Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 950 - Was He Forcing Him?

Chapter 950: Was He Forcing Him?

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This was originally the last show prepared by Tangning, but she never expected it to start screening so early. In the end, everyone was disgusted by Feng Jing.

Meanwhile, after Luo Yinghong was well and truly hurt by her son, she was determined to forget the ungrateful rascal. As a result, she decided to consume herself in work so she’d forget about her pain.

Luckily, people that were observing the show ended up getting revenge for her!

At the same time, Feng Jing’s management agency applied to sue her for breaching her contract. Which meant, Feng Jing was about to suffer for the rest of her life. But of course, Luo Yinghong’s son wasn’t about to be any better off.

After his relationship with Feng Jing was exposed, he had no choice but to break all contact with the outside world.

Previously, when Luo Yinghong told him that he was embarrassing, he did not feel it at all and even thought he had personality. It seemed, he needed tens of thousands of people to tell him he was shameless and unfilial before he finally woke up.

But, it was already too late. Luo Yinghong had already sold their home and had no intention of leaving him with anything – not even a single piece of clothing.

From now on, everyone would know that he teamed up against his mother with an outsider.

And, no matter where he went, his face and name would attract hatred…

More importantly, countless amounts of people sympathized with Luo Yinghong and showed her compassion. But, she had no intention of showing her weaknesses as she continued on her elegant path in the fashion industry. For the remainder of her life, she wanted to at least live for herself.

Lucky for her, she was an artist of Superstar Media’s and she had Tangning supporting her…

After this incident, people acknowledged that Superstar Media once again recruited a promising talent. Although she was already in her 40’s, her talent could not be denied.

As a result, Tangning now had an actor, a singer and a fashion stylist under her wing. Originally, she would have had a host as well, but when it came to Xia Hanmo…all one could do was sigh.

It was a difficult new year, but it brought along new hope.

After the incident with Feng Jing, Tangning and Mo Ting took the two cheeky rascals to the Tang Family Home. Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan’s relationship was steady, while Tang Xuan’s daughter gradually grew to resemble her mother.

Meanwhile, Tang Yichen continued to stick around the hospital all day and was barely seen at home.

“When will the two of you be getting married?” Tangning asked as she raised an eyebrow at Tang Jingxuan, “It’s about time you make things official.”

Tang Jingxuan glanced at Xu Qingyan and the two of them shrugged their shoulders. Neither of them had any intention of starting a family and settling down yet. Wasn’t it fine to just continue dating?

“Last time you returned, you were a famous actress. This time, you’ve become a diamond manager. I wonder what you’ll be the next time you pay us a visit…” Tang Jingxuan teased as he looked at Tangning.

“A top-class producer!” Tangning replied with a smile.


Tang Jingxuan wasn’t optimistic towards the idea of Tangning partaking in film production. Even though he knew that Tangning was serious about everything she did, the current domestic film market made it unlikely for Tangning to outdo the international market no matter how successful she was. He wasn’t deliberately shutting his sister down…

…but he had never seen Tangning at work…

So, Tangning simply smiled and did not respond. However, President Mo glared at Tang Jingxuan and asked, “Who do you think you’re doubting?”

Tang Jingxuan scratched the back of his head and held back his attitude…

As soon as Tangning saw this, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Originally, everything was running smoothly. But, a dinner that Luo Sheng attended suddenly messed up the peaceful Superstar Media. In fact, it even had the power to influence the agency’s survival.

In reality, Luo Sheng did not do anything wrong. Although he personally negotiated his own jobs, he always reported to Tangning whenever he was invited to a dinner and only attended after Tangning had done an analysis and agreed. But, the dinner this time, wasn’t one that he willingly attended.

It was a dinner that took place because of the daughter of a film and television agency. She was obsessed with him, so she wanted him to partake in a highly popular IP drama that her father’s agency was currently preparing. Since he was serious about acting, he was immediately interested by the idea. However, he was uncomfortable with the disgusting television channels that were often involved with the agency.

Although he was still young, he held high moral values because of Tangning’s influence. He felt that if he could make a choice, he would never partake in a drama that boosted the viewership of a television channel that he didn’t like.

So, even though he didn’t directly reject them, he still expressed his views clearly.

“I’m sorry, President Fan. I don’t mean to be arrogant, nor do I want to disappoint you, but I just accepted the script for another television drama and don’t think I can fit you into my schedule…”

“Don’t worry, young man, we are willing to wait for you,” the man wanted to give Luo Sheng a boost because of his daughter.

“The thing is, President Fan, let me be honest with you, I’m extremely grateful for your appreciation, but you may need to wait a really long time for me. I’m afraid that I will delay your progress…”

“That’s fine, I have other projects in the meantime.”

Luo Sheng couldn’t offend the man. After all, he was sincerely offering him a chance. So, he could only temporarily turn him down.

After returning to Superstar Media, Luo Sheng revealed his thoughts to Tangning, “Ning Jie, this channel doesn’t have very good ratings. So, I really don’t want to partake in their drama, but I don’t know how to reject President Fan…”

After hearing this, Tangning patted Luo Sheng on the shoulder and reaffirmed his decision, “You did nothing wrong. Don’t feel burdened by your decision. I understand where you stand and know that you can’t afford to offend people. Let’s just focus on your other jobs for now and wait to see if President Fan persists.”

“OK, Ning Jie…”

While a famous young actor could enjoy the positive energy produced by his fame, he also had to endure the hardships of being misunderstood.

Plenty of good resources were currently directed towards Luo Sheng and big names in the industry wanted to nurture him. But, if their values were different, he really didn’t want to work with them. He didn’t object against the way that President Fan and others operated, but he wasn’t about to agree with them either.

Soon, another ancient drama that Luo Sheng had already confirmed began to announce their production to the public.

Originally, Luo Sheng thought he could avoid President Fan after starting on set, but President Fan’s daughter persisted and forced her father to look for him again, “Luo Sheng, I know that I promised to wait for you, but Xiao Yao is unhappy with that decision. Can’t you show me some face and join our drama sooner?”

“I’m sorry President Fan, but I agreed to this drama a long time ago.”

“I know you agreed to it, but a drama like this won’t be broadcasted on a top television channel. What future does it hold?”

Was he trying to force him?

“President Fan, a person can’t go back on their words. I definitely need to complete this drama,” Luo Sheng replied helplessly; he knew he couldn’t afford to offend this man.

President Fan squinted his eyes with deep meaning and eventually let him off.

“I hope you don’t regret your decision!”

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