Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 949 - Sorry, I Couldn't Control Myself

Chapter 949: Sorry, I Couldn't Control Myself



That night, Lin Qian stored the necklace away. Now that she knew the story behind 'The Star of Eternity', she couldn't possibly accept it. Since the necklace already proved her identity, it was only right for her to return it.

Inside the bathroom, the sound of running water signalled that Li Jin was having a shower. Dressed in a red silk nightgown, Lin Qian turned around and glanced at the wedding bed that belonged to the two of them.

At this moment, her face suddenly turned red. She was now married, so she understood what was to follow.

Soon, Li Jin stepped out of the bathroom with no clothes covering his upper body. As soon as he saw Lin Qian tidying the room, he approached her from behind and hugged her, "Stop tidying. Get some rest, OK?"

Lin Qian understood the hidden meaning to his words, so she put down the items in her hands.

Seeing this, Li Jin immediately lifted her in his arms and placed her on top of the soft bed. As he was leaving at 5am, he needed to make good use of his time.

"You're finally my wife..." Li Jin mumbled between kisses. "But, Qian Qian, marrying me means I may not be able to be by your side all the time."

Lin Qian understood this as she wrapped her arms around his neck, "Go ahead and do what you need to do. I will take care of things at home."

No words were needed for the actions that followed. Li Jin directly pressed his body on top of Lin Qian and deepened his kiss...

Outside the bedroom door, Mother Li sneakily leaned against the door and listened to the movement inside the room with an overly excited expression.

Father Li was helpless towards her actions.

"Old man, I think we may have a grandchild soon..."

Father Li glared at her and dragged her back to their room. Which mother listened in on their newlywed son? Wasn't she embarrassed? Of course, Mother Li was simply too joyful.

But, that night, while everyone was focused on Lin Qian's wedding, no one noticed that Feng Jing used Luo Yinghong's son to trick his mother of her savings. The couple arranged to meet at the airport to run away overseas, but after realizing that her son had stolen her money, Luo Yinghong contacted her son's friends to find out his whereabouts and quickly stormed over to the airport.

Before the couple could board their plane, Luo Yinghong found their flight number and stopped them at the security gates.

At this moment, Luo Yinghong no longer cared about her image as she tore off Feng Jing's face mask and threw a slap across her face...

Of course, this incident appeared on the headlines the next day. As it happened in the middle of the night, Luo Yinghong didn't even get the chance to contact Tangning in time.

Afterwards, Feng Jing went to the hospital to check her injuries and vowed to sue Luo Yinghong for hurting her.

Meanwhile, Luo Yinghong's son stuck by her side like a servant.

Only for a short moment did he feel slightly disappointed.

Reporters gathered at the hospital and Feng Jing accepted their interviews. But, Luo Yinghong did not run away. She stuck around as Feng Jing cried her eyes out in front of the cameras and directly stepped out in front of everyone.

"Look, it's Luo Yinghong..."

While all the reporters were watching, Luo Yinghong directly asked Feng Jing, "You're simply crying that I hit you, but did you explain to everyone why I reacted that way?"

Feng Jing froze as her eyes darted guiltily.

This time, Luo Yinghong did not hold back as she walked straight up to her son and snatched his bag out of his hands. She then took out a gold credit card and showed it to the reporters, "Previously, when you were my assistant, you stole my resources, my title as Best Actress and my life. But, I never considered exacting revenge on you."

"Yet, now you even tried to steal my son and savings."

"Do you have the courage to admit to your relationship with the man beside you?"

The reporters were shocked as they began flashing their cameras furiously at Feng Jing. Luo Yinghong's words were big news.

What did she say? Did she just say that Feng Jing seduced her son? And did Feng Jing also steal her savings?

Feng Jing looked at the young man beside her and didn't know what to say. There was no denying that they were intimate, but she never imagined that Luo Yinghong, who treasured her son's reputation, would be the one to reveal it.

"Mom, don't go too far. Feng Jing and I are truly in love. What's wrong with that?"

As soon as the young man said these words, the reporters went crazy as they surrounded the couple. In response, Luo Yinghong sneered, "I told you a long time ago that your could do whatever you want. If you like this sl*t, then go ahead. But..." Luo Yinghong raised her gold credit card and continued, "You shouldn't steal my savings for that woman. If you are capable, you should make your own money to support her!"

"You're my mom. The money you make is for me! Since it'll eventually end up in my hands, why can't I take some in advance?"

"Rubbish! I'd rather donate my money to charity than to give it to you. Best of luck on your own." After speaking, Luo Yinghong left the crowd with her head held high.

Because, at that moment, she had decided that she no longer wanted her son...


The incident quickly caused a huge commotion, but people did not think that Luo Yinghong did anything wrong.

Although she made a move first, the media revealed that Feng Jing had not only snatched away her life and her son, she even manipulated her son into running away with her and convinced him to steal Luo Yinghong's money. If this happened to someone else, they may have already chopped her up into a million pieces.

So, everyone supported Luo Yinghong and believed that her reaction was reasonable and powerful.

When Tangning found out about the incident in the morning, Luo Yinghong had already returned to Superstar Media from the hospital. After seeing Tangning, she apologetically said, "Sorry, I couldn't control myself."

"You've already endured well," Tangning said as she gently hugged Luo Yinghong. "Leave the rest for me to handle. Hong Jie, you are still young and you still have a big future ahead of you. Your son is already 22, he should take responsibility for his own actions..."

"Don't worry, I won't be knocked down."

Tangning nodded her head. She knew that before Feng Jing truly hurt Luo Yinghong's son, Luo Yinghong had already been hurt by her son. So, from today onwards, she was going to treat this son like he never existed.

With Luo Yinghong's reassurance, Tangning felt her worries fade away.

So, Feng Jing's every crime and the year and details of what she had stolen from Luo Yinghong were recorded in her memory like a ledger and she was ready to collect her debts.

Although everyone was already trampling all over Feng Jing and she looked extremely pitiful, Superstar Media still needed to control public opinion on behalf of their artist. They at least needed to make everyone aware of how Feng Jing was actually like.

"The video of Luo Yinghong's counterattack at the hospital was so satisfying to watch."

"Feng Jing is a poison on society. I hope she spends the rest of her life pitifully."

"How dare she steal someone's son? Especially when this son is from a completely different generation..."

"Superstar Media should sue a person like this!"

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