Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 604: Secure The Role

Chapter 604: Secure The Role

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Hua Wenfeng simply watched as Mo Ting and Tangning left. She did not look pleased; she had never expected that Mo Ting would dote on his wife to this extent.

"Wenfeng, your coming days don't look great," the old professor scoffed. He was too arrogant to take Mo Ting's words seriously, "If you don't teach them properly, this woman might end up destroying the Mo Family."

Hua Wenfeng did not respond. Her eyes simply glazed over with an icy coldness.


On the way home, Mo Ting scanned Tangning up and down; he was afraid that she may have been injured in some way. He had been traumatized by all the previous times that Tangning had been schemed against.

"I'm fine," Tangning said as she held onto Mo Ting's hand, "I'm perfectly fine."

"In future, if she invites you somewhere that you don't want to go, regardless of the circumstances, you can directly reject her," Mo Ting was obviously still upset by the way that the old professor had humiliated Tangning.

Tangning nodded her head. However, she suddenly remembered the other issue at hand: Hua Wenfeng had tried to find out the gender of her baby. So, she quickly recalled the entire situation to Mo Ting.

After Tangning was done, Mo Ting did not respond for quite some time. He simply placed his hand on top of Tangning's protruding belly, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the magical connection between him and his child.


What he meant by this simple word was that Tangning did not need to get involved, he was going to find a capable person to investigate this matter in detail.

"No matter what she wants to do and what she plans to do, you don't need to be afraid..."

"Have I ever been afraid?" Tangning's lips curved slightly as she leaned her head against Mo Ting's chest.

Mo Ting lowered his head. Just as he was about to place a kiss atop her ink-black hair, Tangning's phone interrupted his intended action.

As soon as she noticed that it was a phone call from Long Jie, Tangning immediately sat up and answered.

It had been a long time since she last saw Long Jie, so she wondered how she was doing.

"Tangning..." Long Jie was cheery as usual. However, she sounded slightly on guard, "Where are you right now? Is Boss there with you?"

"Of course he is," Tangning nodded.

"Great, then I'll just go ahead with what I want to say. It's like this, a famous French director is currently in Beijing auditioning for an oriental actress. It is for a drama that will be produced early next year. Plenty of famous actress are vying for the role. I asked the director's assistant if it's OK for you to audition even though you are pregnant and he said he doesn't mind; it is common for foreign actresses to do that. So, do you want to give it a try? I was too afraid to ask Lu Che about it, so I directly came to you," Long Jie said quietly into the phone.

"You must have heard how dramas with multiple seasons are in trend right now. So, the popular drama 'The Headless Doctress' that everyone has been fighting for a role in, is currently preparing for its third season!"

Tangning let out a laugh, "Are you that afraid of Lu Che?"

"Lu Che doesn't want me to affect your pregnancy...but...I think I'm actually your lucky charm. For example, a while ago, if you hadn't come with me to do a medical exam, you wouldn't have known that you were pregnant. If you hadn't known, then you wouldn't have discovered Tang Xuan's scheme."

Taking this into consideration, Long Jie was indeed lucky.

"Let me think about it."

"In that case, I'll first forward you an email with information regarding the drama, as well as a copy of the script."

"OK," Tangning nodded with a smile.

Seeing the look on Tangning's face, Mo Ting grabbed the phone from her hand and hugged her tightly, "What trouble is Long Jie causing this time?"

"She has helped me obtain a big-name resource. Do you still remember the French drama 'The Headless Doctress'? The director is currently preparing for season three and he is looking for an oriental actress. So..."

"So you want to give it a try?" Mo Ting raised his brows slightly. "It's not that you can't go, but we need to make sure that it will not affect your body. If you need to do any action scenes, then there is no way I will let you go."

"I'll get Long Jie to forward you some information first. If you allow it, then I'll go to the audition."


Because of her pregnancy, it had been a long time since she satisfied her craving to act. So, Mo Ting understood how she felt.

"However, mom is not going to be comfortable with this?"

"She was the one that made you feel uncomfortable first."

Mo Ting's protectiveness was frightening, but Tangning wasn't going to back down either, "From now on, I will deal with matters like this on my own. I can't expect my husband to make an appearance every single time. Otherwise, people may misunderstand you."

Mo Ting held onto Tangning's hand and gently placed a kiss on the back of it, "There are plenty of people that misunderstand me. But, all I need is for my wife to love me and I am satisfied."

They both doted on each other equally...

This was something that an average couple couldn't do, because most people were selfish.

For the sake of one's pride, some people could give up on their lover; for the sake of their career, they could also give up on their lover. Some people were bound to find a plethora of excuses to do something that they knew they were bound to regret for the rest of their lives.


Perhaps to create hype, the French director immediately leaked information about Tangning attending the auditions as soon as he found out the possibility.

[Rumors abound: Tangning to attend auditions. Is she making a comeback?]

[Heavily pregnant, yet attending auditions: Netizens diss Tangning for being too reckless]


At this moment, the Netizens were amidst heated discussions.

"I just asked a friend for a copy of the drama. I would like to say that the brainless female zombie doctor is very similar to Tangning. They are both so cool."

"Oh God, if we get to see Tangning with her hair curled, wearing a leather mini skirt and holding a gun, how cool would that be."

"Tangning, hurry and audition! You need to secure the role!"

Mo Ting had only just received Long Jie's email. Of course, there was nothing to worry about when it came to a big production like this. But...

...who could guarantee that Tangning was going to be 100% safe?

Even though she already had insurance on her legs, it seemed, other parts of her body now needed it too.

"President, my wife has caused you trouble. Initially, the Madam didn't need to know about this," Lu Che said apologetically as he looked at the frustrated expression on Mo Ting's face.

"Since it was your wife, what else can I do?" Mo Ting put down the information in his hands and looked at Lu Che. "Go do some research into the director's character and habits. I'm sure there will be quite a lot of people attending the auditions, so safety is the main priority."

"I understand, President."

"Why don't we have the date and time of the auditions yet?" Mo Ting flipped through the papers, but couldn't find this important piece of information.

"Long Man is currently asking them for it. She will SMS Tangning about it soon," Lu Che quickly replied.

"Let's just leave it at that then."

"By the way President, I heard that your mother doesn't like actors."

Hearing this, Mo Ting lifted his head and looked at Lu Che intimidatingly, warning him that matters like this had never been of his concern.

Lu Che was only being nice, so he had no choice but to feel wronged as he left the office.

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