Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 948 - How's It Any Of Your Business Who I Marry?

Chapter 948: How’s It Any Of Your Business Who I Marry?

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“Wasn’t this sold to a rich billionaire for 1.4 billion dollars? Why is it sitting around her neck?”

“Is it a fake?”

“No, I can guarantee that that’s the real thing.”

The guests were filled with discussions. Even though some of the guests and media didn’t know much about the necklace, they could still tell that it was worth a lot of money.

After all, it was made from 108 diamonds and they were cut using the finest cutting techniques in the world.

Tangning scanned her eyes across the guests and leaned into Mo Ting’s embrace. After adjusting herself into a comfortable position, she sat back and waited to watch Li Jin perform.

“Before the ceremony starts, I have something I want to clarify with everyone,” Li Jin said as he held onto Lin Qian’s hand, “I know you’ve all seen news about Qian Qian recently and think that the circumstances around her birth are complicated and undesirable.”

“I even heard some of the guests complaining about her just a moment ago. So, I would like to ask all of you. How’s it any of your business who I marry?”

“I chose to marry Qian Qian because I want her as my wife. This has nothing to do with her family background.”

“So, none of you need to worry about the two of us. We will continue down this path until we grow old…”

“I would also like to ask everyone to wait a few minutes for an important guest to arrive. This guest is currently on their way here.”

“Who is it?” Everyone was curious. Did the Li Family invite Feng Jing?

That couldn’t be possible.

Calling her here would be bringing trouble upon themselves.

After speaking, Li Jin walked Lin Qian over to the marriage celebrant and waited patiently. 5 minutes soon passed, but there was still no movement at the entrance. Only after a little while more did a person finally enter through the side door. Those that were far away couldn’t see clearly, but those close up couldn’t help but cover their mouths when they saw the man.

This man was none other than the hotel king, Gu Chixian.

“Sorry I’m late…”

Lin Qian looked at the man in surprise as her palms became sweaty. She never imagined that she’d meet her father under such circumstances.

If one looked at them in detail, they indeed looked similar.

Gu Chixian was dressed in a black suit. Even though he was an older gentleman, his nobleness was apparent.

Everyone watched as he walked straight up to the couple and placed Lin Qian’s hand into Li Jin’s, “Treat my daughter well.”

As soon as these words left his mouth, everyone lost their minds…

What did he mean by this?

“I, Gu Chixian don’t have many regrets in my life. But, I was also young and impulsive once. I was naive at that time and had my feelings manipulated. I didn’t even know that Qian Qian was born. But, Lin Qian is indeed my flesh and blood; my precious daughter. If anyone dares to look down on her, they are inadvertently looking down on me!”

Oh God!

Who would have thought that the plot would twist this way? One second, Lin Qian was an ugly duckling, the next second she turned into a beautiful swan. The mystery behind her birth was full of ups and downs.

No wonder she wore such a precious necklace around her neck. It turned out…she was actually the daughter of a high class billionaire. Although she was lost for many years, she was finally reunited with her family.

Actually, for Lin Qian, everything once again felt extremely surreal. Especially since a father appeared out of nowhere. She didn’t know how to accept it, even though she knew that Li Jin arranged everything to clear her name.

“Qian Qian, I owe you an apology…”

Lin Qian shook her head. She didn’t expect anything from her father.

“OK, that’s enough. It’s your big day, you guys should go ahead with the ceremony…”

It didn’t take long before Feng Jing found out that Gu Chixian had reunited with his daughter. She was both shocked and pleasantly surprised. Shocked because she never expected this man to ever acknowledge Lin Qian. And pleasantly surprised because there was a possibility he also acknowledged her as a part of his past.

So, she was hopeful that she could benefit from her daughter. But, in reality, not only did Superstar Media and the Gu Family both release a statement to clarify for Lin Qian, they also revealed the story between Feng Jing and Gu Chixian.

“Back then, Feng Jing hid the truth and lied to Gu Chixian. She then tried to use their relationship to benefit herself when she was actually cheating behind his back with other rich men…”

As a result, the Gu Family acknowledged Lin Qian, but…

…they did not acknowledge Feng Jing!

On top of that, they also revealed the way that Feng Jing seduced men and manipulated their feelings for her own benefit.

The Gu Family weren’t ashamed by this past because Gu Chixian was a victim and could face his mistake.

On the other hand, because of this revelation, Feng Jing’s situation grew even worse.

More importantly, when the Gu Family announced Lin Qian’s identity, they specifically emphasized that Lin Qian was a part of the Gu Family and now received protection from them. So, if anyone dared to hurt Lin Qian, they wouldn’t forgive them even if they were her mother.

As a result, Feng Jing was prevented from having any ideas.

Meanwhile, observers cheered for the good show…

Was this the follow-up that Tangning had planned?

No. Because after the Gu Family made their statement, Superstar Media concluded the day with one sentence, “Let the show continue tomorrow.”

How could things end when Luo Yinghong hadn’t made her move yet?

Lin Qian’s wedding was unforgettable. It would, at least, be a popular topic of conversation for the next few days.

Xing Lan leaned on Long Jie, whilst Lu Che sat beside Mo Ting. As they watched the scene playing out in front of them, Xing Lan praised herself for being smart enough to befriend a rich heiress.

“Isn’t Ning Jie the biggest heiress here?” Long Jie reminded.

“Oh yes, Ning Jie, I’ve recently been obsessed with a perfume produced by Tang Corps, but it’s sold out…” Xing Lan took the opportunity to gather her courage and whine to Tangning.

Tangning glanced at Xing Lan and giggled, “Tang Corps has now been handed over to my brother. Why don’t you contact him?”

“Are you talking about Luo Xing?”

Now that Tangning thought about it, it had been a while since she returned to the Tang Family Home.

Although Xia Yuling often visited to help her take care of the kids, it had been a long time since she saw her grandfather and Tang Jingxuan.

It seemed, after resolving the issue with Feng Jing, it was time to drop by.

Lin Qian was finally married… However, she felt that the wedding was like a show put on for the elders. Other weddings were happy, but her wedding had a more important purpose. It was used to clarify her identity.

Lin Qian felt a little regretful.

But, Li Jin was now officially her husband, so he obviously knew what she was thinking. Hence, he quietly said to Lin Qian, “I will be heading out for a mission tomorrow. I should be gone for two months. After I return, I’ll take you on our honeymoon and hold a real wedding.”

In other words, he also felt that this wedding was like putting on a show!

Lin Qian glared at him, but she couldn’t seem to get angry. Instead, she replied, “I will be returning to work tomorrow to watch Feng Jing get destroyed!”

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