Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 601: What's Wrong With Being An Actress?

Chapter 601: What's Wrong With Being An Actress?

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Hua Wenfeng's gentleness made all the words that Mo Ting wanted to say, cling to the back of his throat.

"I just said it casually. If you don't like it, I won't say it again," Hua Wenfeng retreated. This move made Tangning realize how smart her mother-in-law was. "After all, at this age, I can't and shouldn't try to control a young person's life. It's my fault, I overstepped my boundaries."

Tangning did not say a word, she merely gave a slight smile, even though she hated the feeling of having to be careful, even at home.

Mo Ting glanced briefly at Hua Wenfeng without another word. He simply kept his arm around Tangning. After quite some time, he finally said, "Mom, I bought another building inside Hyatt Regency that is facing the water. I know that you and father have always liked it there, so I've already instructed people to prepare it for you. You will be able to move over in three days. That way, you won't have to put up with staying in a small guest room."

The meaning behind Mo Ting's words were clear...

He wanted Hua Wenfeng to stop interfering with his and Tangning's life.

"Fine, I understand that young people live life at their own pace. Since your father will be back soon, I'll move in first and won't return overseas for now."

Hua Wenfeng did not display any signs of anger. It was almost like she was talking about something that was completely normal.

Tangning was quite impressed by this. Perhaps, when it came to hiding one's true feelings, Tangning felt that she should hand the position of first place to Hua Wenfeng.

Tangning did not like nor dislike Hua Wenfeng. As long as Hua Wenfeng did not go overboard, she was going to maintain her respect for her. However, up until this point, she had yet to see Hua Wenfeng attempt to talk to her heart-to-heart. But of course, she didn't have high hopes that a mother-in-law would be able to bare her soul to a daughter-in-law that she had only just met.

"Mom is all alone and has nothing prepared. It will definitely be hard for her to settle in. Why don't we wait until father arrives before she moves over?" Tangning suggested softly.

What had she not experienced before?

Would she actually be afraid of working on her relationship with her mother-in-law?

Above all, she had yet to see Hua Wenfeng display any signs of viciousness. All she saw, was her concern for them; even though, her concern had overstepped her boundaries. Plus, every relationship required time to develop. The only person that had ever clicked with her immediately...was Mo Ting!

"Xiao Ning, focus on taking care of yourself. I will take things as they come," Hua Wenfeng maintained the manners and warmth that an elder should have.

So, Tangning could only nod her head in agreement.


Late into the night, as the couple lay in bed, Tangning leaned on top of Mo Ting's chest, "Hubby..."

"Still awake?" Mo Ting slightly turned his body and wrapped Tangning tightly in his embrace, "Do you want to ask about mom?"

"I can't quite feel that she has opened her heart to me yet."

Everyone knew that Tangning was very observant. As soon as someone came into her sight or experienced something little, she would be able to see through them immediately, even though she never exposed them.

But, when it came to Hua Wenfeng...

...she couldn't figure out what she was thinking at all.

"It's my fault...I previously notified her of our marriage, but I never told her any other details."

"It's not like you to keep secrets."

"At that time, she didn't ask any questions, so I didn't expect her attitude towards you to be so uncertain," Mo Ting explained gently. "I know you don't like it when things are uncertain, so I've decided to simplify it for you. After mom moves out, I will remove all the guest rooms and leave only our bedroom and our child's bedroom."

"You can't blame her for how she's been acting. After all, as soon as she returned to Beijing, she was met with Tang Xuan's suicide attempt. It's no suprise that she has misunderstood me. So, give me some time to grow closer to her," Tangning said as she leaned into Mo Ting's chest. "How long has it been since you last saw your mother?"

"The last time we met was roughly 4 years ago."

"In that case, she may not only be unfamiliar with me, but she may also be unfamiliar with you. She must not know that my Mo Ting has become so powerful. So, I think it's more important than anything to make her understand us."

"As long as she accepts someone, she will treat them wholeheartedly," Mo Ting was certain about this.

After all, she was his mother. She couldn't possibly be a cruel and evil person.

She couldn't be!

"Uh huh," Tangning mumbled before she nodded off to sleep.

As a result, 10am the next morning, as Hua Wenfeng prepared to leave the house with her handbag in hand, she noticed Tangning sitting on the sofa dressed formally. As she was to meet an elder, Tangning was dressed in good taste.


"I've been waiting for mom," Tangning explained gently.

"Let's go then," seeing Tangning in a peaceful state, she walked over and helped her up. The two women left together and quickly arrived at the hospital entrance. The hospital was none other than the hospital that Tang Xuan was staying at.

Just looking at the entrance to the hospital made Hua Wenfeng remember the scene of Tang Xuan being hit by a car. So a cold chill swept through her body.

This...was the simplest and most direct reason for why she refused to accept Tangning. Of course, she didn't directly make things difficult for Tangning like outsiders would. But, she wouldn't feel right to immediately accept her.

"Mom, I know you came across news about the Tang Family as soon as you returned to Beijing and watched Tang Xuan get into an accident with your own eyes."

Because of their identity, the two women did not directly walk into the hospital. They instead waited inside the car. While they sat in the car, Hua Wenfeng did not expect Tangning to be so direct.

"I also admit that I spared no effort in dealing with Tang Xuan, because I honestly hate her. I tolerated her for over 20 years, but all I received was pain and suffering. Most importantly, she tried to hurt mine and Mo Ting's child. I can never forgive her."

"I don't expect you to understand me, but I at least hope for fairness. A person that is standing and smiling, may not be free from pain."

"Yang Xi was the actual person that almost hurt my child and I, but I let her go. However, when it comes​ to Tang Xuan, I can't do it..."

Hua Wenfeng did not expect these words from Tangning. After a long moment of silence, so long that Tangning thought Hua Wenfeng wasn't going to respond, she suddenly said, "I'm afraid, if you could treat your own sister so ruthlessly, how would you treat everyone else? And how would you treat Mo Ting's family members?"

"Mom, with time, you will be able to truly see a person's heart."

"Actually, I knew that you were a model, but I didn't know when you had changed to become an actress," Hua Wenfeng explained.

"What's wrong with being an actress?" Tangning immediately latched onto the keyword: actress!

Mo Ting was the King of Entertainment and Elder Mo was a famous actor, yet, she never saw her have much of a reaction towards them.

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