Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 603: Everyone Knows That I Dote On My Wife

Chapter 603: Everyone Knows That I Dote On My Wife

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If someone made a move right in front of her eyes, she would deal with them directly. But, if someone attacked her in secret...

...she would naturally respond just as quietly.

On the surface, Hua Wenfeng invited her here to see the professor. But, in reality, she actually wanted to know the gender of her baby. What exactly did Hua Wenfeng have planned?

After a few moments of careful thought, Tangning still had no idea. All she could do was tolerate it for now as she returned to the professor's office.

Seeing her return, Hua Wenfeng and the professor acted like normal as they continued to chat about their families; ready to make Tangning endure a long wait on the sofa.

Seeing that the two had no intention to stop talking, Tangning sent Mo Ting a message, "Hubby...come pick me up. Give me an excuse to leave this place."

"I'll be there soon," Mo Ting quickly responded.

Tangning smiled in secret as she sat to one side, flipping through some medical books like nothing had happened. After approximately 10 minutes, the two finally finished chatting and looked towards Tangning, "Xiao Ning is actually quite a good child."

"When I first heard that Mo Ting had randomly picked someone to marry, I was worried that he had found someone who simply wanted benefits. I was especially worried that he had picked Miss Chi..." the professor adjusted the glasses on his nose as he spoke with a slow, aged voice. "Luckily in the end..."

"I hadn't heard from the rascal for a while. I almost thought that he had reconsidered his decision. But, who would have thought that he had actually married you in secret for so long."

"Seeing that your relationship is going so well, I feel quite relieved."

"Thank you professor for your concern," Tangning smiled sincerely.


"I never expected that you would become an actress. During this time, I had been worried that Wenfeng would be affected by this. From what I see today, my worries were correct," the old professor began to sound slightly disappointed. "So...Xiao Ning, can Grandfather Li make a request?"

He was completely unrelated to her...

What kind of request could this professor want from her?

"Filial piety is a virtue to be held above all else. I believe that you are a kind-hearted child, so, could you promise me that you will never act again?" the old professor asked in seriousness.

That's right...

He was serious!

Hua Wenfeng couldn't say it herself, so she got someone else to make things difficult for Tangning. If Tangning refused, she would appear disloyal and unfilial.

"Could the professor please provide me with a reason? Is this related to a painful past that mom might have? I hope the professor can enlighten me. After all, this is my career. I can't just give it up for no reason. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult for me to accept," Tangning directly pointed out the problem.

She needed to know the reason. She needed to know what Hua Wenfeng's issue was.

Otherwise, how could they expect her to give up just like that?

Did they think of her as a puppet that could be easily controlled?

"Can't you just agree?" the professor asked helplessly.

Tangning smiled slightly and replied, "Even if the professor won't reveal anything, I can roughly guess what is happening. But you need to know, Mo Ting and I have our own lives and we deserve to be respected."

In other words, she was rejecting him.

"Haiz...I'm simply trying to draw you both closer together."

"I'm sorry, it's my fault for not knowing what's good for me," Tangning​ apologized.

The professor never expected that Tangning would directly reject him, so his attitude towards her worsened.

"You should think it over..."

"I find it quite ridiculous. I have been working legitimately, so why should I take your suggestion and give up on my career? If mom decides to say that she is feeling unwell tomorrow and that it's because my child is giving off an opposing energy to hers, does that mean I should get an abortion?"

"Plus, mom, even though our opinions differ, I've always felt that your manners still exist. I never thought that you'd make things difficult for someone younger than you."

"It's true that I'm an actress, but that's my own business. Just because I married Mo Ting, it doesn't mean that I'm obligated to listen to you. Do you listen to everything that grandfather says?"

"Plus, if your suggestion was decent, we may have been able to consider it, but...I'm afraid I can't comply with such a ridiculous request."

Hua Wenfeng's expression changed. She never expected, in front of an elder, she'd be taught a lesson by someone younger than her.

The professor noticed the change in Hua Wenfeng's expression, so...

...he quickly wrapped things up, "This has nothing to do with Wenfeng! It's this old man's fault for not minding his own business."

"If you don't want to listen to my advice, then ignore it."

"As a younger member of the family, you should be more considerate of your elders. How could you be so selfish?"

"Plus, you were originally a model, not an actress. So, what's wrong with making a change to your career?"

Hearing this, Tangning felt that the professor's reasoning was quite ridiculous. Just as she was about to respond, a low voice suddenly resounded from behind them, "It's my decision whether she is an actress or not. When have you guys ever had any say in it?"

"If you have similar issues like this in the future, you can directly speak to me, because I am her manager. More importantly, not only will she remain as an actress, I will make sure that she wins an award for Best Actress."

"If Grandfather Li has so much spare time, he should spend more time caring for his own children and grandchildren. I heard that your son got into a fight a couple of days ago and is still being detained, so let's not trouble you with the Mo Family's affairs."

The old man's face turned red and white in embarrassment. But, he had no way of refuting against Mo Ting's words. He could only glow red in anger as he looked away.

"Xiao Ting...Grandfather Li merely said a few words. Have you forgotten how much the professor cared for you in the past?"

"When I was sick, he treated me and I gave him money. It was his job to provide me with his service," Mo Ting directly entered the office and helped Tangning up from the sofa. "I will be taking Ning with me. Don't even dream of taking Tangning anywhere with you from now on."

After speaking, the couple turned and left decisively. At this time, Professor Li asked, "Is this entertainer more important than your mother?"

"After what she did today, what do you think?" Mo Ting did not turn around, but his voice had a sense of awkwardness.

"Also, I forgot to tell you, Grandfather Li. If I organize for your son to remain detained for a few more days, you won't have any rejections, right?"

The professor's expression changed.

"I haven't even doted on my wife enough yet. How could I allow others to make her suffer?"

"Since you don't know how to respect your elders, don't blame me for not showing mercy!"

"Everyone knows that I dote on my wife. I'm not just messing around..."

"Who gave you the courage to flaunt your seniority in front of me?"

It was obvious that Mo Ting was holding back his anger at this moment.

So, Tangning tugged on his shirt and said, "Let's go. There's no point wasting your breath. It's not like I agreed to his request anyway."

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