangning...

Being put on the spot, Han Yufan couldn't decide what to do.

"If you feel like I am pressuring you, you are free to go look for Mo Yurou, she's very understanding."

"Must it be like this?" In actual fact, Han Yufan had already decided to give up on Mo Yurou. After all...Mo Yurou's family background was quite average. The only reason she had got to where she was today, was because he had pushed her to that position. If he was to compare her to Tangning, she at best, was just the type to play around with, "Give me some time to speak to Yurou, afterwards we will get married immediately."

"I'll be waiting," Tangning appeared to respond calmly, but her words contained hidden feelings of contempt.

How can someone like Mo Yurou let go of Han Yufan that easily? She even has a child on the way.

Long Jie looked at Tangning's scornful look and immediately grabbed the phone out of her hand, "From now on, we won't take any of his calls...saves us from ruining the mood."

"Let's return to the hotel, I'm tired," Tangning smiled like nothing happened.

Long Jie nodded and immediately escorted her back to the hotel. Their rooms were next to each other. Long Jie opened the door for Tangning and comforted her, "Have some rest...don't think too much, you still have an outdoors shoot tomorrow."

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded before closing the door. Turning around, she suddenly noticed the sound of water coming from the bathroom. "Who's there?" she asked cautiously.

The person inside seemed to have heard her voice as he reached out and turned off the tap. Tangning was worried she had entered the wrong room, so quickly headed for the door. However, at that moment, a tall figure stepped out of the bathroom, grabbed her by the waist and embraced her in a hug, "It's me."

Tangning turned around to see Mo Ting. She was surprised for a moment, ""

"Didn't I say? There would be a miracle?" Mo Ting loosened his grip before planting a kiss on her lips. "Flying during the day is tiring, so I decided to have a shower first to relax..."

Tangning's mind was in a blur. Never would she have imagined, Mo Ting meant what he said. She immediately wrapped her arms around his waist.

"My dear wife...should I remind you...I'm not wearing anything?"

After hearing this, Tangning instinctively looked down as her face flushed red, "Then you go continue your shower..."

"But I want to go together!" With those words, Mo Ting didn't wait for a response. He directly carried Tangning in his arms straight into the bathroom and placed her under the shower. Grabbing her chin, he planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

"Don't...don't be so rough, I still need to shoot an advertisement tomorrow." Tangning still had a little bit of awareness.

Mo Ting smirked before moving downwards, "What about here?"

Separated by a layer of clothing, Tangning trembled and soon lost her senses.

Under the shower, the couple continued to kiss passionately and hug. But, as usual, before taking the final step, they were both already satisfied. After showering, one of them peacefully applied skin care, while the other leaned against the bed reviewing some documents. Glancing over at Mo Ting, Tangning's heart hurt a little, "You're already here, yet you still have to work?"

Mo Ting nodded as he closed up the documents and waved at Tangning. When she finally sat down in his arms, he smiled apologetically, "It's a habit."

"Am I not attractive enough? Today, Han Yufan called and said he wanted to marry me!" Tangning complained sadly.

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